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Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit)

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AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is one of several bus systems serving parts of Alameda County and Contra Costa County in the western coastal area of the East Bay. AC Transit’s main service area is in Oakland with multiple lines beginning or ending at BART stations as well as Transbay lines leading into Downtown San Francisco at the Transbay Terminal.

AC Transit’s fleet consists of NABIs, New Flyer D60HFs, MCI D4500s for most of the Transbay service and Van Hools of the 30, 40 & 60 foot variety.


Van Hool A300K #5001 at El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station. 5001 is one of two series of 30 foot Van Hools operating for AC Transit:



Van Hool A330 #1004, one of several painted in the “Rapid” scheme for Route 72R is seen exiting El Cerrito Del Norte on its way to San Pablo:



Route 72 is split into three lines (72 Local, 72M & 72 Rapid). All three maintain 15 minute or less headways throughout the day. New Flyer D60HF #1903 is one of 30 purchased by AC Transit in 1996 and notorious for being assigned to this route:



Van Hool AG300 #2051 is resting in-between runs on Route 1 in Downtown Berkeley. #2051 is one several Van Hool artics used for heavy density service throughout the region:



Several former AC Transit buses have second lives, some far away and some closer to home. Here is Ex-AC Transit Gillig Phantom #2819, now in service for UC Berkeley on one of its shuttle routes:



NABI #3022, featuring the latest AC Transit paint scheme on Route 12, one of several that connect Berkeley with Downtown Oakland:



The newest buses in the fleet are the 1200 series of Van Hools. Major differences include only having two doors and Air Conditioning. Here is #1201 assigned to the F, the heaviest of the Transbay routes:



AC Transit’s first venture into Low Floors were two orders of NABI 40-LFWs purchased between 1999 & 2001. The first of these orders were the 4000s. A number of these were sold but many still exist including 4053, seen in Downtown Oakland on Route 14:



The second order of NABI 40-LFWs were ordered and assigned to Route 72M under a special paint scheme. Here is NABI #7215 on its home line in Oakland:



The last set of High Floor buses ordered by AC Transit were the 3100 series NABIs. Here is 3125 assigned to Route 14 at the Downtown Oakland Terminus:





Van Hool A330 #1069: Cummins ISL/Voith D864.3 Transmission



NABI 416.09 #3011: Cummins M11/Alison B400R



New Flyer D60HF #1912: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B500R



AC Transit Flxible Metro C #150: Cummins M11/Voith D863.3 Transmission:



AC Transit New Flyer #1910 arriving at El Cerrito Del Norte BART:



Local & Rapid painted Van Hools in Downtown Oakland:



AC Transit NABI Engine Start-up:



Municipal Transit of Northern California Video:


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