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Today's Journey- June 30th


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Today, I took <7> to 45th Rd-Court House Sq, to make up sign for affected buses at Court Sq Library.

Then I hit Metropolitan Av-bound (M) at 23rd St-Ely Av and took it to 47th-50th Sts.

Then I walk down 6th Av to 45th St making sure no one is looking for M6.

Then I walk down 5th Av to 44th St, then up Madison Av to get another set of new Five-Borough Bus Maps with Subway Map again.

Then, I took Q32 to 49th St, M1 to 57th St, M2 LTD to 79th St, and after making sure no one is waiting for M1 SF, I went into MET to get lunch, give some bus map/subway map for friend.


After that, I took M2 to 110th St-Lenox Av.

My plan was walk along M18 route, but instead, I made wrong turn at 116th St and walk on M10's Frederick Douglass Blvd instead of St. Nicholas Av, so I return to M18 route at 123rd St, then follow M18 route to Amsterdam Depot, where I caught my B/O Friend.

I took his bus down all the way to Bethune, got free transfer and as I was walking down Bleecker St, M20 SF was coming, so I got on M20 instead of M5 SF, and took it to Vesey St.

At first, I did not see sign on bus, but when I went close by hotel, it was X90 operated by Transport Azumah.


I waited for TA X90 to leave, and I took few shots and videos of it ncluding from EXP Bus Stop.


After that, I walk across Vesey St PATH Overpass to get overhead shot of TA X90, but he already left. As I was walking along M6 Area, making sure no one waiiting for M6 bus.

So I walk to City Hall making sure no one was waiting for B51, M15.

Then, I cut across City Hall Park and walk to Church St/Vesey St, enter station, got on (E) to W. 4th St, then walk down 6th Av, making sure no one waiting for M6.

Next, I walk east along Houston St to make sure no one waiting for M5 bus there, and walk up Broadway to Bond St, Lafayette St to 4th Av, makign sure no one waiting for M1 bus.

Then I walk up to 4th Av-9th St, west on 9th St, north on Univesity Place, and caught one passenger with headphone waiting for M3 at 14th St. I told him there's no bus here, and HE DID NOT KNOW. I took him he has to go to 4th Av-15th St.

Then next, I walk to Union Sq/15-16th Sts and caught M1 to 25th St/Park Av.

I hike up Park Av, and cut across Park Av at 33rd St when it was red light for Park Av traffic to make sure no one is waiting, then after 37th St, I switch to SB Side of Park Av, no one waiting for bus, including at 39th St-40th Sts/Park Av, 40th St/Mad, 40th St/5th Avs.


My journey still continues.


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