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A very different model transit system


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I bet you guys have never seen anything like this before...



Stations in Bronx:


  • Bozeman Avenue (C)(Last Stop)
  • 53rd Street (C)
  • 59th Street - Rego Lane (C)



Stations in Queens:


  • Ditmars Boulevard (1)(Last Stop)
  • 30th Avenue (N)(Last Stop)(W)(Last Stop and weekdays only)
  • Broadway (N)(W)(weekdays only)
  • 36 Avenue (1)(N)(W)(weekdays only)(C)(Last Stop)
  • 39th Avenue (1)(N)(W)(weekdays only)
  • Queens-Boro Plaza (1)(N)(W)(weekdays only)



Stations in Manhattan:


  • Holland Street (N)(Last Stop)
  • Lexington Avenue (1)(W)(weekdays only)
  • Euclid Avenue (1)(Last Stop)(W)(Last Stop and weekdays only)



(1) Ditmars Boulevard/QNS to/from Euclid Avenue/MHN, All Times

(N) 30 Avenue/QNS to/from Holland Street/MHN, All Times

(W) 30 Avenue/QNS to/from Euclid Avenue/MHN, Weekdays Only

(C) Bozeman Avenue/BX to/from 36th Avenue/QNS, All Times


Former/Retired/Discontinued Lines:

7 - Present day 1 train

A - During rush hours: Express from Bozeman Avenue to Euclid Avenue (skipped 53rd Street, 39th Avenue, and Lexington Avenue)

During normal hours: Ran via C line

C - Used to be Bozeman Avenue to Euclid Avenue. Cut back to 36th Avenue

D - Bronx Local (Morrison Avenue, Jackson Blvd, 53rd St, Bozeman Av)

S - 53rd St, Broadway, 36th Avenue

N - Used to run to Euclid Avenue instead of Holland Street

W - Used to run express on weekends btwn 30 and Euclid Avs (skipped Broadway, 39 Av, Lexington Av)


Retired/Closed Stations:

53rd Street used to have 5 tracks, it is now 2









New Stations:

Holland Street (N) is the newest station completed sometime in late 2009. Closed for a month for station rehab (started in July), opened again August 1, 2010. Was cut from 4 tracks to 3.


Retired Models:

[Coming Soon...]


So I bet none of you have seen something like this before. :cool: Thoughts?

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you know yo could've bought the munipals subway cars but its still cool and imaginative


lol i have those too...just don't have enough track to send them far.

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  • 1 month later...
as I see you buy already finished pieces of wood. Do you but them in a Hobby Store? As of me, I also started to construct something. My dream is either to build something like a high line park, or simulate some european line


Yes, the entire set (trains and stations) are made from wood. They were originally used as play-toys when I was in lower school. I have been looking for some that are similar, but I haven't found the right sizes yet. Good luck with your dream! (btw, I have that Grand central bus too!)

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I usually buy the my stuff either at hardware srote, or Hobbycraft/Art Supplies. I use such materials as Balsa, Illustration Board, foamboard, etc.

Art supply stores have very good pieces of wood that can be glued together to form a seemless train. Later on you can use sandpaper to round the edges.


If you want ... I can share my how-to-s with you, using private messaging.

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once upon a time, I bought cityblocks set in Toys R US.

I played with it for a while and then I started to attach pieces together.





here I used some Poplar sticks, which I bought in Doody store in Brooklyn. But now, they no longer carry crafts stuff.


These are done both of wood, and from Illustration board, where sheets of basswood are used as a backbone..


feel free to do it the my way, maybe you will do it better then me.









PS the Grand Central Bus is from Rite Aid store

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