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My one man fan trip

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Today, I had the best one man trip ever! It all started out at Times Square, during the middle of the rush.


1. First, I took a R46 (A) from 42 St - PABT to Broadway-Nassau/Fulton St

2. Next, I took a R160 (Z) (for the first time) and took the train to Bway Jct

3. After that, I got on a R44 (C) (again for the first time) and took it back to Jay Street - Borough Hall

4. I took a R160 (F) back to East Broadway


It looks boring, but because I took a R160 (Z) and R44 (C) for the first time, it made it a whole lot more fun :cool:


What sucks is that because it was during the rush, I knew it wasn't really a good idea to take pics in a crowded train


Now, I'm starting to run out of ideas for a trip. Any one have something good?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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