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  1. Flew into the city last night, came into Manhattan and saw a bunch of M14's wrapped with SBS wrapper Did the MTA finally set a start day for the 14 SBS or are they just borrowing fleet from somewhere else?
  2. This is actually the part that confuses me too. I remember the MTA mentioning that the duct banks had structural integrity issues. I don't understand how this addresses the banks or pump rooms at all
  3. “It represents a huge win for our transit system and our customers and for that we can all be thankful,” said Acting MTA Commissioner Fernando Ferrer. The entire process may take as long as 20 months, without any service closing expected." -Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-03/new-york-city-s-l-train-won-t-shut-down-during-work-cuomo-says If it actually can be done in 20 months or less (which is obviously a huge if), then the plan wouldn't be thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat bad. It seems that the plan involves a different kind of engineering work rather than demolishing the entire duct bank like the original 15/36 month plan would've entailed, so I think we should all hold judgement until we learn more. Though it sounds like Cuomo jumped shipped without even bothering to figure out the full details of the plan...
  4. Police are searching for a man who wrecked the outside of an MTA bus on Wednesday during a fit of rage apparently prompted by the driver's alleged refusal to pick him up. Cell phone footage captured by a witness shows the man standing in the middle of Houston Street, blocking the city bus while cursing at the driver for not stopping. "Go ahead and run me over just like you ran past every bus stop as I banged on your f**king door," he shouts at the windshield, as the bus marquee blares: "CALL POLICE" and "EMERGENCY." The man then begins kicking the bus, and proceeds to rip off the driver's side mirror and smash it into the pavement. He goes on to explain the cause of his fury: "I chased you 23 f**king blocks and you wouldn’t f**king stop. f**k you, you piece of shit." Moments before the video ends, the man instructs riders to get off the bus, informing the driver "you're not going anywhere." The witness who documented the incident, who asked to only be identified by his Twitter handle Tjani, told Gothamist: "The bus eventually got away and he tried to give chase and deal more damage. You should've seen him sprinting after the bus, it was true theater." "Dude was clearly fed up and cold," Tjani added. "He started kicking the doors and I was like 'Oh nah I need to capture this turn of events.'" Police say the man fled the scene, and they haven't made any arrests. A spokesperson for the MTA did not immediately respond to our request for comment. According to New York City Transit Bus, there were no nearby service disruptions at the time of the freakout http://gothamist.com/2018/12/06/see_it_man_bites_bus.php
  5. So just to make sure I'm getting this right: The will be all R179s The will be all 10 car R160s The and will share R160s The will have R160s and R32s The will have R179s and R46s?
  6. Has there been thoughts about constructing a temporary island platform on the middle track at Marcy Avenue (maybe even at Lormier St too) to allow for more capacity and a PATH style operation (ie. letting people out on one side having people enter on the other)?
  7. One poorly parked truck or any double parker on Chambers + M22 behind it = shitshow That street needs to either one way or no parking along its entirety
  8. Random question: if the is only scheduled to run Manhattan bound during AM hours, why are there still trains running local to Manhattan during the PM rush?
  9. 60 or so minutes... it definitely was within the 2 hour time range
  10. I was assuming that the AirTrain was one ride and the subway was a second ride, considering you pay $5 for the AirTrain and another $2.75 to get on the subway at Howard Beach
  11. Thanks for the info guys This also reminds me - I was coming in from JFK a few weeks ago. I swiped my card for the AirTrain, then for the , then for the bus. I was under the assumption that since the AirTrain is part of the Port Authority system, I could still get a free transfer from the subway to the bus. Nope. The bus guzzled another $2.75 from me, so I ended up spending $10.50 on that ride home. Does the AirTrain to subway swipe already count as a transfer? If it does that's kind of bullshit....
  12. So I'm not in the city too much anymore, but every time I fly into JFK/LGA, it gets annoying to try and remember if I have enough money for the AirTrain/Q70 + subway. If I do, I usually forget to check how much there's left, meaning when I'm actually in NYC I have to go check the vending machines. This is also a huge annoyance at LGA, where I have to figure out where the MVMs are in the first place (or in Terminal A's case... figure out that there isn't one). I'm thinking about getting an EasyPayXpress pay per ride card so I don't need to think about this stuff after every flight, but I have a few questions I was hoping that someone who has it could answer A. Is there any way to stop automatic renewal? Also, is there a way to lower the threshold? I rather renew at $10 than $20 B. How does automatic renewal work? If I drop below $20, does it renew my card with $30 (ie. the card is worth $50 now) or does it renew it back to $30 (ie the card is worth $30)? I rather not have 50+ bucks lying around in my MetroCard
  13. Hmm... maybe I'll run into one when I redeye into JFK a couple days from now
  14. 1. The ran local on 8 Av because it had to switch back onto 6 Ave after West 4th. There is no connection to 6 Av from the 8 Av Express tracks, In addition, the only two additional stops that are made as a result of running local are 50 St and 23 St, so you aren't saving that much time in the first place. 2. If the ran express (assuming you're talking about going full express between Marcy and Bway Jct): Going Queens bound, after Chauncey Street, the would have to switch from exp to local, and the would have to switch from the local to express after Chauncey Street Going Manhattan bound, the needs to switch from express to local and the would need to switch from local to express. 3. If the ran express, it would go past Flushing Avenue and the shuttle bus riders won't even have direct access to the , so that plan is useless. I get that you think the subway is some decrepit hell hole run by a bunch of incompetent idiots. At times, you have some meritorious arguments. However, this one is nothing more than throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks
  15. The alternative is sending people with no safety equipment, no training and no certifications into a dark tunnel that has a live third rail and train traffic.

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