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Is MTA addressing safety issues?


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With recent derailments, gap accidents and general problems with trains, do you feel the MTA is actively addressing safety issues?

I agree some of the gap problems could easily be remedied by riders using those organs called "eyes" and maneuvering over the gap like the majority of conscious people do. But if the problem is an engineering one as suggested by Hogger and others (ie the sway and design of stations of curves), is the MTA doing all it can to retrofit the problem?

Do you think safety is an issue over commerce?

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Sure, the MTA can just add the additional platform gap filler if it doesn't effect the train entering and leaving the station. Some stations have gaps for a purpose so the train doesn't hit the platform edge.



It's a bit more expensive than a passive system, but i was thinking a mechanical system that filled gap in the worst parts might work. It would be designed in a way that in a mechanical failure situation the train could continue through the station after boarding. The platform furniture at south ferry is a case of a system that does not allow movement after boarding, however i think we'd all agree that this is probably the worst gap situation given the curve, and will be remedied by a whole new station currently under construction.


- Andy

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