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Next Item Up For Bid: America!!

East New York

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Would Tea Party candidates like Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnel, and Carl Paladino even have a chance if they had not raised record ammounts of money from undisclosed sources?


In a poll of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans:


Would you still vote for a candidate if you learned that their campaign was funded largely in part by foreign sources? i.e. Big Oil, and International Insurance and staffing companies.


56% polled said no.


Politifact has uncovered the trail of $75 Million funneled into the Repubican Ad campaigns of this midterm.





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Notice how every business group wanting to keep the status quo has money.


And you don't.


They want to keep their money and they want you to have none. And they will stop at nothing to have that fleeting useless money which means nothing in the end.


They are whores. Filthy whores. And the media refuses to call them such. Fox Business Channel is mind rot bullshit and Ben Stein is a rich jerk who wants to keep his money and keep you down.


Screw outsourcing. End ALL tax deductions for wages paid by any company in foreign currency OR to a foreign national. Bring back tariffs. We import more than we export, so that can't hurt us. It will bring domestic demand for production back and we can bring some jobs back into this country.

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