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  1. Not gonna lie, being able to take an El train down 5th Av would be awesome. I live in South Slope near Prospect Av and the 5th Av El had stops at 16th Street and Union Street, near my favorite bars. That and the idea of riding R39s is awesome.
  2. That’s not a bad idea, but my experience has been that people have issues when they get on or off the train.
  3. I had them (left them in my pants when I washed them) and I never had a problem but, I’ve ways like the newer Apple headphones. I did however, spend about a half hour searching the roadbed once for a single Samsung ear pod thing, so I can’t say it’s just an Apple thing.
  4. I don’t work for the MTA but, where I work, most of the phones, wallets, glasses, air pods, and other such items I’ve retrieved, are usually dropped when getting the on or off the train.
  5. No A or B cars, they will all be C cars (there are no B cars on PATH). PATH has more than enough A cars.
  6. Have you ever priced out wall to wall carpeting? It’s the consultant reports that are over priced.
  7. That was an old South Brooklyn Railway/BMT crane. It has since been scrapped.
  8. I usually use the OMNY reader at Fulton Street on the way home if I know I’m heading right home and won’t need a transfer. I’ve used my debit card a few times and my phone many more times since it’s usually in my hand or shirt pocket. I can’t wait for it to expand and include transfers, monthly or weekly passes.
  9. Even though they are both MTA jobs, it’s like quitting Pathmark to work a Key Food. Everything will start over when you go to NYCT and you won’t be paying into Railroad Retirement anymore.
  10. It is possible to take power while holding a brake. A standing brake test involves dropping your straight air to 30lbs and taking 2 points of power. If the train doesn’t move, your brakes are good. Sometimes when you need to make exact movements when spotting a train, you hold a brake so that when you knock off power, the train will stop on a dime.
  11. The was very unreliable for several years after CBTC was completed on that line. It’s not surprising at all.
  12. I don’t have the time to type out how much I hate the Amazon deal. I work in Jersey City which sold its soul to corporations and crippled the commute of millions from western Jersey and PA by giving billions in tax abatement s to developers for next to nothing in return for the added strain to the already burned infrastructure.
  13. They will be building this at the old 3rd Av interchange across from Costco.
  14. It’s theft of services, should be a class A misdemeanor at the very least. It’s a willful act to use the service of the MTA and not pay. Not any different from a persons failure to pay for a meal at a restaurant or a cab fare. In fact, this is worse in my opinion as it’s the general public who really pays for it.
  15. Usually I’d love to say you’re wrong, but I find RR Clerks to be some of the worst people. Yeah, I know it’s a very broad statement and I’m sure there are 1 or 2 nieces ones out there. Sadly they are the reason why I give TA people a hard time when they ask for a ride where I work.
  16. It can be a malfunction since the relay, over time can become out spec over time. But yes, almost all timers are set wat too low.
  17. It’s just being reported more. Because people complain every time a train stops for more than a second, the TA is reporting any and all delays now no matter how short in duration they maybe.
  18. Not true at all, if a train is brought to a stop by the T/O because of a red signal, it’s most likely to begin moving in relatively short order. If a train lost its air for an unknown reason, depending on the location, in can take a very long time before that train is in the move. If a train loses its air for an unknown reason, the T/O must investigate and if it’s a area where they can not walk around the train (river tube) they must descend to the roadbed between each car, on both sides to look for a raised stop arm, debris, parting of the train, straight air or brake pipe rupture, or body. So year, the method of break application does matter.
  19. No and they never did when a BIE is caused by a signal malfunction.
  20. An underpass at Bergen Street would be a total waste, way too many stairs when you can just go to Carroll Street.
  21. That’s a slow area, not like 125th S/B. There is little to no risk of the same situation occurring here. Also, for a section or ribbon rail to start bouncing, you’d need an Acela to pass through the station at speed.
  22. Having several managers for a single station is counter productive since the whole idea of the program is to have a single person that CTAs, clerks, and supervisors can go to to get things done. What you really want is more CTAs, painters, and other station maintenance workers so that when the group manager is made aware of an issue, he (or she) has a workforce to send after an issue and correct it.
  23. in 2013, they temporarily grounded the new flats. Here are some at 239.
  24. For issues like this, call 911. As a supervisor (another system) it’s not my job to address this condition, not only do I not have any authority, but I have no was to protect my self if the person attacks me. And yes, it’s the same for TA supervisors.

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