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Hello everyone, I've been assigned to do a research for my Public Administration Class.

The research is about any public agency in N.Y.C., like the FDNY, NYPD, MTA, Public housing, Etc. I choose The NYPD because I like that field. (Law Enforcement), and I'm a interested to know about how the society thinks and feel about that agency. I was assigned to do the research a couple of weeks ago before i knew this site. if i knew it before I would have chosen the MTA, since this website is mostly about it, and you guys know much better, but dont worry this are just 20 simple questions. this is anonymous, only for my research purposes, and at the same time I think is a good topic to talk about. Thanks in advanced.



  1. Year of your Birth.
  2. Gender: M/F
  3. Civil Status: A. Married, B. Single, C. Divorce, D. Separated, E. Other.
  4. Level of Education: A. Some School, B. High School, C. Some College. D. B.A, F. Other.
  5. Employment Status: A. Part Time, B. Full Time, C. Unemployed, D. Student, E. Other
  6. Yearly Income: A. 10-20, B. 25-35, C. 40-65, D. Other.
  7. Do you have any children? if so, how many?
  8. Where were you born?
  9. Ethnicity:
  10. How Long have you been living in NYC?
  11. Which borough of NYC do you live in?
  12. How would you rate your NYPD local precinct, why?
  13. Do you think there is too many or too few police officers in your area, why?
  14. Would you agree or disagree, that the NYPD engages in racial profiling, that is using race as the key factor in deciding to act? why.
  15. Have you ever had any contact with the NYPD/Officer?. how did they treat you? How was the experience?
  16. What do you think about the response of the NYPD Police Officers when you need them?
  17. About their Slogan, Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect. How often do you think officers do this? Why.
  18. Is there anything that you think would make the NYPD better or worst?
  19. What do you feel about the NYPD: A. you mind about them. B. you dont care. C. you hate them. D Other.
  20. If you have to choose between the NYPD and the FDNY, which one you would prefer? Why. Which one would do the best job?


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"this is anonymous, only for my research purposes, and at the same time I think is a good topic to talk about. Thanks in advanced."


First of all question 1-9 is totally irrelevant for your research. If you want to know what we think about NYPD the questions beginning from 10 and below is sufficient enough. No need for personal information unless off course you're the IRS. You asked too many questions and people on this forum don't have the time to answer all these questions for you. Most of these folks are bus drivers and train operators. They only have a limited time to seat down and chat with you. And don't assume that we can remain anonymous, we all have a network card and an IP address. If that IP address is registered to a personal computer then Harry the website administrator can find out who this computer is registered under. SO remaining anonymous now days doesn't cut it.


If you're going to ask us about our personal information, then we deserve the right to know your name, address, date of birth and your SS number. How would you like that?

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