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Interesting article about beach service


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Very intresting article about the B1/B49. Wonder if same issues occured with the Q35 in last couple of years as well.


From what I heard, it sometimes happens with the Bx12 coming from Orchard Beach, especially at closing time.

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I got your PM Brooklyn Bus. I always wondered why not have more 'short turn' B1/B49's from Manhattan Beach especially on weekend eveings at sunset.


Unless there is a thunderstorm or the buses are delayed it really isn't warranted. Also, I think about half the people are making their entire trilby bus. And the B1 isn't all that crowded these days.


What I would like to see are some of the buses at school dismissal time on the B49 run non-stop to Avenue Z along the old route, for the students who do not change for the subway. I think the bus could save 10 or 15 minutes with that small change, almost as much as the B44 SBS would save on its entire route.

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