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Transit Video Questions

Black Snake

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Hello everyone,


I have been following this forum for a few years now, and have finally been wise enough to create an account! I have daily access to a professional-level 1080i HD camcorder and hope to upload some high quality transit video online.


I already have two. The first is a video of the N line from Coney Island to the city. I would have recorded more, but an MTA employee (who I proceeded to record) asked me why I was recording. Not understanding that recording a train ride is similar to taking photographs of interesting places, he then block the door window from inside. Another guy, earlier in the video, some kind of police officer, started to scream at me to put the camera away. It was very funny when I told him my rights--he simply said "okay" and left!


Long story short, since I am not familar with transit videos, should I post the long version of this ride, or quicken it into a 5min video? The quality is good, at least as good as it gets through two panes of dirty glass.


In addition, I recorded a video of the whole 7 train line, near sunset. The audio is good, except that there is a toddler who coughed on me the entire ride. It may get annoying to hear after a while. I plan to do a retake. Should I also upload the whole video, or speed it up? Or both, since some people may want to experience the ride from the other side of the world?


I next plan to record the SI Railway, hoping they have train cabs one can look through. I know the old ones did.


Any advice is appreciated!

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