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Weekend Trip with MTA July 30th-31


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Saturday, July 30th, 2011.

I got on front car #2100 on Flushing-bound (7) departed Junction Blvd @ 6:29, arrived Flushing-Main St @ 6:38. I knew I missed 6:30 N20 Hicksville.

I went to McDonald to use restroom, but they told me I have to buy something. There was no place to do it because nothing was opened beside Fast Food McDonald or Burger King because I cannot handle long bus ride when I feel like you-know-what.


Next, I went to other McDonald by MTA Drop-Off Only bus stop again, but only to found out, they installed lock on restroom, so I have to by H20.

After that, I lined up for 7:30 N20 Hicksville.

By the time I entered N20 Hicksville #1630, it was only standee rooms only. There was no Digital Announcement onboard the bus. It got overcrowded quickly and I have to put my backpack under the forward facing bus seat because it was narrow aisle and there was no place to hung my hands except for bus seat handle bar.


It was crowded all the way to Great Neck. As we approach Great Neck Station, we pulled into northside of station, where N57/N58 Pickup due to construction blocking south side.

After few stops before Roslyn Clock Tower, I got seat.

After few more stop after Clock Tower, I was on side-facing seat facing bus operator's seat. Then, elderly woman boarded bus, so I gave up seat for her. She didn't mind my backpack under her feet. She said, "Thank you."

She got off at few more stops.

Arrived Hicksville Station @ 8:53.


I tried to get Nassau County Bus Maps but they never seem to have on Saturday.


When I was getting few copies of bus schedules, one of MTA Employee handed me Nassau Bus Map.


Next, I went on 9:30 N48 Hempstead #1791 suppose to arrived Hicksville Station at 9:33 came two minutes early and departed 9:31.

N48 was mostly empty until we got to Hempstead Turnpike.

There was racist urgement between black (who must be hiding beer) and white man sitting on face forward seat. He told him to leave him alone, but he refused.

Arrived at Hempstead Transit Center @ 9:57.


Next, I went to Hempstead Station buy ticket from Hewlett to Penn Station.


Next, I boarded 10:35 N32 Far Rockaway #1601 departed 1 minute early at 10:34, arrived Broadway/Trinity Place @ 11:15.


I stopped by to Hewlett-Woodmere Library to see my friend Diana Brewster (you may know her from MTA Public Hearing, which I help her gather signature to save MTA Long Island Bus.

I bought 2 set of 50 page paper and got visitor pass for internet to print TTMG's Bus and Subway Roster, then print my B/O friend's picture I took.

I got there too early.

I was at railroad crossing to see anyone try to beat the train.

At 12:52, 12:12 Far Rockaway out of Atlantic Terminal approached Hewlett as gate closed down and after train left, gate opened.

No one tried to beat the train.

Next, 12:50 Atlantic Terminal out of Far Rockaway arrived at Hewlett 13:04 on time and departed ontime.


Arrived Jamaica Station @ 13:21, one minute early.

Next, I got on front car #7531 on Babylon Branch arrived and departed ontime at 13:22, arrived Penn Station @ 13:44 ontime.



Next, I rush to 32nd St/7th Av and boarded Cloisters-bound M4 #6648 departed 13:57, arrived Madison Av/83rd St @ 14:25.


I had lunch at Museum


After that, I got on my B/O friend's M4 #XXXX departed 5th Av/80th St @ 18:27, arrived 32nd St/7th Av @ 19:00.

He bought me Ice Cream.

Next, M4 departed 19:06, arrived Madison Av/57th St @ 19:16.


I stopped by at Apple Store to use internet.


Next, I got on front car #8967 on Astoria-bound (Q) departed 20:07, arrived Queensboro Plaza @ 20:12.


I rush to street level to see if Queens Village Nova LFS are doing (7) train shuttle bus, because I usually see Queens Village, Casey Stengel does shuttle. No luck and I reenter station.


I got on front car #2016 on Flushing-bound (7) departed 20:16, arrived Junction Blvd @ 20:25. Someone liked my R142 Imitation!!



Sunday report comes out soon.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011.

Since I wanted to catch NovaLFS Artic on M60, I wanted to take (Q72) but only to find out street fair was on Junction Blvd. THERE WAS NO SIGN OF POSTED DETOUR SIGN at 37TH AV BUS STOP. I was so angry. I tried to ask police officer, but NO LUCK. (MTA) Bus dispatcher really need to post detour poster at all affected bus stop!

I walk along 97th St (I remember from last time), but just in case, I walk to Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av and they had detour sign there.

I got free ride on LGA Airport-bound Q72 #3611 departed Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 12:37. Made right at Roosevelt Av, drop-off/pick-up passenger, make left onto 97th St, made wide left turn at 34th Av, turn right at Junction Blvd.

Arrived Central Terminal Building Area B @ 13:04.


Next, I got on LGA Airport Shuttle Route (;) #701 departed Central Terminal Building Area A @ 13:07, arrived LGA Airport International F Parking Lot #1 @ 13:15.


After brand new Hertz Rental Bus (gilling phamtom like Low-Floor) passed, #1288 on M60 came. I got on Morningside Heights-bound M60 #1288 departed 13:32.


At Delta-Northwest Airline, passenger waiting for bus tried to get through rear door and driver announced, "Please do not enter through side doors. If you do, I have to put this bus out of service."


At Delta Shuttle, it handle tight turn very well just like Bee-Line's Nabi Artic handles tight turn at Main Entrance of Westchester Medical Center.


He ask me for bus map, so I handed him Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Nassau and Westchester County Bee-Line bus map.

Got off 125th St/2nd Av @ 14:14.

I waved to familar dispatcher and went to 2nd Av/125th St SBS Stop.

I got on South Ferry-bound M15 SBS #12XX departed 14:18 because one of tourist who got off M60 didn't know how to use it.

I asked if he was Chinese and he said yes after another guy helped him with machine and left.

I gave him Chinese Copy of M15 SBS which I made copy at Queens Library few weeks ago.

Next, I got off at 2nd Av/79th St @ 14:38.

Next, I got on Riverside Drive-bound M79 #5567 departed 79th St/2nd Av @ 14:41, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 14:52.


I ate Macaroni & Cheese, and my French Fries were in container at MET Museum.


Next, I got on Riverside Drive-bound M79 #5709 departed 17:15, arrived 79th St/Amsterdam Av @ 17:21.


Next, I got on Riverbank State Park-bound M11 #6685 departed 17:32, arrived Riverside Drive/144th St @ 18:05.


It doesn't seem like they doing any construction.

It must be tough for disable.


Next, I got on Abingdon Square-bound M11 #6685 departed Riverside Drive/145th St @ 18:19, arrived 135th St/Broadway @ 18:23.


Next, I got on South Ferry-bound M5 #6761 departed 18:41, arrived Riverside Drive/104th St @ 18:52.


I walk to Broadway/106th St and I J-cross at same time M60 was making turn.


I got on LGA Airport-bound M60 #3888 departed Broadway/106th St @ 19:04, arrived Central Terminal Building Area B @ 20:04


Next, I got on Rego Park-bound Q72 #4503 departed 20:11.

At 34th Av, there was passenger waiting for Rego Park-bound bus.

When bus made left turn at 34th Av, I signal passenger to park side and they rush and they made it.

When bus got to 97th St, LGA route was on regular route.

Bus made right turn at 98th St, turn right at Roosevelt Av, left at Junction Blvd, regular route.

Got off Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 20:39.


I got on LGA Airport-bound Q72 #4503 departed 20:40, arrived Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 20:41.


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I saw Hicksville again today. There are still plenty of bus maps in the back, try going during the rush hour or midday.


Also, there are 5 bundles of pre-6/27 subway maps! I don't know if they're still giving them out, as there are bundles of new ones behind them.

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