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My 8/24 Dutchess County Fair Trip with MNRR Hudson Line


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I had $20 and I had ticket already.

I got on front car of Times Sq-bound <7> express #1706 departed Junction Blvd @ 7:06, arrived Grand Central at 7:24.

Arrived Grand Central at 7:24.


Since I don`t want to get to Pughkeepsie too early, so I boarded M42 United Nations #3913 departed 42nd St/Madison Av departed 3913.

To my surprise, it was another B/O from Vintage Bus Run last December!

Arrived 42nd St/2nd Av @ 7:56.


I spared my time waiting for 8:45 Poughkeepsie train by helping at 2nd Av/42nd St SBS Stop carrying M15 SBS brochure as I check my train schedule.


I should have buy Dutchess Fair Admission ticket from GCT because I thought Poughkeepsie TVM sold Dutchess County Fair ticket, but I guess not at last stop.


At helping few SBS Riders, around 8:30, I head for my train via 45th St passegeway.

I boarded car #6345 8:45 Poughkeepsie departed 8:45 on time.

I thought M8 at Kawasaki Plant.


Here`s my report on 8:45 SemiExpress.

Grand Central: On time at 8:45.

Harlem-125th St: Arrived 8:55 on time and left 8:56.

Marble Hills: Arrived 9:05, schedule time 9:04, left 9:06.

Yonkers: Arrived on time at 9:12, left 9:13.

Tarrytown: Arrived 9:22, schedule/left at 9:23 on time.

Ossinning: Arrived 30 and schedule/left at 9:31 on time.

Croton-Harmon: Arrived 9:34, schedule 9:36, left 9:35.

Cortlandt: Arrived 9:42, schedule 9:44, left 9:43.

Peekskill: Arrived 9:46. schedule 9:49, left 9:48.

Garrison: Arrived 9:57, schedule 9:59, left 9:58.

Cold Spring: Arrived 10:01, schedule 10:03, left 10:02.

Beacon: Arrived 10:09, schedule 10:11, left 10:10.

New Hamburg: Arrived 10:16 on time, left 10:17.

Arrived Poughkeepsie Station at 10:27, eight minutes early from 10:35 arrival!!


Since I was early, I got Sausage Egg Cheese, was packed in New England cost (b/c CA is high with radiation from Japan).


Around few minutes, I saw the call National Park Service Shuttle bus, which ranger told Dutchess County fair shuttle bus comes 11:00.

It was my first time on Dutchess County Shuttle Bus because other time I took Loop (C) and I thought Dutchess County Shuttle Bus stop at Main Gate at Rte. 9 which I did not know it stop at Mulberry St gate.

When I ask B/O how much was one way, and he told me it was free rather than $5 round trip.


Dutchess County fairgoers boarded Dutchess County Fair Shuttle Bus #1103 suppose to leave 11:00, left 10:58, 2 minutes early, which made express counterpart stopping at Main St major transit hub, Hyde Park Shop N Stop, and arrive Mulberry St gate entrance of Dutchess County Fair arived

I paid $15 and I couldn`t call my friend. I made dash through county fair to Main Gate, and waited for my friend.


I used payphone at Dutchess County fair, but it wasn`t working.


About hour, nice lady at information booth let me use her cell phone to call my friend for meeting place twice, I was also going back n forth, bet. Mulberry Gate, Main Gate and State Trooper.

I also had my clothes and toothbrushes b/c maybe I was going to sleepover at Amy`s house in Ossinning, near Croton-Harmon station.


I decided meeting place at State Trooper on 2nd call.

Around 13:00, I ask one of State Trooper to call Amy and Andy Mass and Amy was at Food Court, when State Trooper call Amy Mass.


When I got sandwich from New Orleans vendor, I had Chicken, which was product in New England Coast colonies.


Around 20:00, I took ride on one ride, which was SWINGING BUGGY ride for 4 ticket.

I pretend to talk on cell phone behind car-shape ride to set example, why people shouldn:t talk on cell phone behind the wheel.

I met with her friend Cindy in evening.

I started singing as it sped forward, swinging and I was singing. Around 3 loops, it went counter clockwise, swinging as it went faster.


Then Amy got call in from hospital.

Amy gave me her ticket she didn`t use for Croton-Harmon-Grand Central.


We went seperate way at Main Gate, and she did not know Parking Lot (F) and (G) was divided by river.

With her GPS, I got on her car which departed Main Gate of Parking departed 20:38, and I had fun time with GPS all the way to Croton-Harmon.

Arrived Croton-Harmon @ 22:20.


I call my mom from Amy`s phone to told my mom I will be home late and care not sleep over because she got call into work and her son, Andy will not be home either.


I asked one of female conductor and MNRR Employee if Croton-Harmon will have openhouse this year and they told me because of budget problem, there was not going to be this year.


I boarded 23:00 Grand Central #4178 departed two minute early at 10:58.

This female conductor was on same train and her name was Terry. When I told her, I was coming from Dutchess County Fair, she said that her daughter went tonight. She told me she plan to go there tomorrow (Thrs) after her work.


When I show her about Long Island Bus situation, she also agreed LIB need to stay same fare as NYC Bus/Subway/Bee-Line Bus.


Here`s my report on 23:00 Grand Central Local #4178 trip.


Croton-Harmon: Schedule to leave 23:00, but left 2 minutes early at 22:58 after connecting 21:59 Croton-Harmon train from Poughkeepsie passengers got on it.

It was almost like rush hour, lots of people got on train.

Ossining: Arrived 23:02, schedule 23:03, left 23:04.

Scarsborough: Arrived 23:05, /left on time at 23:06.

Philipse Manor: Arrived 23:09, left on time at 23:10.

Tarrytown: Arrived 23:13, schedule 23:12, left 23:14.

Irivnington: Arrived on time at 23:16, left 23:17.

Ardsley-On-Hudson: Arrived on time at 23:18, left 23:19.

Dobbs Ferry: Arrived on time at 23:20, left 23:21.

Hastings-On-Hudson: Arrived on time at 23:23, left 23:24.

Greystone: Arrived on time at 23:26, then left.

Glenwood: Arrived 23:28, left ontime at 23;29.

Yonkers: Arrived on time at 23:31, left at 23:32.

Ludlow: Arrived on time at 23:33, left 23:24.

Riverdale: Arrived on time at 23:36, left 23:37.

Spuyten Duyvil: Arrived on time at 23:39, left 23:40.

Marble Hills: Arrived on time at 23:41, left 23:42.

University Heights: Arrived on time at 23:43, left 23:44.

Morris Heights: Arrived 23:45 on time, left 23:46.

Yankees-East 153rd St: Arrived on time at 23:48, left 23:49.

Arrived Harlem-125th St @ 23:54, schedule 23:58, left 23:55.

Arrived Grand Central on Thursday, August 25th at 00:05, three minutes late from 00:02.


Next, I got on front car of Flushing-bound (7) local #2014 departed 00:25, arrived Junction Blvd @ 0:56.


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