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Two killed in shooting near Texas campus


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"A gunman has shot and killed a police officer and a civilian near a university in the US state of Texas.

Several others have been admitted to hospital after being wounded in the shooting in College Station city.


The attack happened within two streets of Texas A&M University at about 12:45 local time (17:45 GMT).


Police said the gunman was shot and killed. It is not yet known if he was a student at the university, and no motive has been given for the attack.


The policeman who died was serving an eviction notice when the suspect opened fire, according to US media reports.


'Senseless attack'


The officer has been identified as Constable Brian Bachmann. A 65-year-old man was also killed along with the 35-year-old gunman, according to the Houston Chronicle. Their names are not yet known.


Hospital officials told local media five people had been admitted to the College Station Medical Center emergency room, including three people with gunshot wounds.


Three police officers were injured as well as a woman, who was undergoing surgery at a local hospital.


Assistant chief of police Scott McCollum said in a news conference that the gunman was shot before being taken into custody.


Texas Governor Rick Perry, who studied at Texas A&M University, said in a tweet: "Thoughts & prayers are with those impacted by shootings near A&M. Ever thankful for officers who daily sacrifice to keep us from harm."


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a statement: "Senseless attacks by violent criminals have no place in the state of Texas."


The authorities have yet to establish a motive for the shooting.


A Texas A&M Univeristy spokeswoman told the Associated Press news agency that most students were not on campus on Monday, as the autumn term does not begin until later this month.


"It appeared to be fairly quiet," Sherylon Carroll said. "It didn't appear to be a lot of people out and about at that particular time."


Monday's shooting comes on the heels of an attack at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that killed six people and a mass shooting at a cinema in Colorado in which 12 people died.


In the wake of the Wisconsin shooting, President Barack Obama said the US needed "soul-searching" on the issues of gun violence."


Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk...canada-19250806

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I know it happens every day but man it seems like a major shooting massacre every week now. And nothing is being done from the politicans from both major parties such as common sense gun laws/background check that Grand Concourse brilliantly suggested.


I know the gunmen can get these weapons on the "black market" but something needs to be done. And thus how many more lives have to be destroyed because of it. :angry:

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