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A Hurting Female Railfan, And Plain Simply A Woman Who Had Her Heart Broke And Was Scorned...


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Hi everyone...Its me, your female rail fan buddy, and I apologize in advance, for not being here as usual anymore, its just because I'm a victim….A victim of bullying, a young woman with a heart that has been destroyed, a woman who is broken down, and a young woman who has been called a lot of horrible, distasteful things she is not. I wish I can show you all what has been said about me, but I don't want to name Amy names, because that would be wrong. Just as wrong as others were for calling me negative things I'm not. I have a stomach that was completely turned upside down by these guys that called me negative things, like "fake", "a fake female railfan", "a fake angry lesbian", "a keyboard warrior", and other nasty, distasteful, disheartening things about me. A lot of people have spreaded lies about me, and to this second it still hurts. If you look at my profile, it says that I will not tolerate negative comments of any kind. I've been a wreck, by what these guys did to me. That's why I haven't been here regularly. I was afraid to speak up and speak out, because I was afraid of being judged, laughed at, not taken seriously and just...yeah. I'm not going to name any names like I said about who it was that said these kinds of things to me, but I will say this...Someone on the forums took it upon himself to call me something I'm not. He called me "a fake", "a fraud of a human being", and it hurts like hell..


I was also looking forward to meeting up with these exact same type of people, so that I can seriously prove I am what I say I am..A lesbian, a good hearted woman, a railbuff, a railfanning and not a fraud, a fake like these people and this person claims I'm not. But because of what has been falsely said about me, this set of people have lost their chance, and the privilege for me to meet up with them. I wanted to set the record straight by meeting up with them. But they lost that chance now. Railfans, I have a broken heart by these people that want to spread lies about me the way they did. I didn't tell you until now because I was afraid you'd laugh at me, whoever is reading this. But this is this truth. I'm telling the truth from my heart, not by my fingers, by this person on this forums, who's YouTube account I really liked. I really thought these types of people were actually cool, and awesome! And I really wanted to meet up with them sometime this year so we can relax, and just talk about transit related stuff,you know? But because of the lies they spreaded about me, they lost that chance. They earned a privilege to meet up with me, but now they don't.


I go railfanning and traveling alone now because I did not want to surround myself with others that want to start trouble, cause drama, and criticize me the way they did. I keep my train of thought going alone. I've been traveling alone for 5, close to 6 years. And I was tired of it, and I wanted to meet some friends, so that we can just chat and stuff, it because of the lies, and horrible untruths said about me, no. I wanted to meet up with them. So I can set the record straight. But no.. :( ????..They have made my life miserable, spreading lies and stuff. I apologize for me keep saying "spreading lies"..It just makes me upset, and sad, seeing what they did to hurt, torment and just make me feel so miserable. This is not how I wanted to end the previous year and start fresh with a new year..Them, hurting me and stuff like that. ???? I feel like I've been scorned, and you know those two types of sayings.... "What goes around, comes around"....and .."Hell hath no fury over a woman scorned"...?


I know this is long, but I just had to speak up and speak out before I get hurt more...

And to add, to this long long explanation of why I have been gone...I am real, I am a woman, and I am who I say I am.

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Gonna set the record straight here whether you like it or not, since one of the subliminals is clearly about me.

The fact that I've extended a hand quite a few times to you if you wanted to hang or chat or whatever and it either goes unnnoticed and such, I was like alright, sure, maybe you don't want to chill...but the fact that I've heard the same thing from 5-7 other people and the fact that you were allegedly supposed to meet up with some of the others but never did raises questions. Now you supposedly want to meet up with some of us? Honestly, the time has come and gone especially since you stood some of us up.

And the pictures you've taken from other websites and claimed them as yours(which is a bad idea to begin with) and the fact that some of them had a dude(that I know) in it with YOUR name on it also raised questions. A lot of us know that all the pictures you claim to take are not really yours. Some of us have been in this long enough to know some of these things.

This community of ours has been known to have a lot of posers in it, and I'm not surprised at the very least that you became a "victim" of this....especially since you have a tendency to steal photos from other people or other places and splatter your name all over them as if you took them along with the fact that you've stood some of these fans up from time to time. The fact that you blocked me on Instagram for questioning some of your pics further accelerates some of our arguments about you.


Cut the act already. If you want to talk, take this to a PM and at least try to talk to those that have doubts(including myself). Stop perpetuating drama for the sake of attention.

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