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Car-Buff will Love This Anime (High-Speed Transformer Gyozette (Similar to Transformer)


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I know many of you here likes cars, buses, trains, trucks and this anime is perfect for you!

In this century, everyone is allowed to drive.


Doesn't this anime similar to Transformer instead this has chosen children to active this car robot.




In 21st century Japan, vehicles with artificial intelligence for increased safety, known as A.I. Cars, have revolutionized the automotive industry. Special schools teaching children to drive A.I. Cars have been established. One day, Kakeru Todoroki, a fifth grader of Arcadia Academy, is summoned by the school principal and given an A.I. Car with which to save humanity. The car, however, is actually also a transforming robot known as Gyrozetter. When Xenon, an evil organization bent on world domination, wreak havoc across New Yokohama City, Kakeru must gather the other "chosen drivers" foretold on the artifact known as the "Rosettagraph", and stop Xenon's evil plans.

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