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F/G Culver Viaduct Reconstruction project.

Brighton Local

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Since the F/G will go under substantial service changes when the viaduct starts its reconstruction phase, i feel it would be in the MTA's best interest to examine some different service patterns, that can affect the


C/F/G/J/M/V/ & Z trains.


My idea's on these routes include the following:


(C) Wash Hts-168 St to Metropolitan Av, Queens via CP West LCL / W4 St crossover / Chrystie St, Myrtle AV Local. Replaces the M between Metropolitan Av and Essex St. Late Nights Shuttle Metropolitan Av to Myrtle Av. using 8 car R32s?


(F) Same route now, except, Express After Jay St to Kings Hwy, peak direction


(G) Extended from Smith/9 to Kings hwy, via culver local, weekdays. nights,weekends, to Church Av; local


(J) same route

(M) Replaces (Z), and still continue to be extended from Broad St, to Bay Pkwy, rush hrs..



(V) Replaces the (C) from West 4 St to Euclid Av.

Weekend, service would run, full route... except late nights


(Z) replaced by (M)



The only 2 flaws i notice in my ideas, of the fact og congestion by kings hwy on the culver during the express to local local to express switches/ and also, the V running on wkends, on Qns blvd, where would the G go?>



lemme here wat u guys think




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They ripped up the Hamilton Avenue bridge which probably has nothing to do with Culver reconstruction project.


The Culver viaduct has been covered with black tarp for a few years now does that have something to do with the construction?

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