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Today, around Fulton Mall I saw a B25 bus from Flatbush Depot. It had the sticker and B41 timetables in its "take one" box. I didn't know Flatbush had any buses that went to the B25.

Maybe the bus just got to the depot B25 is from and they didn't have time to change anything.

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That could be it or perhaps the B25 had a special trip set from the Flatbush Depot as it is known to have during the afternoon rush hours. This has been the deal since the beginning of this year, initially with the opening of the Grand Avenue Depot, which allowed the ENY Depot to lose 2 routes (3 routes were taken, but 1 was acquired from Gleason so only two routes count here) and Flatbush lost one route also. I'm not sure, but I think this might have something to do with the B25 and the B41 stickers you stumbled upon that day.


I hope I was somewhat helpful, at least.

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