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  1. Any news on the status of the service restorations of the B39, parts of B64, weekend service of B24/B69, among many other which were announced during the summer for implementation in January? Thanks for any info you may have
  2. I did see an Ulmer RTS going north on 5th Ave yesterday at 46th street towards Gleason.
  3. I could see them trying to cut the B69 as well. Especially since, at least right after the June cuts, the southbound B69's were scheduled to arrive one to two minutes after the B67 along 7th Avenue. So, the B67 would pick up all the pass angers and the B69 would run nearly empty. Immediately after the cuts, the B67 would be packed and the B69 would be empty a block behind it. Park Slope fought that though, and they evened out the schedule which may have just saved the B69.
  4. While waiting for a friend at Atlantic/Flatbush Avenue's yesterday I saw 4 B103 buses. One with , Far Rockaway stickers, JFK stickers, then Baisley Park Stickers and on Monday one with LaGuardia stickers. All Buses are Orion 07 OG. What's happening with the buses at SC?
  5. Yep. Until the June cuts. Ran from Cobble Hill to Crown Heights via Union Street and Eastern Parkway.
  6. Nice Pics! Sad to see some of the JG C40LF's go. I remember when that bus did the final run on the B71.
  7. Just saw two Castleton LFS buses running east on Atlantic Ave near Court Dtreet Out of service, presumably from the highway. Any idea why?
  8. Do you know anythign about stop locations and fares? I'd like to have a bus available again since the B39/51 were cut
  9. Nice! If you get ahold of an LFS or an 05 again, think you could put up B41 (4411) or B62 (4630 on the LFS)
  10. Lately in Union Sq or St. Marks Place, I've noticed a bus labled Fiarfield Transit (or something like that) driven and ridden by Hasidic Jews. Is this a branch out of the B110 meant to replace the B39 for their community to replace service to Williamsburg. Does anyone know the stops of this bus?
  11. There's no car wash in coney or Jamaica?
  12. Coming into 125th st on the D train just now, I saw an r160 with passengers going southbound on the express track. I was going the other way so I couldn't see whether it was an A or D, but there were passengers. This was at about 1:15pm today.
  13. I saw 209 and 215 on the B41 tonight. I'm thinking it's the buses per depot... not per route now..

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