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oh noes....S89

Pablo M 201

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oh noes, Orion 5s to run on the S89 instead of the thought of Orion 7s.


That trip to NJ is going to be brutal....


So question is, what was the 17 million the PANYNJ gave the MTA for?

I thought it was to get new buses specially for the S89.

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Theyre guna use the buses out of Yukon. nothing new... unless the throw on some MCI's.

Well, the only way they'll use MCIs is if the MTA all the sudden turns the S89 into an express route.


And supposedly these are new lookin' O5s which could possibly mean they are really brand new. But also, as talked about at TransitStuff, these buses have USDOT number on them.

Heres the thread:


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