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Since as one of the MTA forum members told me that they are all democrats, I permit all of you to ban all my two accounts. My email of my another account is chenvinny54@gmail.com. 

But wait first, ere is a link of my proof about President Trump and the Immigrant. http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/10/us/mexico-government-warning/index.html

Also, remember the 9-11 memorial, when the Twin Tower was blown down, and you guys had lost Cortlandt Street (1) train station, and old World Trade Center (E). The hijackers were some of the "undocumented Immigrant".

If this reason perhaps doesn't ring the bell, you may ban all my two accounts, as Cath Sith suggested me at around 12:30 am today, at NYC Bus thread.


Any bus or train topic that gets driven into the political realm of illegal immigrants and related political topics that has NOTHING to do with the bus and/or rail sections and its topics will earn you a permanent ban from the forum(the idea of illegal immigrants delaying transit service is beyond stupid to begin with, because HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY WHO'S ILLEGAL AND WHO'S NOT!?). Keep your personal, political garbage to yourself and OFF the train and bus sections of the forum.

I am totally finished using this forum, because I am the only member of the forum voted as Republican, also the main factor that most of my proposals are no match to all of you. I was too stubborn about staying with my political side.

Lock this thread then ban all my two accounts.

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Look, this is not a political forum. This is a transit forum. If you're looking for something about politics, you've come to the wrong place. No one cares if you voted republican, democrat or whatever. The problem was that YOU decided to use YOUR personal, political beliefs into something that has NOTHING to do with politics. Your statements were asinine and stupid.

Stop baiting for attention. You may continue to use the forum, but keep the political garbage out of the transit sections, it's irrelevant 90% of the time.

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