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Grand Central, the Met, and Tuesday's Fog?

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Architecture is not really my thing, but I couldn't pass up a chance to take a couple of shots of Grand Central and the Met, along with the fog that rolled in during the day.




32365240553_b59a17f0b7_c.jpgIMG_5913 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33023888132_0e9d4155ed_c.jpgIMG_5949 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33052661731_43c71bf9ea_c.jpgIMG_5955 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33052658471_480091c9d6_c.jpgIMG_5972 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33052658071_6b2869b772_c.jpgIMG_5974 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33023866702_8717f665f7_c.jpgIMG_5976 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33023875932_49d007ae32_c.jpgIMG_5987 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


33023875482_0638eb4018_c.jpgIMG_5991 by GojiMet86, on Flickr

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