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  1. Maybe very rarely, you may see one set of R46s on the just by chance if no R68/A's are available, but I'm pretty sure the MTA wants to keep the fleet uniform (R68/A's only) and there are enough R68/A's to keep the R46s off the .
  2. We can also reactivate the 2 other tracks along Nassau to support all those services.
  3. This is to prevent additional merge problems between the and at DeKalb and to supplement service. That is exactly what I meant with the connection after Chambers. If so, then it's possible to cut some service or run some like s to Brooklyn and have some service go via Queens Boulevard like the . Then again, this was just an off-the-top-of-my-head ridiculous proposal 🤣
  4. I just had this weird (yes, I know that this will sound really weird and probably ridiculous) idea for a new in a similar alignment to the proposal... but with a slight twist. A new connector near Bowery/Grand Street would have to be put into place in order for this to work, or you could be ridiculous and reverse the train at Essex. Anyway, here is my weird plan (probably very limited rush hour service only): Orange \ Sea Beach Express \ 4th Avenue Local \ Nassau \ Sixth Avenue Local \ Second Avenue Coney Island Kings Highway (Option to go local or express to 59th Street after) 59th Street All 4th Avenue Local stops to DeKalb, then continuing via the Montague Tunnel to the Nassau line: Broad Street All Nassau stops to Chambers or Canal Streets. If to Chambers, then a connection can be made to Grand Street , or of to Canal, then an additional connector before Bowery would have to be made. If both options unavailable, then the train proceeds to Essex Street and then reverses to the Sixth Avenue Line. All 6th Avenue local stops are made to Lex-63rd, then via the Second Avenue Line to: 96th Street
  5. The easiest and fastest way to remember and tell the difference between an R68 and an R68A are their car numbers. All R68s have car numbers starting with 2xxx and all R68As have numbers starting with 5xxx, and yes, I've seen several R68s on the recently.
  6. What's funny is that I got on the same train going back at around 4:15 at Kings Highway. Some signs were correct while others still said / World Trade Center / 8th Avenue Local. People are still hesitating to walk on to this weird old-looking train Brighton riders almost haven't seen before.
  7. R46 with lead car 5650 and back end set 5770-5771-5773-5772 is now in service on the .
  8. Why is this still the only Siemens set at Jamaica? (and it’s 8893-8897 and 9013-9017)
  9. R46 with lead car 5772 is now running on the .
  10. Of course... I really hope the comes to the realization that they need their R32s or else they're going to have another car shortage until the R211s come... but if they do choose to put the R32s on standby and do a final run at the end, I'd prefer if it was on the since that's the first line the R32s went into service on. Then again, the saying is "everything dies on the ," so they might just do another trip.
  11. I have encountered 2 separate R46 trains today on the as well as 2 separate R68s... there could be more. I’ve stated earlier about the R68 numbers, but as for the R46s, one train had the lead car 5846 and another had the rear end car 5624.
  12. They are not “literally falling apart” and they are fine on the and . I’d rather have them on the than R46s, but even the R46s aren’t that bad, they ran good enough on the and , so just be patient for the time being... We get it...
  13. R68 2832-2835 2884-2887 now on the heading to 96th
  14. It appears that even more R46s are popping up on the now... Just saw one earlier this morning with the front car 5624. Not a short-turn, just a regular . Why can't they run those excess R46's on the and leave the R68s to the ?
  15. I wasn't specifically saying that the R46s shouldn't be on the , but that's a really good point now that I think about it. Anyway, there are clearly surplus R46s to cover the 's fleet even with the and full.
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