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  1. Good point, the M and J routing I proposed is on the radical side. How about an to 96th but a to Bay Ridge? If that’s also too outlandish then I guess routing should be unchanged, the only runs to 96th (or Forest Hills rush hours only), and the runs standard routing.
  2. The Subway Post-COVID: The Cuts Here is my proposed plan for how the MTA could have up to an overall 40% service reduction and still run as effectively as possible. For reference, current weekend service is equal to around a 25% service reduction from the weekday variants. Stated reductions are compared to current service. ROUTES All Times: 207th Street to Mott Avenue Same route and service pattern except the Lefferts branch is covered by the or the Lefferts , full local at night, and Fulton Street local when is not running, no Rockaway Park rush-hour trips. Service reduced by 30%. Rush Hours Only: 145th Street to Brighton Beach Same route and operation as the current non-rush-hour variant, service reduced by 30%. Weekdays Only: 168th Street to Lefferts Boulevard Route lengthened to Lefferts Boulevard to streamline service, no weekend service, 20% service reduction. All Times: Norwood-205th Street to Coney Island Same route, 30% service reduction. Local on Central Park West weekends. All Times: World Trade Center to Jamaica Center Same route, no rush-hour runs to 179th Street, 30% service reduction. All Times: Jamaica - 179th Street to Coney Island Same route, no rush-hour express service in Brooklyn, 30% service reduction. All Times: Court Square - Smith-9th Streets Truncated from Church Avenue, 30% service reduction. All Times except Rush Hours: Myrtle Avenue-Broadway - Jamaica Center Same route as the current non-rush-hour variant truncated from Broad Street, runs to Chambers Street rush hours, 30% reduction in service. Rest of non-rush-hour route covered by the . All Times: 8th Avenue-14th Street to Rockaway Parkway Same route, 25% reduction in service. All Times Except Nights: Metropolitan Avenue - Bay Ridge-95th Street Same route as the former , except it runs all the way down 4th Avenue (as a local), replacing Brooklyn service. Same nightly shuttle as currently, and a second shuttle between 95th and 36th Streets in Brooklyn. All Times: Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard to Coney Island Same as the weekend routing (Broadway Local via Bridge, except nights via tunnel), similar service levels, no rush-hour trips to 96th Street. All Times: 96th Street to Coney Island Same route, 20% service reduction. All Times Except Nights: Whitehall Street to Forest Hills-71st Avenue Route truncated from Bay Ridge-95th Street, service to Brooklyn replaced by the and , 20% service increase (to accommodate for lost QBL local service from the ), no rush-hour service to 96th Street. (Franklin Avenue) Reduced to a single train. (Rockaway Park) Reduced to a single train. (Lefferts Boulevard) Runs from Euclid Avenue to Lefferts Boulevard when the doesn't run, operates with a single train. (42nd Street) Runs a single train or is suspended. All Times: 242nd Street to South Ferry Same route, 30% service reduction. All Times: Wakefield-241st Street to Flatbush Avenue Same route, 30% service reduction. Weekdays Only: Harlem-148th Street to New Lots Avenue Same route weekdays only, a single-train 5-car shuttle between 148th Street and 135th Street other times, 30% weekday service reduction. Weekdays: Woodlawn to Utica Avenue Same route weekdays, runs nightly service pattern (Lex Av Local nights only) to New Lots Avenue as a Brooklyn local to replace the at all other times, 30% service reduction. Weekdays Only: Eastchester-Dyre Avenue to Bowling Green Same route as weekends, runs as a shuttle from Dyre Avenue to East 180th Street all other times (2 trains). 30% weekday service reduction. All Times: Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge Same route, express service rush-hours only, 30% service reduction. All Times: 34th Street-Hudson Yards to Flushing-Main Street Same route, no express service, 20% local service reduction. Suspended: * *Replaced by Thoughts? I am willing to make edits to this plan to make it as effective as possible.
  3. The R188s are the exact same size as the R142As... (In fact, many are just converted R142As) The just has the extra platform length left over in order to run an 11th car as opposed to the other lines.
  4. This is kind of strange... over the past 20 minutes, I’ve seen 2 R160s in a row on the , heading Coney Island-bound, and 1 R160 deadheading vía the express tracks on Brighton (Couldn’t see any of their numbers), also towards Coney Island... are any of those actually transfers to Coney Island Yard right now?
  5. The R110B, and for the possible 1991/92 (?) budget cuts/service changes
  6. If the would end at Brighton Beach, that would be longer distance and time-wise than to Kings Highway, and those s would be carrying air going further.
  7. Pat Foye has the coronavirus. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/coronavirus/2020/03/28/mta-chairman-patrick-foye-tests-positive-for-coronavirus
  8. REHABILITATION AND TRACK WORK WEEKENDS FROM JUNE TO SEPTEMBER 2020 service is suspended between Manhattan and Brooklyn. service is suspended in Lower Manhattan. and replaces service in Manhattan and Queens. There is extended service between Manhattan and Brooklyn. trains run between Woodlawn and Bowling Green, last stop. There is no service between Canal Street and Whitehall Street. Special service runs between Bay Ridge, 95th Street and Court Street, then making all stops in lower Manhattan to Essex Street, last stop. Enhanced local service replaces local service in Manhattan. Enhanced service replaces service in Brooklyn. Special service runs between Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Hills, running regular weekday service and replacing the in Queens. Special service runs between Jamaica Center and Broad Street, then via the line to/from DeKalb Avenue, and via the express line to/from Kings Highway, last stop. For service to Queens from Brooklyn, take the modified to Essex Street and transfer to the or . For service to Midtown Manhattan from Brooklyn, take the . For service in Lower Manhattan, use the , , or modified . For service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, use the , , or modified . For service via 2nd Avenue, use .
  9. I counted only for the time I was on the line, it doesn't mean I had the time to get to all of the trains as I stated (there obviously were more trains) in my last post.
  10. It really did feel kind of like a mid 2000s throwback, really more like 2007 when the R160s only first began to sprinkle the fleet... except for the R46s. This is what I counted in total today (There obviously might have been more than I counted) on the : 7 R46 (Including the single train that ran as a shuttle from Brighton to Coney Island due to a GO) 3 R68 (2 in a row even...) 2 R160B I got on one R46 to Brighton, and back on an R68. Feels weird to think that this is the new norm again.
  11. Nah, Siemens sounds better IMO lol, but really, as a daily Brighton rider as well, I'd say the change to R46s is almost seamless. Riders are pretty much used to it by now, and ride times aren't affected so there's no reason to fuss over it. At this point, the fleet is almost a flip of a coin (almost 50/50 with a small third party of R68s), R46s on one end, and R160s on the other.
  12. The only R160's left are the Siemens propulsion models...
  13. Idk why, but some operators have a tendency to put the roll sign up... and it’s quite common
  14. Actually, I saw 2 R46s BACK TO BACK along with 1 in the other direction on the ... this is really getting intense now.
  15. Maybe very rarely, you may see one set of R46s on the just by chance if no R68/A's are available, but I'm pretty sure the MTA wants to keep the fleet uniform (R68/A's only) and there are enough R68/A's to keep the R46s off the .
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