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So i start class at zerega next week. I live in brooklyn. What do you think is the best way to get there. By car or public trans? Is there absolute no parking in the area ? Just trying to see best action to take. Thanks



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Congrats and welcome to the MTA


There is parking it'll will be street only. Just a few things to know sanitation, school bus companies, as well as quite a few other transportation companies are on the same block so you might not find parking on Zerega ave itself and have to park @ least a block or more away. Just check the parking signs for street cleaning and also be sure there aren't any parts in Zerega that are strictly for sanitation workers.


When I got on it was I was coming from BK as well. I drove sometimes but mostly I took the L to 4 to Zerega ave and walked. It's a few healthy blocks away



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