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CT Transit Route Numbering System Almost Complete

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This is old news, but some may not know about this (and it wasn't posted here). Effective June 4, 2017, Waterbury, Meridan, and Wallingford divisions were numbered/renumbered. Waterbury's Torrington Flyer (Route 410) was the first Waterbury route to get the new number scheme early last year. The others were renumbered last month. From the CT Transit website:



Changes to Names and Numbers

Numbering and Name Changes Effective June 4, 2017.


Some bus routes that overlap have been combined. Some routes that “branch off” to serve more than one destination will have a letter added after the number to make those trips easier to identify. These letters will correspond to the location served.

For example, Routes 15 & 16 will be combined into the new Route 416. Buses designated 416F will serve Farmcrest Dr. while 416M buses serve Montoe Rd.

Important: no changes to the bus routes or schedules are being made at this time.


Waterbury Local Routes

Most local bus routes serving Waterbury will simply add a “4” in front of their existing route numbers. For example, Route 11 is now route 411. However, some routes are being combined or adopting new numbers.


411 – Willow Street-Overlook (formerly Route 11)


412 – Hill Street (formerly Route 12)


413 – Cooke Street-Oakville-Fairmount (formerly Route 13)

Routes 412 & 413 operate in combination on weeknights and Saturday nights.


416 – North Main Street-Bucks Hill (formerly Routes 15 & 16)

All buses on Route 416 operate between downtown Waterbury and Bucks Hill. Buses marked “416F” also serve Farmcrest Drive and buses marked “416M” continue to Montoe Road. On weeknights and Saturday nights, Route 416 buses travel the full route, serving both Farmcrest Drive and Montoe Road.


417 – Thomaston Avenue (formerly Route T17)


418 – Long Hill Road-Berkeley (formerly Route 18)


421 – Walnut Street (formerly Route 20)

Routes 418 & 421 operate in combination on weeknights and Saturday nights.


422 – Wolcott Street (formerly Route 22)


425 – Meriden Road-Hitchcock Lake (formerly Route 25)


426 – East Main Street (formerly Routes 26 & 27)


428 – East Main Street-Scott Road (formerly Route 28)

Route 426 buses that end at Fairlawn will be marked “426F”; buses that end at Meriline Avenue will be marked “426M”. On weeknights and Saturday nights, Routes 425 & 428 operate in combination. During the day on Saturdays and all-day on Sundays, Routes 426 & 428 operate in combination. Buses operating to Waterbury NEJ (formerly Route T128) will now be marked “428X”.


431 – Hamilton Avenue-East Mountain (formerly Route 31)


432 – Sylvan Avenue-Hopeville (formerly Route 32)


433 – Baldwin Street-Hopeville (formerly Route 33)


436 – Congress Avenue-Town Plot (formerly Routes 35 & 36)

All buses on Route 436 operate between downtown Waterbury and Highland Avenue. Buses marked “436B” continue on to Bradley Avenue and buses marked “436N” end at New Haven Avenue. On weeknights, Route 436 buses travel the full route to Bradley Avenue and serve New Haven Avenue upon request.


441 – Highland Avenue-Town Plot (formerly Route 40)


442 – Chase Parkway (formerly Route 42)

All buses on Route 442 operate between downtown Waterbury and Harold Leever Cancer Center. Buses that continue on to Middlebury Road and/or Judd’s Corner will be marked “442M”. On weeknights, and all-day on Saturdays & Sundays, Routes 441 & 442 operate in combination.


444 – Bunker Hill Avenue (formerly Route 44)


445 – Watertown Avenue (formerly Route 45)


446X – Watertown-Industrial Park (formerly Route T49)


447X – Watertown-Straits Turnpike (formerly Route T47)

Routes 446X & 447X are limited-stop services. Along West Main Street & Watertown Avenue, 446X & 447X buses traveling outbound from downtown Waterbury to Watertown will stop only to pick up customers; return trips to Waterbury will stop only to drop off customers (buses pick up and drop off at all stops along the rest of the route).

For local bus service (making all stops) along West Main Street, use Routes 442, 444 or 445; local service along Watertown Avenue is provided by Route 445.


Waterbury Regional Routes

Local bus routes operating between Waterbury and surrounding towns, or that operate entirely outside of Waterbury, will be numbered 450 through 479. Service to New Haven will continue to be provided by the J – New Haven/Waterbury route (future Route 229).


450X – Waterbury/Torrington (formerly Route 410)

Route 450X provides limited-stop service between Waterbury, Thomaston & Torrington via CT-8. Connections are available in Torrington with Route 927 – Hartford/Torrington Express and with local bus service provided by Northwest CT Transit District. Route 450X picks up and drops off only at certain bus stops along the route (see timetable for locations).


460X – Waterbury/Cheshire (formerly Route T81)

Route 460X provides limited-stop service between Waterbury & Cheshire Industrial Park via I-84. Route 460X makes limited-stops in Waterbury, but picks up and drops off at all stops along the route in Cheshire.


470X – Waterbury/Naugatuck (formerly Route T74)

Route 470X provides limited-stop service between Waterbury, Naugatuck Industrial Park & Naugatuck Green via South Main Street. Connections are available in Naugatuck with Routes 471, 472 & 473 (see below). Route 470X makes limited-stops in Waterbury, but picks up and drops off at all stops along the route in Naugatuck.


471 – Rubber Avenue-Millville (formerly Route N1)


472 – New Haven Road-Straitsville (formerly Route N2)


473 – Spring Street (formerly Route N1)

Local bus service in Naugatuck is provided by Routes 471, 472 & 473. All three routes meet at the Naugatuck Green where connections are available with Route 470X to Waterbury (see above) and with the CTrailWaterbury Branch at the nearby Naugatuck Railroad Station. Route 471 serves the west side of Naugatuck, including Mount View Shopping Plaza & Naugatuck High School. Route 472 serves the east side of Naugatuck, including Crosspointe Plaza & Walmart. Route 473 serves the north side of Naugatuck, including Mattatuck Manor.


479X – Waterbury/Beacon Falls (formerly Route T114)

Route 479X provides limited-stop service between Waterbury & Beacon Falls, including Murtha and Pine Bridge Industrial Parks, via CT-8. Route 479X makes limited-stops in Waterbury, but picks up and drops off at all stops along the route in Beacon Falls.


Meriden Bus Routes

Meriden bus routes will change from letter to number designations. However, to make the transition easier for customers, the number following the current letter designation will match the last digit of the new route number (Route A1 is now Route 561, Route B3 is now Route 563, etc.). At Meriden Railroad Station, connections will continue to be available between Meriden local bus routes, the C – New Haven/Meriden route (future Route 215), the M-Link to Middletown, Amtrak, and the CTrail Hartford Line (coming soon).


561 – Westfield Meriden (formerly Route A1)

Route 561 connects at Westfield Meriden with the Route 501 – Arch Street to New Britain and the M-Link to Middletown.


563 – Yale Acres (formerly Route B3)



564 – South Meriden (formerly Route B4)

No transfer is required to travel between Routes 563 & 564.


565 – West Main Street (formerly Route C5)


566 – East Main Street (formerly Route C6)

No transfer is required to travel between Routes 565 & 566.


Wallingford Bus Routes

The Wallingford Local route is being split into two separate routes for easy identification. However, no transfer will be required to continue from one route to the other. Connections will continue to be available at Wallingford Green with the C – New Haven/Meriden route (future Route 215) and at Wallingford Railroad Station with Amtrak and the CTrail Hartford Line (coming soon).


291 – Center Street

Route 291 serves southeast Wallingford, including Burke Heights, Long Hill Road & South Elm Street.


292 – North Colony Road

Route 292 serves northwest Wallingford, including Washington Street, Wallingford Plaza, Main Street and the Masonic Home.


Info: https://www.cttransit.com/news/waterbury-meriden-and-wallingford-route-number-and-name-changes-effective-june-4


The New Haven division still has not been renumbered, but will be renumbered in the near feature. All that is known from the conversions is that route J4 will become the 229, and C1 & C2 will be part of the 215.

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So basically, ALL CT TRANSIT routes will be re fixed as numbered routes, similar to NJ Transit system. There are some modifications. If any, the MTA should do the same, like Manhattan should use 1-200 corresponding the avenue and the streets. The Bronx 201-246, Brooklyn 301-384, Queens 401-514, Express 900-990.



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*Interest piqued*


New Haven switches over in Mid-August, within a week before/after the express to UConn Storrs starts.


Additionally, SEAT in Norwich and New London is switching to this system. So far, I know they will be using numbers between 600-650.

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