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  1. New York City————- it’s about time that my hometown gets into this “TAP” program. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this to pop instead of having Metrocards, even though you can refill both sides of it (ppr/unlimiteds) as long as the date is not within a year. With the tap, it makes it much better to refill outside or online
  2. Crown Heights bound 7090. Front of the bus looks less damaging, should be ok in a couple of weeks
  3. The 12xx series going from OF to the Bronx should send some of the XD60s to GA for the B38/Q58 (in training mode)
  4. I would laugh one day they will be local service in Meredith
  5. I’ve taken a few pointers from the guys who update the forums day by day. I’m operating under a very limited basis with two jobs under the helm and no days off. This past week, I was in NYC on a LTD, but only got a few photos (especially the XDs still in WF). I will let you know a week ahead of when I will return
  6. They had 9 of them (251-259) up to WF last year when they were receiving the XN60s, then they took it back.
  7. I’ll go for broke if 8700 came in with a new design
  8. NOT 6688?!?!?!! nooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!! They should’ve saved that bus like they did with the R17 of the same number
  9. This series, iirc, never saw service on the MTABC routes.
  10. Ok. Now I remember that one. The 24 hour S59 ran only a segment of its entire route overnight. And they cut that one. But the S66 took the biggest fall inside the cuts.

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