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  1. This series, iirc, never saw service on the MTABC routes.
  2. Ok. Now I remember that one. The 24 hour S59 ran only a segment of its entire route overnight. And they cut that one. But the S66 took the biggest fall inside the cuts.
  3. There is more but I think you know the rest of the chips btw...... this is what they did in 1995: 1. Cut service 2. Raise fares
  4. I do remember the 1995 cuts. Let me give you some of the rundown of the routes: The Bronx: Loss of service: Bx24 (Fordham Plaza to 256th St & Fieldstone) Loss of Overnight service: Bx3, Bx11, Bx13, Bx17 Loss of Sunday service: Bx20 Partial loss of service: Bx55’s 161st St branch (it’s overnight service was cut a year prior) Manhattan: Loss of Overnight service: none Partial loss of service: M18’s East Village and Ft George service. M101/M102’s downtown City Hall service, replaced by M103 Brooklyn: Loss of service
  5. It did not mention the S59 but it did mentioned the S66 service cut, which was its elimination of both overnight & Weekend service.
  6. Must've been a big thunderstorm up there, because big branched trees don't suddenly hit buses like these
  7. I would have said that Bronx needs some high number routes past the Bx46
  8. They need to re activate AM for the purpose of M104, and M100 if that's the case, can add M125 as well to the roster, saving MV a few buses. A fifth Depot is needed to run so that way, it can open up spots for trips to start & end at AM, I would say, take a few NXGs from both MV & MQ and the remaining buses from The Bronx and there you have it.
  9. BxM11 is not eliminated, it is renumbered to BxM5 but only shorten & rerouted, while its original terminus is being replaced by the BxM4
  10. The Bx17 didn't get truncated, it got rerouted from Southern Blvd to St. Ann's Ave to serve what was partially ran by the old Bx32 until 1984 (The old Bx32 ran from 135th & St. Ann's to 161st & 3rd Ave to connect the Bx26/29/55 until its discontinuation on my 12th Birthday). That was done in 9/2005
  11. As for you bus supporters here is my take on the green colored routes: BxM4: JFW!!! What was they thinking eliminating the route from GC where the route is utilized? And send it to 241st was the biggest 404 that will ever do. BxM5: ex-BxM11- They should’ve left the route number the same way it started. The BxM5 should’ve been one of two new express routes that was created. BxM17: Don’t you dare send that route over the CBX. The CBX (I-95) is a super disaster during both morning & afternoon peak hours. The BxM17 will have people fired from their jobs because of the “turns into 4 hours” commute.
  12. Here are my thoughts: Bx4A/Bx5/Bx27: Since when they named that spot Gladstone Sq? 28 years living in NYC I never saw any routes with “Gladstone Sq” terminus. The routes before them: the Bx5/11/27/35 all used “Southern Blvd-West Farms Rd” as a terminus read. Bx8/24: Although it is gonna look like 2010 all over again (the 8 went str8 down) but at least the Bx24 is overnight Bx11: after so many years, my childhood street (174th St) says good bye to the Bx36/Bx36LTD for a direct route to 181st St., but my question is what is the DOT gonna do underneath the 174th St for the Bx11 to turn on to Boston Rd. But service on Louis 9 Blvd (Ex-Wilkins Ave) & 172nd Street is gone! 😡 Bx15/M125: this i gotta see. But I wonder if the shared depot will end or keep it that way. But: No more LTD stops on 156th & 166th Sts. Limited Stops are: The Hub/149th St, 163rd, 168th, Claremont Pkwy, Tremont, 180th & 183rd Sts. As for buses on 125th St, there will just be three bus routes: M60SBS, M101 & M125 Bx28/38: 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 they should’ve left the Bx38 alone until the conversion to SBS. Bx34: This thing was 6 years in the making. Before the Bx41 LTD became SBS, the Bx34 was on this plan along with the now scrapped Bx50. Bx36/Bx36LTD/Bx40: similar to the “swap” plan in 1990 & 1995 that never went through. But they are finally having a true 180th St line that will also concurrently run with the Bx9 from Boston Rd to Southern Blvd.
  13. What I highlighted was the routes you made opinions: the Bx20 is peak service. If you looked at that route, that route saves passengers time waiting for the Bx10 from the Bx7. The Bx30 would reminisce the old Bx7 before 1984. The Bx46 gets more passengers to the pool in the summer and the Tiffany St Shops where there is an actual design of a real elevated tracks and a pair of R33 subway cars. It provides a One seat direct to the Longwood Ave and Prospect Ave 🚇. So you gotta look at it from an employee who works in Hunts Point.

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