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  1. Thanks. Every fleet that the gets, they always add something to it. Like the R36WF cars, they installed a -() where the motorman is at. They are usually at both ends of a train
  2. Similar to the 73X1/5/6/0s that I’ve seen as of late.
  3. ? Some of the 73X1/5/6/0s have a pole installed on the upper right side between the motorman’s cab and the emergency exit door/cab entrance. What is that used for?
  4. You forgot Staten Island, which other than the 3G O7s, it’s a sea of LFSes
  5. I based it on a scale. I looked at SEPTA’s XDE order, Midvale first batch was 25 (3225-3254) in 2019, then last year, they got another 95 (3295-3344) buses in between Frankford’s 20 (3275-3294) and 20 (3345-3364) during the “chicken schedule runs. It was similar to Jamaica’s LFS order when they got 8090-8119 from ENY, then turned around and got 8399-8503 before handing QV 8470-8503.
  6. 2021 Nova LFS HEV #9620-9910 Tuskegee 20 (will be first), Kingsbridge 25, Manhattanville 226, Gun Hill 20 so the way I look at this one is depot number 1 would get 9620-9639 depot number 2 would get 9640-9664 depot number 3 would get 9665-9890 depot number 4 would get 9891-9910. If that’s the case, GH would have the highest number on the fleet.
  7. From your input, Meredith is here to stay. But that’s another story for a different time. according to you, it might sound horrible, but buses that are 20 years old, still should be running good. Look at how many buses that are still running for NJT and these buses are getting replaced little by little. So if this works out, by the summer, there will be no more buses before 2005 on the road.
  8. Saw the damage from the front. This looks repairable from what I saw but if it has any fatalities that was related to, like 5299, which got renumbered to 5252, I could see that bus returning after it’s investigations and repairments have been done
  9. On a side note, I’m looking forward to the first ever articulated R211T train. There are things: the car lengths: how many cars will be coupled to make an artic where are the middle wheels positioned at. Will they have one or 2 chock ones What line will it be tested on.
  10. Wait until they start testing on the tracks, then you will see how “ugly” they are when they come with all these brand new specs.
  11. That bus was in WA for 2 1/2 years before it got sent to KB on 9/7/1998.
  12. It didn’t just started with Cuomo. It goes way way way before him. Try Rockefeller in 1968. Every person that has been sitting in the governor’s seat in Albany has use transit money for various reasons. The worst one? Pataki in 1995. He cut $86M in transit funding to paint bridges in Rochester, that lead to the service cuts and fare hikes.
  13. These 8K people need their holiday money. It’s the wrong time to do it

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