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  1. I really don’t understand why you decided to post that, but I removed it because we don’t do that here. -Deucey
  2. Whoever caused a fire on R142 6346-6350, that killed a motorman, must not have the intelligence inside his head. Someone doesn’t like the R142s but this one went too far saying, just because we have a pandemic shutdown of business, does not give this person the rights to destroy a subway car.
  3. Mine is the Bx74. Start off from 132nd St & Walnut Ave to Scarsdale Walnut from term to 138th St 138th from Walnut to Willis Ave Willis from 138-149th LTD 3rd Av to 188th St LTD Fordham from 3rd to Sedgwick Ave (old Bx24 routing) follows the old Bx24 routing up to 240th St & Bway on Bway to Getty Sq LTD in NYC then open door to S Bway & Yonkers Ave right on Yonkers to Central Ave open door turn left on Central Ave up to Scarsdale RR, closed door except when making a transfer point to Central Park Mall. bus service will be frequent: 5-9-5-20-40 (wkdys) 8-10-8-30-40 (wknds)
  4. “M100 and M35 bus merge as M100.” i hate to tell you this but the M100 on the redesign is being pushed back from 125th St & 2nd Ave to 125th St & Amsterdam Ave. there will be only 3 routes operating on 125th St between Amsterdam & 2nd Ave. the M60SBS, M101 & M125.
  5. We’ll see how the redesign Brooklyn bus routes look like. You wanna get somebody pissed off big time, let’s get the Q33 outta here
  6. The R211s are not 4 car linked and are not here yet. The TA does not use the same numbers as you see with the older sets.
  7. Whoever said the M12, I got news for ya: the Far West is growing big time between 42nd and south of it. I was on the M12 and you got this many passengers that work during the day that use it in the evening peak hours that connects to the at 34-HY station. They got another site that’s gonna be up & running by 2024
  8. I’m with you on the Bx19 but south of Hunts Point should be the Bx59, leave the Bx49 for the Bx9’s local replacement from 225th St-Bway to 262nd St & Bway. and extend it to Getty Sq in Yonkers. Bring back one bus route and let’s call it a day: The Bx55 with a new look: Fordham Plz to Central Mall in Yonkers. Add another one if I would: Bx57: LTD from Fordham Plaza to Pelham & Mt. Vernon vía Fordham, Boston Rd and Pelham MNRR Station, making LTD stops along Fordham Rd & Boston Rd (Open door service) and Bx30’s local replacement. (Bx30 will continue to make all stops)
  9. Really???? That will not work I’m sorry
  10. Having the R262s on the would benefit those on the Dyre Ave line especially during the overnight periods where there is OPTÓ on the shuttle. The and the in my opinion I would like to see the R262s their first if the TA would make both Broadway and Pelham lines CBTC first since they are shorter lines. The and the can follow the line’s short Dyre Ave CBTC. Unless they’re gonna make the Lexington Ave line full CBTC.
  11. Prevost D3-45 2724 on the SIM2 had its top side ends painted white to match the look of a regular Prevost D3-45 bus. Most NYCT buses have theirs painted in black. Seen it earlier operating in SI bound on Broadway & Barclay
  12. I hope they stay there so that way UP can send a few buses elsewhere and the B1 doesn’t have to be transferred to another depot
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