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  1. Not too a T6H-5309A new look GMC fishbowl 4th Gen and most recently an Orion V
  2. The parallel to the subway bus discontinuance I remember this segment when it was first read in the Doomsday proposal cuts WAY back in late 2008. But there was more to the cuts that was prevented and saved: Manhattan: Cut all routes to operate part-time, With the exception of 4 routes: M7, M14, M15 & M86. Cut M6, 10, 18, 27, & 30 completely Cut M22, M21, M8, M50’s weekend service
  3. I guess with FLA getting LFSAs from MQ, since Q is getting 15 XE60s.
  4. I was just about to ask the same question, but you beat me to it.
  5. What Bus number was that where a Verizon van hit? It was on the B6 out of UP?
  6. I agree on you on flipping the BxM6. The express version of the 222nd wasn’t mentioned by me but I think you just gave me a good idea
  7. Cool shots of the <F>. That also came on the day that my world would be torn apart forever with the loss of my mom earlier on this day.
  8. I wasn’t talking about extending bus routes, because you’re taking the BxM6 and BxM10 off their way. In my previous topic, I explained on what three new routes would be added so that way they can provide service to the still underdesired areas that do need bus service so badly
  9. And you’re right. 20% of the Bronx subway stations are ♿️ equipped, so that gives the people with mobility impairments no availability to gain access to the subway. as for the express routes, I was looking at the BxM routes and BxM3, 4 & 6 are the hardest hit (That’s what you get, MTABC! 😂😂😂!) But the 6 is almost identical to the 10, so it gives them the distinction only past the Sheridan. The 4 & new 5, you’re not gonna see any kind of favoritism the 4 usually gets. I would like to see them add two more local route (Bx48, span Lafayette Ave east & west of the Bronx River to connect to the 2/5 at Intervale Ave and the Bx8 at TNX), one on 222nd St (Bx45 running from WP Rd to Pelham Manor SC, a little east of the city line) and a new BxM (BxM12) Route from Soundview south of the Bruck to West Midtown vía 5/Mad with super peak (5:35-8:00a & 4:05-6:40p) one way direction, every 25 minutes.
  10. I’ve seen many express buses from the Bronx with one too many empty seats. Nobody is gonna pay $6.50 to ride a bus thru highway traffic to get back & forth to work. The cost of living in New York City is way too high and express bus routes are meant for peak hour service only in areas that are served by subways. cutting express bus service is not new to the MTA. Back in the 90s, they tried to cut ALL of the express bus routes in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens, but leave Staten Island the way it is, but people fought hard against the cuts because at that time, the subway overcrowding was out of control and is was not in tip top shape as is in today’s commute. Only Manhattan’s express service was discontinued in 2010, and one route each in Brooklyn & Queens. they should’ve at least added another 2 routes in the east south middle Bronx (mainly on Lafayette Ave west of White Plains Rd and another one on 222nd St. That area needs a bus route.
  11. For inspection and audits. Then will be shipped to Quill for installment of OMNY inputs and machine
  12. The other way around, not from PVT to NYCTA
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