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  1. I hate to see you go fella, but you did what you did just to get here. Enjoy yourself and I’ll see you down the road.
  2. @EastNewYork or @TheReal can answer for this
  3. Depending on how you @EastNewYork see it. Do more Artics trim the number of buses for more frequent operating routes, if I looked at the Bx15 for example: When the split depot went into an effect near 6 years ago this July with the debut of the Bx41SBS (KB at that time), they (WF) did see an increase amount of Artics running on the Bx19, then the Bx15 followed suit.
  4. You way late. You just want the XDs out of WFs. Originally, WF was supposed to be all CNG, but not too many XN40s was ordered. The XN60s, however is to replace the rest of the O7CNGs not replaced by the XN40s, but split between WF & JG to make B35 articulated, and sent 2x the C40s to WF, in which they did. The Novas replaced the 35 D60s that WF had before since they were breaking down a lot, forcing them to borrow buses from other Bronx depots to make service and missing buses. WA did not had any problems back when that depot was open. They had their 220, plus extras that they had in storage in case of breakdowns, but their buses was well maintained (nothing but RTS buses but different companies). Dropping buses isn’t the question you should be asking. The question you should be asking yourself is “Can they make service for that day?”
  5. Ok thanks @Calvin. As for @JeremiahC99, not every NF goes to Brooklyn.
  6. Those may stay at UP because of the fact that 7594-7614 have yet to be assigned. The DOB makes decisions that say where do the XDs go to. Meanwhile, those are not seeing the Novas that are coming in for QV & KB are transferring NXGs to depots that have RTS buses left in them. By the time KB is done, they may have nothing left but Novas once the NXGs & the XD60s leave. But that may be down the road. As for WF with them transferring Novas from MQ, 55/55 (110) should be good for the Bx36 to go full artic, right?
  7. Then you should write a letter to NJT officials and tell them about this.
  8. They’re coming in pretty fast. If you include the 2015s QV’s LFS is 8470-8531

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