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  1. For inspection and audits. Then will be shipped to Quill for installment of OMNY inputs and machine
  2. The other way around, not from PVT to NYCTA
  3. Their complaints about vehicular trafficking when it comes to overcrowding roads. Broadway (US-9) for example: why would they wanna change the pattern around even if buses should get their priorities on the sides. It makes it better for them to pass smoothly on Bway (US-9) to make their trips on time
  4. I would like to see photos. If no photos are posted, then don’t spread false statements
  5. That was the very first Route in Manhattan to be converted to Artics. If you was looking at Westside, now Michael J Quill, top frequency of service, back then the depot had the following routes: M10, M11, M23, M27, M30, M42, M50, M72, M79, M86, M96, M98, M102 & M106. (Anything south of it was Hudson Pier’s including M16 & M34) They inherited buses from both Amsterdam & 100th St, but the depot, which changed from parking for Greyhounds to NYCTA extra footers, they decided to get Articulated buses for this depot 9 months after it’s opening. As you said, you ?ed the M79’s usage because it was the number two FOS behind the M86. Which became an Articulated route later. Artic usage does eliminate bus stops not rarely used by passengers, so Park Ave became the victim of eliminations. But on Woodhaven Blvd, You shouldn’t have to wait for one bus for this long, I feel you on that.
  6. So why go with the blue & yellow scheme if they’re to remove WiFi service on buses? That’s more money they have to spend on doing that.
  7. If anything, “saved money” equals “pocket money” for the Chairman & CEO, not only him, but to all his “fat cat” buddies that you don’t normally see on the streets of New York City. Not a single one of them ride public transportation like us on an everyday basis to see what, when and why. Then the how’s come in play. When the Articulated buses came into play in 1996, (NFD60 1000) Some people was about to witness a change was coming. And it all started in the Bronx, with the Bx55, then the Bx1/2. What really got me pissed & surprised was when they started putting them on the Bx4 & Bx5 at the very same time in 1999.
  8. If I’m correct, I’m thinking that they’re starting to put them in numerical order, the way it should be
  9. Nobody knows when because there are things on top of the table that they have to take care of. Once the TA’s order gets to 6233, then 6235 & up comes in for MTABC.
  10. New York City————- it’s about time that my hometown gets into this “TAP” program. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this to pop instead of having Metrocards, even though you can refill both sides of it (ppr/unlimiteds) as long as the date is not within a year. With the tap, it makes it much better to refill outside or online

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