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MTA/MaBSTOA/NYCT Salary (Vs) MTA Bus Co.


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Can anyone kindly brief me up in terms of why MTA Bus Company' Bus Operators get less pay than that of the other transit Bus Operators, please?


$16.50hr Vs. $18.84hr for the same gig/svc/ and the same boroughs... Is this ever going to change to match up with the rest?:confused:

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Many have asked, it has been answered a-many times before, but those post you have to dig for. To keep you from digging for those posts, here is the reason why. Same thing as FatBoy said. You see MTA Bus pay goes according to the depot in MTA Bus you pick into. Yonkers Depot pay is different from LGA Depot pay. Eastchester Depot gets a different pay, than Far Rock, or JFK. They still get paid according to the old private lines contracts, until they get a new one from MTA. So what Tri-Boro Roach Corp paid, LGA Depot gets. What Queens Surface paid (they should of had a depot in Chelsea or the Village), College Point Depot gets paid, and so on and so forth..........



Yonkers and Eastchester has the highest pay............

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