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Hiring freeze, does it affect Metro North jobs?


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Hi everyone. I was wondering if the whole hiring freeze for the MTA in NYC also affect the hiring process for people who have applied for Metro North Railroad as well. I took an exam a few months ago, I passed it, and have been waiting to get called for an interview, and I am just concerned that Metro North will not be hiring for now either. thanks.

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Up until last week I had thought so due to the media hype, state budget cutbacks, etc.


I too took an exam recently, back in August to be exact. Last week I got a call back for an interview and physical ability test in which I'm scheduled to take next week.


As it's been explained to me there, with a 5,500 to 6,000 person work force there are always retirements and such that positions need to be filled. It is also my understanding that 40% of the Metro North work force are due to retire within the next 5 years.

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That's a good point BusOperator.


The only reason I can think of that they don't is it's not a civil service job unlike FDNY or NYPD where there are application filing fees. Even positions on local municipal levels do not institute filing fees unless it's civil service.


Another issue is the method of correspondence the MTA (at least Metro North) uses. The only form of communication is via internet and email unless an appointment needs to be scheduled.

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