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  1. ASCES built in, yes. We will leave it at that Amtrak conductors and engineers must be qualified on the operating rules and physical characteristics of the territories they operate on. They have to carry the various rule books and updated train orders at all times. For Amtrak to start running in to GCT this summer, crews started qualifying in early March and most were already qualified on the MNR's operating rules. It took that long to qualify on the PC's from CP12 to GCT.
  2. It's not difficult, but it's not going to happen overnight. It's a matter of scheduling and covering jobs. I would guess it would take about 4 months for each crew member to qualify. I forgot, along with the physical characteristics, it's a different set of operating rules. Not knowing what their operating rules are comprised of, I can't say exactly how long it will take.
  3. That's great. Unfortunately, the whole concept of these stations coming into existence is in the very early stages. If the train service doesn't happen, the city and Bronx Metro-North Working Group have a lot less to plan. For the rail service to materialize, you need approval from the MTA (New York State), the operator of the tracks and Penn Station (Amtrak) and the entity that contracts with Metro North on the New Haven Line on what happens with New Haven Line trains (CDOT and the State of Connecticut). The last is an issue as it is because of them of the whole Fordham debacle with New Haven Line trains. Should Amtrak give their blessing, it will come with a price tag. No different than the price tag of Amtrak currently using Metro North's tracks. What that price tag will be is anyone guess. Additionally, if and when this materializes, crews will have to be trained on the territory, and equipment will have to be able to be used between both territories. In years past New Jersey Transit's trains were used for the New Haven Line football trains for this very reason.
  4. Forget about the MTA reps, what about Amtrak rep's? For any of this to work, Amtrak has to give their blessings. To further complicate matters, CDOT also have to be involved as it will be trains coming from Connecticut that will tentatively be operating to Penn.
  5. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Not a shortage. There were issues with the original stock for the month getting jammed up in the machines prior to being g on sale. As a result, the carrier decided to use the weekly/10 trip stock. Also, as a result instead of the tickets going on sale the usual 20tb, it was delayed a few days. Those purchasing their monthly ticket though Mail and Ride are not affected and are receiving theirs on the traditional stock.
  6. Diesel or not is irrelevant, it's just a matter of the electronics.
  7. Truckie

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    Under normal circumstances I would not mind doing it, however, the company frowns upon posting company issued documents on the internet. I've known some that have gotten fired for doing just that. I recommend communicating with Metro North for the official policy regarding tariffs. Do I feel this is important to the public to clear up any inaccuracies? YES! Do I want to put my job in jeopardy for doing it? NO! It's not mine to pick and chose what is ok and not ok. Being the policy is no posting official documents online, I'm going to guess nothing is ok. If any passengers question me on the train regarding this issue, I'm more than happy to show them the chart. Beyond that, all bets are off.
  8. Truckie

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    A few things to add: 1) The above chart is outdated, there have been numerous fare hikes in both Connecticut and NY so the current diversion in fares will vary. 2) Just because a commutation ticket to zone 18 on the New Haven Line, will get you to zone 6 on the Harlem and Hudson, does not mean it will be the same with a Harlem or Hudson zone 6 to a New Haven zone 18. It all breaks down to the current fare structure 3) A Harlem and Hudson zone 1 to zone 2 (GCT to the Bronx) commutation ticket is not valid on the New Haven Line in any circumstance. Per CDOT rules, New Haven Line trains traveling to GCT only discharge at Fordham. New Haven Line train traveling from GCT only receive passengers from Fordham. This is why there is no indication of Fordham on the above referenced chart on the New Haven column.
  9. Truckie

    M4 vs. M6

    And the 4's and 6's we're triplets.
  10. Don't get your hopes up. This a revision from the previous two quiet cars advertised on all weekday trains. There are still no quiet cars on the weekends.
  11. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I would hope the engineers know the stations, it's part of being qualified on the physical characteristics. There are bigger issues than car markers, if they are not qualified and are operating a train on a given line.
  12. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Again, the markers on the platforms are for the train crew. Not for passengers, rail fans or anyone else. Riverdale platform on track 4 the engineer should be spotting the train at the south end of the platform as that is where the majority of passengers will gather as the stairs are there. The 4 car Mark is at the middle of the platform as it's an 8 car platform. Reason would be the 4 mark would be in the middle.
  13. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Don't over think the car markers. I can give you numerous examples that would blow your theory. Two quick examples: the track one platform at Spuyten Duyvil and track three platfrom at Ludlow. These are both the "north bound" platforms, they both hold 8 cars. The "2" car markers are where two cars would be on the platform. The problem is the ramp / stairs of the platfrom are at the north end. Because of this, if only four cars are open for passengers, the engineer will spot the open cars at the north end (where the "4" and "6" car markers are). If someone decided to walk toward the south end of the platfrom where the "2" is, they would have to walk back to the north end. There are numerous stations on all lines that would go along the same theory, including Harlem - 125th St., Peekskill, Beacon, Yonkers, on the Hudson, Fordham, Mount Kisco, Valhalla, going south on the Harlem.
  14. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I understand your points and agree. A station such as Yankees-E153 is long to accommodate games and other events and I understand that doesn't help for the other 200 plus days of the year. Most engineers will do their best to spot the train for the passengers waiting to board. It is the job of the train crew to get those staring at a closed door when trying to board to make sure they get on. When in doubt, look for the red lights on the side of the train.... But again, a station such as Yankees have 6 car lengths between the two sets of stairs at platfrom level and sadly some with their ears disconnected from the outside world (by choice), and have tunnel vision aimed at their phone have a difficult time waking up to their surroundings. As far as last minute track changes..... No comment... They are as frustrating for me as passengers. Lastly, there are some that complain when the only one to blame is themselves. Case in point, I recently read on twitter how my train, at Croton Harmon, never stopped. Not only did my train not stop, but, we arrived at the platfrom 10 minutes prior to departure (Croton Harmon was the origination station) and every door on the train was open prior to leaving time. To add insult to injury, we were delayed from departing the station for a minute or two to make way for an express train, and I had the doors open for the extra time until I knew we were going to get the permission to leave with the signal south of the platfrom. To summarize, my train which per a passenger on twitter, "never stopped" not only stopped, had the doors open of every car (six out of six) for ten minutes prior to the departure time. The doors were also open for approximately two minutes after the scheduled departure time to allow for last minute runners. Some people you just can't please.....
  15. Truckie

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    It is actually more efficient and safer depending on the passenger load. Example: a morning weekend train departing Grand Central going to Croton Harmon local making all stops. Some of the trains will get an 8 car consist as it comes from Southeast. Now it goes to Croton Harmon for toilet servicing. Using 8 cars for a light passenger load is unrealistic as there are multiple 4 car platforms in the Bronx (and from Hasting to Irvington with the temporary ramps). It is safer and more efficient using four cars in this circumstance as people would be less likely to miss their stop if they are in the wrong car and it decreases delays and is safer when they are in the wrong car and don't have to go car to car. Sadly there are many people disconnected from their sense of hearing as many use earbuds. Regardless of how many times you tell someone or make announcements they still do not het the memo. This also alleviates issues that arise as from and operational point of when it comes to train spotting and door operations. Granted, with a larger passenger load, then more cars should be used.


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