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  1. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Trains were re-crewed at NY-Penn. A bunch of MNR crews (C&E) qualified from New Rochelle to NYP where the train was re crewed with NJT crews. Mind you, per NJT, it was only the 1PM games that ran direct service. NJT had an issue with equipment cycles for the night games.
  2. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Not sure of the exact reason but heard it was something on NJT's end. Crew scheduling on MNR's side was covered on the extra list. I don't know how NJT handled their scheduling. It was their rolling stock used . Might have been something with equipment cycles. Again, can't say for sure.
  3. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, direct service was quietly discontinued.
  4. From what I understand, a monthly etix is good on the first of the new month. In fact, I have seen September's still showing "active" yesterday morning (Oct 2).
  5. Monthly commutation passes are valid for any given calendar month. They can be purchased starting on the 20th of the previous month (example: October's goes on sale Sept 20). Paper tickets are good for ONE courtesy ride until the first business day of the new month until 10 am. It appears the e tickets can be displayed in the same time frame. My suspicion for the courtesy ride is there are machines from outlying stations that do not sell the monthly passes. Regardless, in most cases, people have ample opportunity to purchase a new one prior to the start of the month. Even the shortest month of the year will give you nine calendar days to purchase March's prior to March 1st. If one waits until the second week of the month the buyer still comes out ahead. I think by the 10th or 11th day of the month you still come out ahead with the monthly as opposed to two peak rides per day for the rest of he month (or individual weekly passes). There are many that feel entitled to have their courtesy ride extended because they buy a monthly every month. I look at it this way, I could be a dedicated buyer of a specific car. With a loan there is a monthly payment and if you don't pay it on time you get charged a late fee. I would think of the 20th as the due date for purchasing a pass with the grace period going to the first of the month. After the first you get a late fee for every ride you take.
  6. The way it reads it is not a transfer. It appears to be similar to the current round trip tickets with a two ride metro card currently available at the ticket vending machines.
  7. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    It's almost laughable some one comes up to me with a "dead" phone (sometimes another scam). Why is it MY problem YOUR phone is dead? Some I have charged the on board come back next time with a fully charged phone as they bought a Mophie (or similar battery pack). Oh, I forgot, NOBODY has those anymore.
  8. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I guess the multiple people I see on a train day to day basis are "nobody" including myself. It's the responsible thing to do if they know they might be somewhere for an extended period period of time and they know they will need to charge there phone. In stead of wa, wa, waaing about it, they react accordingly.
  9. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Even more interesting is pondering the thought of what people did with out cell phones. When involved in public transportation, one never heard others talking loudly with the speaker phone option on. You wouldn't hear others playing games or watching videos with out ear phones. Let's not forget those that Skype, etc... Oh yeah, back to reality. How hard is it for someone to keep a battery pack with them. I could buy one for the cost of three peak tickets when I scam the railroad by not activation my e-ticket before I get on the train regardless of what the terms and conditions say. I digress. Back to the question, the trains with out the modern "convenience" of outlets were manufactured 10 to 15 years past when there was no such thing as a phone "smarter" than the user. If they were retrofitted with outlets every four feet, then people would cry about the cost. After all it's public transportation, you get what you get. Just like flying, I've flown for hours with out charging ports, wifi or any modern convenience. You get what you get.
  10. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, only one app. The problem is when they try to produce a ticket with out the app (screen shot, video clip, etc). The other issue is I've caught multiple people trying to use the same ticket. Once it is scanned, it's dead. The colors will still show, but it can not be scanned again. If I scan an e ticket, then some one else gets on the train and the phone gets passed to them, I will be able to tell it was already scanned the first time and on what train. Another aspect of the scanning is accountability of staff. Management can see exactly when I'm (or anyone else) is collecting tickets as once it's scanned, it goes to the cloud. If I'm approached that I a spotter was on my train and claims no one was collecting fares, I'll say look at the record from the scans. It's on record when I scanned, on what train and the station combo of each ticket scanned.
  11. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm not disagreeing with you. The only good thing about the scanning is catching those that try to cheat the system with fraudulent tickets on their phone (and plenty do). If scanning a ticket doesn't work, visual we're supposed to visually validate as in the past.
  12. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Everyone will soon be scanning. Mind you, it's not the conductors that want to do it but the carrier that is requiring it. Those that choose not to are being written up. Furthermore, from a users standpoint, it's in the terms and conditions of the app that electronic scanning may be required. As annoying as it is, from both sides, it's here to stay. Day to day, only the single ride and ten trip tickets are being scanned. This month, weekly and monthly e tickets are being scanned on "punch day".
  13. LIRR Coach Cleaner

    My best guess is neither. They would accept applications for future hirings but interviewing now for 2018 vacancies? Then he said he never got an email, but then in another post he did.... Doesn't add up.
  14. Metro North Rail Locomotive Engineer

    They have hired older.
  15. While the weather and visibility may have caused a factor, along with the fact she was not familiar with the road may have contributed to the accident, I don't feel it's a reasonable excuse. If I was driving somewhere I was not familiar, with less than desirable conditions I would be exercising due caution, but that's me. Putting things into perspective, if you drive on a highway at 65 MPH in he snow and the posted speed limit is 65 MPH you can get a speeding ticket! This is because you are not driving given the road conditions. Following the days after this accident, the police increased patrols at rail crossings to enforce not stopping on the tracks as it is illegal to do so. There were tickets given to numerous individuals in good weather and daylight, including a school bus!


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