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NY Times and Sotokoto- Photo


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I dedicate this photos from NY Times and Sotokoto and transfer to Photobucket, so new members would know.

Since my article contains about transit, I paste here.


This was taken by Robert Caplin.

He Loves NY, and It Loves Him Right Back

I am entering classroom on 6th Floor with recycling cap.



I am part of Recycling Club (now Urban Recyclers Club) putting paper from Green Bin into clear plastic bag.


Security Guard Raymond Fortier tapping my shoulder while I shake hand with Security Guard Martha in Egyptian Art Gallery 26



I am walking past Temple of Dendour in Gallery 25 of Egyptian Art.



At 1st Floor of Robert Leham Collection, Gallery 9, listening to Audio Guide on confortable seat.



I am inside 19th Century Paintings & European Sculpture Painting's Van Gogh Room (now 19th-20 Centruy Painting & European Sculpture Galleries)



From Sotokoto- March Issue 2007


This was beginning.

This was taken by Walter Smith

I am standing on MET step with clear shot of Background



THis was next page, title page, me in front of European Paintings (Not 19th-20th Century)



I'm in Gallery 26 in that area.



I giving high five to Jennifer at Info Desk at MET Museum.



I was giving high five to Freddy with Sal in background at Petrie Court Cafe at MET>



I am by Tiffany Company's Trophy in American Wing Mezz.


New members, please enjoy my article.

Enjoy it!

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