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Transit Electrical Helper 3625


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i took the test in the summer of 2021 but i think they may have chnaged things before it was 40 questions, but i believe in the recent test it is now 70-80 questions.

When i spoke to them on the phone it seems on avg 72 percent of people fail the test. I would say 50 percent of the test is electrical based situations and them asking you what is the best action to take, the other 40 percent is electrical problems with some math, 10 percent is mechanical questions about stuff like pulley and lever systems and gears etc.


The results usually come ouy 6 months they will email ya if you passed, but the offical results are posted about 1 year later online and anyone can search a person and their scores.They will then mail you a canvas letter and email ya with what to bring and if you accept pre employment. Then you gota bring a whole bunch of ids along with your covid 19 card, drivers licsence etc. getting a hold of someone at the office is hard as its basically only two women that in charge for taking incoming calls about pre-employment and setting up meetings or if you need to take a drug test etc. So you may need to call them 2-3 times over a two week period before you get in contact with anyone. I believe once you come in with all your id and diver licsence they set you up to take physical and drug-test, which can take 3-90 days for them to get back to ya. 


Then once everything is done with that, they sign you up for orientation basically you will spend four hearing about the folks from the local union twu  and from the union president. They will explain stuff about benefits and pension etc and make you fill out a small amount of paper work. You will get a call and they will ask what are your two options out of the 8 divisions that you perfer, those with higher overall scores get to pick first and their work hours/days, once its confirmed what division you will be in then they will send you to that school where you took the test in broolyn and you will spend 3 months in a class-room setting with you learnining and doing some hands on projects, then they will send you out into the field with a foreman/supervisor and with other helpers.

Sometimes they will make you choose during your 3 months of in class tranining at the school. So overall it seems from the time you come in with your canvas letter to the time your working in the field is about 4 months. 

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