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LIRR Grand Central tunnels


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LIRR Grand Central tunnels



East Side Access

Status: Under construction

Completion date: 2013


The tunnel-boring machine that will allow Long Island Rail Road trains to roll into Grand Central Terminal is scheduled to begin its drilling excursion in the next two weeks. The machine is being put together in a preexisting tunnel at 63rd Street in Manhattan and will drill a new tunnel from Second Avenue to Park Avenue then drill south to Grand Central.


The MTA will award a contract by the end of the year to excavate and build the LIRR terminal below Grand Central.


Another contract to bore a tunnel below Sunnyside Yards in Queens, which would connect the LIRR's Main Line and Port Washington branches to the Grand Central route, will be awarded in early 2008.


The $6.3 billion project will clear congestion at the LIRR's current city destination, Penn Station, the MTA says, and cut commute times for customers headed to jobs on the East Side.


"The East Side Access would be huge because it would eliminate bottlenecks," Hood said, adding it is one of the most significant transit projects in the city.


Photo Gallery: AM New York icon_offsite.png - September 16, 2007

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