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Which SIM is the right sim for me...


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Yeah, so I was wondering which train simulation you guys think is the best one out there. I have a fast computer so anything that takes a long time to load wont really affect me much...So, here are some things that I do want:


NYCT Routes, train models (R160B, R62, R32, R44, R36, R40M, etc.), stations, etc.

DOORS TO OPEN! (this is a must!)

People actually go on the train...

Customize your own routes

drive the train/subway (really obvious...)


Yeah, so the only sims that I am aware of right now are Trainz (2009 came out i heard) and BVE (2 and 4).


Which is better btwn BVE 2 and BVE 4? :confused:


Thanks in advance! Which ever sim you guys tell me is the best is the one that I am downloading/buying. :D


(1)(2)(3)(4)<4>(5)<5>(6)<6>(7)<7><A>(A)(:)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)(J)(L)(M)(N)(Q)(R)(S)(V)(W)(Z)(MTA)(NYCT) (JFK)


(happy holidays!)

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I would say BVE 4 is the best for you, even though I don't think you can open doors, but there is a big choice for trains and routes based on NYCT. Trainz is not real when it comes to driving the train, because there is no announcements and those little things that add up... In BVE you have to code to make a route, which is not hard if you're willing to learn, but you can get more info on this here.


Good luck!

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