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Question on Orion 07.501 NG HEV Bus #3813

Takuma Ishizeki

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When I was on my way back home from restaurant with my parents on Saturday, March 7, 2009, I have detected something unusual. When I got off M15 Bus at 2nd Av and E 34th St, I saw an Orion 07.501 NG HEV Bus numbered 3813 on M34, and... WHAT:eek:?!? I heard an automated exterior announcement announcing the route and destination (I think it announced "Route M34, East Side, United Nations - 1st Av, Crosstown", I do not remember the exact announcement) as the front door opened!!!:tdown: I also detected some sort of LED Yellow(ish) Interior Sign inside.:) I have not and never rode it (before), so anyone who rode this bus, do you know anything about them?

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