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  1. Not even close, when I do update the bus roster it takes me almost 2 hours. Because I go through each Depot double checking stuff that's retired, various movements, double and triple checking various information aside from physically typing out the wiki.
  2. Considering that I'm rebuilding 1851 pages on the MAIN site of ttmg.org, Watermarking nearly 25,000 photos all while working a full time job and taking care of two buses... I'd say relax and wait a sec.
  3. Certain characters are skipped to not confuse against other characters. The letters I, O and Z are skipped to not get confused with the numbers 1, 0 and 2 as some VIN/manufacturers plates aren't that clear.
  4. So, some smart ass who decided to say that because their parents (or the like) work for the MTA and says that I'm wrong about how I list the years of the buses on the rosters and on my site. Welp, let me clarify how I find out the MODEL year of a bus because I don't just come up with the shit out my ass. It's called a VIN or Vehicle Identification Number which is a unique code of 17 numbers, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual vehicles. To educate even further, the 10th digit in a vehicle code identifies the year in which the vehicle is modeled. So for prime example, 5FYD8FV07HB052201 is the VIN for MTA's New Flyer Xcelsior #7484. So the code H makes it a 2017 model. Sometimes a vehicles model year will not sync up to the BUILD date. An example of that case would be MTA's New Flyer Xcelsior Artic #6126 which by code is a 2019 model BUT it was built in 2018 or in the reverse case of the C40LFs (#320-569) which are 2011 models built in 2012. On TTMG, for photos, we use model years instead of build dates. On the rosters, specifically depot summary we apply the model year as well but on the fleet summary, we'll apply both the model year and build date. For those of you using Fleet View (and I know there is tons of you), most of the time they use the build date and not the model year. Below is a chart for the model years for that 10th digit. Enjoy!
  5. well seeing as how I'm responsible for the TTMG roster, I have not corrected the information because I was away on vacation for the last 3 weeks, so it will take a bit for me to catch everything back up, patience is a virtue!
  6. 7572... OK, here is the story with this bus, there was a spec change, but its not the destination sign as everyone was thinking. 7572 is the beginning of the order where the engine was changed from the Cummins ISL9 to the Cummins L9. That is the only difference between that bus and the others. 7572 and up will be powered with a Cummins L9 engine. That is all.
  7. Remember JG is getting 8 of them for the L Shuttle work, so it was probably bought over there for familiarization.
  8. CHANGE IN THE 2018-19 Nova LFS Smart Bus Assignments 50 to Gun Hill (Displaces Orion 7 Next (3rd) Generations to other depots) 60 to Kingsbridge (Displaces Orion 7 Next (3rd) Generations to other depots) *77 to Yukon (Replaces current S79 +selectbusservice fleet and displaces Orion 7 Next (3rd) Generations to other depots) 64 to Queens Village (Replaces Orion VII 1st Generation buses) The most recent delivery schedule follows as: Feb 2019 - 1 bus to Queens Village March 2019 - 31 buses to Yukon, 23 buses to Queens Village April 2019 - 10 buses to Gun Hill, 10 buses to Kingsbridge, 24 buses to Yukon May 2019 - 15 buses to Gun Hill, 15 buses to Kingsbridge, 5 buses to Yukon, 10 buses to Queens Village June 2019 - 15 buses each to Gun Hill, Kingsbridge and Queens Village July 2019 - 10 buses to Gun Hill, 20 buses to Kingsbridge, 16 buses to Yukon, 15 buses to Queens Village August 2019 - 1 bus to Yukon (As with anything MTA, info is subject to change...this is the most current info available)
  9. 2018-19 Nova LFS (40-Foot) Preliminary Assignments: Castleton - 15 Buses Charleston - 15 Buses Gun Hill - 50 Buses Kingsbridge - 60 Buses Yukon - 47 Buses Queens Village - 64 Buses Buses are expected to be delivered in this order: Queens Village, Yukon, Castleton, Gun Hill, Kingsbridge As with everything MTA, this information is subject to change
  10. New Flyer D60s 5533 and 5534 have been renumbered to 116 and 117 respectively in anticipation of the incoming new Nova LFS Artics. Which means that the other 5500-Series (and up to 5602) still on the property that are not planned to be retired will be renumbered as well. (Not my photos)
  11. Updated as of 12:01AM on 8/22/18 Reflecting new Staten Island express routes and bus movements according to. Also, reflecting other new bus deliveries, retirements, and reactivation of some D60HFs while others were retired. http://www.ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider%27s_Guide:_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_Bus_Operations_-_Depot_Summary
  12. They are going after the GEN I Orion 7 Hybrids, 6490-6689 and up are Gen IIs which will be replaced at later dates.
  13. The first two depots on the list for a batch of the new incoming 40-foot Nova LFS buses is Manhattanville and Queens Village, which is expected to retire the 2002-04 DaimlerChrysler Orion VII Hybrid-Electric (GEN I) Buses.
  14. Roster Updated as of 11:06 AM on 8/12/18 (Please note, there are far fewer buses in service than you think, I know some of you use that "site", but it's not reporting everything accurately. Here is the most accurate fleet information right now, especially about the D60HFs left in service) Click For Roster
  15. As of the most current information, the XD60s slated for Flatbush Depot are for replacements of the Novas on the B44 +selectbusservice and to expand artic operation to the B46 +selectbusservice. However, there will still be a small number of XD40s left behind in +select service.
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