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  1. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Did you read the fine print at the bottom? and YES, the B46 is going articulated, maybe not FULL articulation but definitely at least 19 buses...yeesh.
  2. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    More New Flyer Xcelsior News... Preliminary Assignments for the 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior Articulated (XD60) fleet (#6126-6233) is Mother Clara Hale Depot (OF) for 51 buses to replace the current M15 +Select fleet which will push the 1200-Series & any 5000-Series Novas into local service and Flatbush (FB) for 57 buses to replace the current B44 +Select fleet and to convert the B46 +Select to articulated buses which will push the 5300-Series Novas into local service. First bus scheduled to arrive in January of 2019. That is all the information available as of now, so any subsequent questions can not be answered as there is no more info at press time.
  3. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Update of new NYMTA Bus Deliveries: 92 Nova BUS LFS Artics (5439-5530): Projected 58 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 62 buses in service by the end of April, placing this order ahead of schedule 10 New Flyer Xcelsior Hybrid (XDE40) (9500-9509): Projected 5 buses in service by the end of April 2018 Actual 0 buses in service, placing this order behind schedule 110 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Articulated (XN60) (1000-1109): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 3 buses, and major deliveries to push starting in June 2018. Actual 0 buses delivered at press time. 367 New Flyer Xcelsior (XD40) (7484-7850): Projected deliveries to start in May 2018 with 22 buses. Actual 2 new buses delivered at press time, 7616 and 7617.
  4. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Sure am, running the recommended pressure of between 105-110 psi for the tires on my bus. I do everything to the recommended spec on my personal bus. I plays no games with mines. Goodyear commercial tires tend to be of a harder compound than the rest. Firestone commercials tend to ride the softest, especially the FS-Series tires, they ride like you're on a cloud, expensive as all f**k but I will eventually outfit my bus with nothing by Firestones.
  5. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    OK FOLKS CALM DOWN All of the 1997-98 Novas are not retired.....There is still 4900 and 4901 (which is part of the build production of the 9350-9699 run and not the 4902-5249 run). 4900 was built in the production line after 9593 and 4901 was built in the production line after 9602. NYMTA Depot Roster Updated as of 3/25/18 @ 10:02AM - http://www.ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_Bus_Operations_-_Depot_Summary Fleet Summary Updated as well, we are down 9 buses fleet wide - http://www.ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_Bus_Operations_-_Fleet_Summary
  6. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The issue with GILLIGs, is the spec. GILLIG literally will let you either ruin the bus or get the best built bus. Every piece of a GILLIG is up to the property ordering it. Right down to the suspension. MANY take the off the shelf GILLIG which is actually more of a medium-duty spec, which then you get your crappy rides and horrible build. But those that have spec'd heavy duty GILLIGs, get a VERY good bus. It wasn't until I experienced the Minneapolis GILLIG that I got impressed, DASH in Alexandria got a good spec, Ride On in Maryland has a good spec, I was even impressed with the GILLIGs ordered by San Diego, but again, they spec'd them right. All of that matters. As for the Novas, they always rode well. But the first gens were rather rough in other areas, Nova got it right with the second generation all around and the third and fourth generations are tanks! BUT again even the Nova LFS can suffer from a poor spec. The New York MTA Novas tend to ride a bit more rigid than any Nova I've ever experienced. The TA spec'd horrible tires and are now changing over the tires. The buses with the changed tires ride a lot more softer. Its crazy, but yes something as simple as a certain tire will change the whole ride quality of a bus. I find that LFS buses with Michelin, Firestone and Bridgestone tires ride like a coach and LFS buses with Goodyears tend to ride like bricks. I as a bus owner have seen that with my own bus. I changed my rears to Goodyears as a temporary gap until Im able to get some Firestone FS400s and I noticed immediately a harder ride on the rear of my bus.
  7. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    No, its impossible at this time for that to occur based on the fleet needs of the service requirements.
  8. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Once the XN60s clear out the Orion VII/CNGs, the oldest CNGs in the fleet, the C40LFs, will only be a mere 7-8 years old....They have at minimum another 7-8 years of service as the Tanks of the C40LFs are rated for 15-20 years of service.
  9. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Let me start out by saying that these XN60 units are NOT replacement buses for ANY articulateds at West Farms, these XN60s are direct replacements for the 2004 Orion VII/CNG fleet. This fleet of articulated buses is to supplement the current articulated fleet at West Farms which is to allow the conversion of the Bx6SBS and the Bx36 to articulated fleets. The D60s are being displaced slowly by LFSAs coming out of SBS service in Manhattan. 5934 and 5935 have already arrived to West Farms and have been unwrapped.
  10. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Well first of all, the 2004 DCBNA Orion 07.501 CNGs do not have ZF EcoLIFE transmissions in them, they have ZF ECOMAT-2 transmissions. The ONLY buses with ZF Ecolife transmissions are Orion 7 EPA 10 Gen 4 7000-7089; Nova LFSAs 5253-5363, 5439-5530, 5770-5986; Nova LFS 8015-8503; New Flyer XD60 4785-4799, 5364-5438; New Flyer XN40 673-810 and New Flyer XN60 1000-1109. Secondly, the information of the exact fleet numbers of XN40 units to be transferred from Gleason to the Farms is not available.
  11. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The deciding factor in what buses get shifted when a new fleet arrives is based on the average fleet age of a depot. If C40LF units are transferred instead of the XN units, Gleason's average fleet age would be too young. So to balance this, they'll keep all their C40LF units while the new XN60 units displace XN40 units to the Farms. This move also balances out West Farms average fleet age.
  12. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Amended New Flyer XN60 Order Information 1000-1015 to West Farms for Bx6 Select Bus Service 1016-1053 to Gleason for B35 Articulation 1054-1109 to West Farms for Bx36 Articulation (Of course you'll see them on the Bx15 and 19) This will allow the retirement of the majority of the 2004 DCBNA Orion 07.501 CNG Low Floor fleet. There is a possibility that Orions with tanks that are not near expiration may be kept, if so, it would be a very small batch (much like how some of the 2002-03 batches hung around). As of now, expect some New Flyer XN40 units to be transferred from Gleason to the Farms when Gleason gets their batch of XN60 units.
  13. The Real

    Preliminary WiFi Retrofit Buses

    The low 2200, 2800 and 2900s aren't getting them as they are on the way out the door, why spend money on buses at EOL.
  14. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Oh, and confirmed... 9500-9504 will be the Cummins B6.7-Allison HP40 group 9505-9509 will be the Cummins B6.7-BAE HDS200 Series-E group
  15. The Real

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I gotta correct you bro. At the time of the award for the CNG, Nova had built 2 buses for Calgary, the first Hamilton Street Railway order and was in the middle of building the Buffalo order. New Flyer lied on paper to the MTA about that. Also Nova has just about the same amount of technical experience with Hybrids as New Flyer, just because they built more Hybrids for the Canadian properties than US properties doesn't lessen their technical know-how on building and supporting Hybrid buses. New Flyer keeps using that "technical experience" excuse to the MTA about Nova, but the truth of the matter is while New Flyer may have been in the CNG game longer than Nova, Nova's technical know-how surpasses New Flyer. On the electrical vehicle front, Nova kicks New Flyer's ass but unlike New Flyer, Nova will not "cheapen" (lower its prices) just to score a bid, Nova knows what its worth. New Flyer, since 2013 has been underbidding itself and is a dangerous gambling game that if they don't watch themselves, they'll go the way of Flxible and Orion...who had tons orders at their close dates, but couldn't financially sustain itself after various financial woes INCLUDING under bidding. From the beginning of the Xcelsior production until around 2013, the X was priced at the most expensive bus on the market, followed by Nova, then Orion and the GILLIG. After 2013, all of a sudden we saw a jump, and a large jump in X orders nationwide, all of a sudden they were beating out GILLIG in markets that was GILLIG strongholds, that was the red flag for me with New Flyer. Some properties are starting to come to their senses about the X product, its still not where it should be in terms of quality for New Flyer to be boasting so much about it. Point Blank, Its Not. New Flyer should've kept the LFR platform around a bit longer and really got the X to where it should be in terms of quality and THEN gotten rid of the LFR, but its not THERE yet, its not. Unlike the X....The Nova LFS, the GILLIG Low Floor all have had their time to mature and be the strong built, higher quality buses that they are, not debatable. I hate the the GILLIG Low Floor, with everything in me, but I know a quality built bus when I see it. You know I've been around this industry long enough to know. The Nova LFS, when it first came out was a weak product, it wasn't until the 2nd generation variant that the LFS became a well-built, strong quality product. HELL, even ElDorado has take the time to strengthen that Axxess platform and that a mean ass bus, I'm excited to see how they do in the LACMTA environment. But I say all that the say this, the MTA better be careful with all this New Flyer stuff, none of it sits well with me ESPECIALLY after having lived through and seeing the business and the business practices of many bus manufacturers. Get the X to where it really needs to be because every new order of Xs I've seen around the North American continent, and I've experienced many of Xs between the US and Canada, the quality is just not there yet. Pretty ass buses, yes! But for me that's where it stops.


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