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Question about R142 #6416-6420/6520-6416


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I notice for almost a yr or 2 that car numbers: #6416-6420/6520-6416 (1 set of 10 cars) from 239th yd (2)<5> hasn't been updated for a view announcements and destination sign.


-This set still has the old <5> displayed (Which I have it on my youtube videos, (2) of them).

-the old LED display, example:


(2) | To Wakefield-241st Street (or To Flatbush Avenue)

(2) | 7th Avenue Express


(5) | To Flatbush Avenue (or To Eastchester Dyre Avenue, or To Nereid Avenue- 238th Street)

(5) | Lexington Avenue Express

(5) | Brooklyn Express (or Bronx Express)


-The old (9) announcement still exit:


This is 96th Street... Transfer is available to the (1) AND (9) Trains. (With others from Diane Thompson.)


My question is, why hasn't this train set been updated like the rest?

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There's actually a couple of Westchester R142As that I see still display the old signs with "to" in the title. Maybe the program is there, but it wasn't selected. Or maybe it hasn't been updated yet.

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