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Easter Sunday NJT ride to Toms River


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On Easter Sunday I took a ride down to Toms River. Going I took the #319 8:30am departure out of PABT. There were quite a few people on the line, which already was about 20 deep when I got to it at 8:10am.

Needless to say, the bus was pretty full when we left PABT.

Not much traffic to speak of at the time, its a nice express run GSP all the way down to Toms River. Once you get past Perth Amboy and over the bridge its pretty forested.

The bus appeared to be a newer MCI in the 71xx series, restroom equipped. What garage does the #319? Anyway we arrived in Toms River at 9:50am, so after I got off I saw the bus sitting there because it was about 15 min early.

I was going to a new park, and at first was confused how to even get out of the park and ride, which has an annoying fence around it, had to walk around the long way, past some industrial buildings, then over the river, past a lake, and down Dover and then Double Trouble road to a beautiful new park that opened very recently known as Jakes Branch. First time to pine barrens outside of LI.

Going back the same way, except I found a new road behind the terminal along power lines and an opening to the terminal.

On the way back, I was planning on the 3pm 319, but the 2:55pm 137 came before it. This appeared to be an older MCI as it had a green sign instead of the orange one I had on the 319. There was also no restroom.

There was quite a line for the bus, and by the time we left almost all seats were taken. The routing on this bus is different, we took a local highway (542?) and passed the Ocean County Mall, which obviously was closed due to the holiday. No other pickups or dropoffs along the way. The #319 was right behind us, suprisingly, as I thought it'd be well ahead of us because it felt like the routing on the 137 is much longer. Not much traffic until the tunnel, arrived at PABT around 4:45pm, about 15 min late due to the tunnel traffic.

These 2 routes appear very successful for NJT. The buses ran great, were clean, and the drivers very friendly.

Wish we had a bus service like this on Long Island.

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