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Development of Train Schedules via Text Message

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My buddy and I ride NJ Transit Rail every day in and out of Manhattan. Normally, it the same old thing every week day, you know your train in and you know your train home. However, every now and then we get the opportunity to break up the monotony and hit a bar or something on the way home. We often found that after the bar, neither of us would have a schedule or any idea when our next train is. We finally decided to do something about it.


We developed this application that allows us to basically text NJ Transit and get back our next train home. Since it has made our lives that little bit easier, we have decided to share it with other NJT Rail goers. Its free, its easy, and it makes your life a little bit better. http://www.whatsmytrain.com Try it out, tell us what you think.


It's just a simple little app and its prone to bugs and what not. It's in a BETA phase so if you run into problems let us know.


Hope all of you will find it useful!


- whatsmytrain

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Yes, we have tossed around the Idea of making an iphone app but if you have an iphone, you may as well just go to the NJT website on it. Our target audience with this app is those that don't have great web service on their mobile device.


Currently, we are debugging the reader so the app is down. With all of these new users testing the app, we have found that our reader code does not always parse the message out of the email correctly.


I will update when its back up.

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Today we added a help feature where you text 'help' to whats my train and it will tell you how to use it.


We also added a Fares Feature where you can text 'Fares [Origin] to [Destination]' and it will tell you how much it costs for one way, round trip off peak etc...



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