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6th Avenue line


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MTA New York City Transit

Service Alert


Posted on:5/22/2009 5:28:29 PM


Due to a train with mechanical problems at the West 4th Street-Washington Square Station:


Jamaica-bound (F) and Forest Hills-bound (V) trains are running express from the Broadway-Lafayette Station to the West 4th Street-Washington Square Station.


Selected Jamaica-bound (F) trains are running on the (G) line from the Bergen Street Station to the Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights Station


I have a question:


When this happens do they send the (G) to Continental so it shouldn't cause congestion at Court Square?

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I dont think so as it doesnt run during RH and seeing some(limited) (F)s are sent on Crosstown. Maybe the (G)s would end on the Brooklyn Bound Tracks instead~

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No, when (F)s run over the crosstown, the towers pass the info on up to the next tower, & 'spots' where the train is mixed into the normally scheduled (G) trains. Then the area controlling tower tries to keep the NB track at Court Square clear so the approaching (F) can keep on moving. Worse case scenario, the (F) is held at 21st/Van Alst until the leaving (G) proceeds south off the NB track in Court Square.

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