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Concourse Yard R160


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Today after my testing in the Concourse region, I saw two separate R160s entering and leaving the yard.


While walking across the bridge that goes over the yard, I saw an R160 set (caught one car number-8717) leaving the yard back onto the 6th Avenue Line.


While picking up something at Woodlawn, I took the (4) back to Grand Concourse. As I passed through Bedford Park Blvd., I saw another set entering the yard with another separate set including lead car, 8944 (or was it 8444?).


Last time I checked, didn't Concourse reject R160s? If they did, then why are R160s still moving up and down the line? Especially during rush hours?

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The thing is, they were on the very left track. The wash and the maintenance facilities I believe, are on the right.


The car wash at concourse yard is on 29 track the barn is 1,2,3 tracks.

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