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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but does anyone have scannings of the arts placed inside the trains. I'm specifically referring to those rectangular arts that MTA places inside their NTTs. Any/All arts are appreciated!
  2. National Guard and Border Patrol do that already. And yet, they can't even stop the cartels. If there's a will, there's a way. That is why the government should be looking into the source of the problem, instead of focusing on the effects.
  3. I don't like it when people throw cans away in a non-recyclable container, why don't I petition a law making it illegal and a finable offense then. I am not a smoker, but it is mentality like this where what you believe is good, might not be good for another fraction of the population. This law will bring more bad than it will good, and it isn't like it's hard to find tobacco. Ask the neighbor next door if he'll give you a pack and you pay him a little extra for it. It is laws like this where kids will have a greater incentive to try tobacco now.
  4. Your alternative is not as cut and dry as well. What skills are we measuring by hosting an interview. These are specialized schools and are designed to prepare students for STEM majors, not liberal arts. Bronx SCIENCE, Brooklyn TECH, MATH SCIENCE and ENGINEERING at MSE, and I'm sure we all know what Stuyvesant excels in. The vast majority of STEM occupations are based on applicable skill FIRST, not who is the most charimastic (although external qualities do get you further in life). As a graduate of Bronx Science, I can assure you that yes, these schools do rely heavily on a cirriculum centered around tests. We share a mutual understanding that this is definetely not the optimal way to do things, but WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE? There is none, especially in the schools that place an emphasis on applicable skill. Income levels also do correlate with relative levels of success, especially with tutoring oppurtunities and being raised in a learning-inducive environment, but I think the primary concern relies with cultural emphasis. It is no shock that Asian parents strive to push their kids to adopt STEM or medical fields of study, and I think this parental emphasis explains why it is that the best performers in these schools tend to come from lower-class Asian families. I believe that organizations such as the NAACP are looking too much into affirmative action and not enough resources in providing education for African American families and community outreach. There are plenty of bright young minorities out there who have the ability to succeed just like their white and Asian counterparts, but it is the lack of pressure applied by the parents that is the primary problem. Instead of investing a significant portion of their income on Jordans, gold chains, Louis Vuitton handbags, and a leased BMW, they should use that money to invest in their child's future. Instead, this commonly seen lavish spending promotes the mindset for a child that they should also spend paycheck to paycheck, rather than focus on the more important aspects of life. Until the NAACP realizes this, the very practices they employ, will continue to yield unimpressive results.
  5. The line doesn't warrant CBTC. Yes, ridership is growing exponentially for that line, but for the sake of Queens riders, CBTC would be much more useful and financially sound serving more people on QBlvd.
  6. First off, I would like to say that I'm a huge fan of your blog. I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge from reading your daily updates and hearing your opinion on LIRR matters! However, comparing New Jersey to Suffolk is an absolutely absurd argument. I am all for increased transit options, but New Jersey's Bergen Light Rail was built to accomodate CONCRETE growth. They created it because they knew it would be utilized appropriately and the populus there has since then. In Suffolk though, there is no doubt that this is a carcentric district. Light rail, BRT, heavy rail is a fantasy at best, and will continue to be until at least several decades past by in terms of inter-Suffolk transit. There is no sign of any explosion of growth over there that would warrant such an investment and there have been no community outcry over Suffolk (as far as I'm concerned). I'm sure residents would be enraged (as I would be too) if a single lane was adopted into BRT. Simply put, there is NO reason as to why inter-Suffolk would need such heavy measures. If we're talking about improvements along the Port Jefferson Branch, that is something that would be welcomed, and the MTA already has this mind after reading their capital plan for the future. The only plausable argument that I've seen in this thread is regarding inter-Suffolk transit options is the one geared towards helping Stony Brook students., but that can be retified easily with more frequent Suffolk bus service between Smithhaven or Port Jeff and the campus. Other than that, the OP has dug himself into a hole regarding transit in Suffolk.
  7. It appears that I have a preliminary fix for the lag issue. For all of you with ATI/AMD Radeon dedicated cards on desktop or a laptop, you need to do a series of steps before you can have a fully functional game. It seems that ATI/AMD products are poorly optimized for openBVE (or it could be the other way around, I don't know) and in order to make it work, you need to have Catalyst Control Center installed. Now I have only tested this on my switchable graphics laptop, but I'm sure that if your computer has the specs to operate a basic openBVE route, that this will improve or stabilize your frame rates drastically. 1. Download and update your latest drivers. DO NOT do this via Device Manager but go directly to the AMD website or Intel website (depending on your card). Once this is done, YOU MUST RESTART. NOTE : If your computer relies on COMPANY SPECIFIC DRIVERs, (ie. DELL drivers, HP drivers, ect. go straight to dell.com, hp.com, ect. and download THEIR OWN drivers). This ONLY applies to laptop or desktop computers which rely on SWITCHABLE graphics. If you have a dedicated GPU that is operational at all times, download your drivers straight from the GPU manufacturer's website. 2. If you use ATI/AMD, you need to install the LATEST version of Catalyst Contol Manager (only if it supports your video card model). If it doesn't, then this guide will not work for your computer as your graphics card is outdated. You MUST RESTART after this process. (I am not familiar with NVidia and Intel ect., so I'm not really sure what your course of action is.) 3. Once you finish your second restart, and CCC is operational, open it up, and click on graphic properties or something of the sort. Go to add program, find openbve.exe, and select that as high prioriety. This is to make sure that openBVE runs using your dedicated GPU, and your GPU dedicates an adequate amount of resources for the game. Load the game, and you should see a significant increase in performance. This HAS worked for me, as I have seen an increase of up to 30 - 40 fps. Again, there are some stability issues meaning that it still fluctuates from 10 - 60 fps, but this at least allows openBVE to become operational.
  8. I do as well, but Radeon tends to have the best bang for the buck. On my laptop currently, I'm equipped with a 7730M. This should be more than acceptable to run all routes (and trains minus the 46 and 6th gen trains) at a solid 50 fps (that's what I ran on a chipset do the math). However, I get massive stuttering and color problems. Same issue occurs on my desktop which is equipped with a late 7000 series graphics card, more than enough to run any game from last year at low quality, and games 2 + years at max. Doesn't matter WHICH card I have, as this seems to be a reoccuring issue on ALL ATI RADEON cards. And my CPU goes up to 3.2 ghZ on an i7, so no problems on that end either.
  9. How does the rescue train concept work? Do they walk onto the trackbed back into the station, or does a train physically pull up in front/behind it?
  10. Is there a reason why openBVE and BVE in general seems to discriminate against ATI graphic cards/chips. I used to run openBVE on an NVidia integrated card (9100) which gave me an unexpected 20fps (and up to a solid 70 in Cab mode) on the R46 and even higher FPS on mud's 32. However, I got a GRAPHICS CARD, which should no doubt give me higher frame rates because it's a real graphics card (I can play BF4 on lowest settings, so it's not power that's the issue here), but I seem to lag in EVERY ASPECT OF THE GAME. In cab, my frame rates are shaky, going from 40-60 and it fluctuates to those extremes, and 5-10 fps on the R46. It seems that the coding doesn't work well with ATI for some reason. When I go into the exterior view, it seems that there's rendering problems as well, as the elevated tracks disapear every so often (I have no missing dependencies). Is this a design flaw, and is there a fix for this?
  11. Thanks Harry! Been looking for this since forever! By any chance is the reverse side available?
  12. This is true, but only to an extent. Of course every rider (discluding railfanners) will ride the first train they see. As for the instances in which you see passengers purposely avoiding one train just to ride another, I'm willing to bet that occurs only when special circumstances such as stench, rowdy passengers, skip stop service, poor A/C, ect. occurs. However, you must be downright stupid to not prefer an NTT or a 75 footer over a 60ft SMEE generation train. There is simply no reason as to why a person wouldn't prefer to see an NTT. If one comes by, then its a bonus. If a SMEE pulls up, oh well. However, you must acknowledge the fact that people prefer NEW things. It is the extent to which we are willing to give up commuter time which is in question, and in the majority of cases, the answer is NO, but to blantly say that people don't care at all if an NTT pulls up is false though.
  13. I'm not expert in terms of train car maintanance or any statistical data associated with the fleet, but what makes you think that 62As can handle the line any better than 142As? As far as I'm concerned, it's a signficant, but necessary downgrade because the 142As and all of the other NTTs allow for better passenger flow because the doors are wider as they are constructed architectually to allow for increased passenger flow. It seems to me you're just blatantly bashing NTTs for no apparent reason. Westchester Yard is Westchester Yard. What makes you think they won't run the well maintained Flushing cars to the ground as well.
  14. Lamar had it coming and Lou Williams is an INCONSISTENT player. Yes, he may be a Philly fan fave, but its something we have to account for in professional sports. I wasn't too happy with Dallas losing Jet and Boston with Rayray, but it's what you have to live with. OKC originally planned to have all 3 players back on their roster for this season. They got KD and Westbrook to take pay cuts, but Harden wasn't having any of that, which is why he's blasted to Houston. I think it's a better move for both teams in the long run as Harden has an opportunity to showcase his skills as an elite starter, and OKC gets a reliable scoring option (Martin) and a future star (Jeremy Lamb). Plus, I'm not the biggest Westbrook fan, I think he commits a plethora of brash and unwise decisions, but he is YOUNG and it is VERY clear that he harbors talent. It is in OKC's best interests to keep Westbrook on their roster.
  15. You're social circle must be filled with rtards if they can't tell the difference between the two trains. Almost EVERYONE can tell the difference between old equipment and new equipment unless they're visually impaired. It's whether or not they care that they're riding on a new train is what we're debating.

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