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  1. http://nypost.com/2016/11/11/mta-wants-a-train-to-serve-both-ends-of-rockaways/ What a coincidence.
  2. KB 4336 NG on Bx17 just passed me on Fordham
  3. On multiple occasions: Uptown : -from 96 to 137 -from 168 to 225 --- Downtown : from 137 to 96
  4. WHAT A HOT MESS! Due to the unplanned service changes on the the Bx7/Bx20 were a hot mess. Waiting at Isham for a Bronx 7/20 3 buses past packed, not a soul could fit. Then a Bx20 arrived but they made it go as a Bx7. Sooooo chaotic definitely would try avoiding riding those for the next hour or so
  5. I haven't been around here in a while, has there ever been talk about the Bx9 getting SBS/LTD? Why? Why not? Just questioning, wanted to know.
  6. Just saw WF New Flyer #5663 on Bx9 - Yesterday on the M101 (can't remember the bus #) there was a malfunction with the AC and it literally felt like the heater was on
  7. Just saw an R68 heading to Far Rockaway leaving 125 St
  8. Nice pictures. Those Kingsbridge buses really do look nice c;
  9. Just saw 8370 on the Bx9 heading to WF at Kingsbridge & Heath
  10. Does anyone know if theres a specific reason why or havent gotten R142s? (Aside from things like not having enough cars and such)
  11. Being on board the from 191 to Dyckman, a R142 passed by on the downtown track about 2 minutes ago
  12. Doesn't connect to a Manhattan Crosstown bus - M42, M34 - M14A/D
  13. doesn't run (or isn't planned to run) on the East Side of Manhattan? -- Past 24 hous..
  14. Just saw an Artic on the Bx38 heading towards Co-Op #5727
  15. Most of the images here are from Manhattan 125th Street.. other areas are Pelham Bay, and Port Morris
  16. Any thoughts? - remove Bx20 - extend M100 to Riverdale-231 St
  17. I miss seeing that approach the station as a kid. Such nostalgia
  18. So is the swap from and / starting? -- Nice quality +1 [as always]
  19. Subway station sign? Pls&ty<3 - uptown and the bronx via Broadway Local | to Van Cortlandt Park-242 St Late nights to Wakefield-241 St also stops here
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