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  1. you have to have 4ft of empty space on your right side at all times even if you have to go across the lines in the street
  2. talk about life not being fair a guy im training with goes over a curb on day 7 and passes I have about 2 ft from a truck and i have to go to day 8 and 9 talk about unfair
  3. Day 1 paper work all day tomorrow kingsbridge depot
  4. I start training on monday and I was wondering can you wear any kind of hats like a baseball cap ???
  5. got lucky my job is giving me a leave of absence for my 4/7 class just in case
  6. missed 1st medical and got removed from list then had to go get put back on
  7. I just did my drug test last week fri and did my medical yesterday. Im in the 4/7/14 class happy happy joy joy ))
  8. I spoke to miss chestnut today and she said they are not processing anybody at this time until there are openings available. so they might still be doing drug test but i dont know about the medicals
  9. Does anybody know about how long this hiring freeze will last ???
  10. Sorry young i thought you had it. Good luck I called the mta today to find out what list # they are up to and they said list # 388 and they are on HOLD. Has anybody called them and was told somthing different ??? because some people have way higher list #
  11. yes a little over 2 weeks ago i was going to take the medical but they told me i could not yet because i did not transfer over my ga cdl to a ny cdl but i have done it now
  12. they said i have not lost my list # spot but I dont know
  13. 440s but i had to get my list # reinstated last week
  14. When I called the mta on friday to ask what list number they were up to they told me #385 ???
  15. I just got my list renistated does anybody know whats next ? I took my drug test 2 weeks ago but did not take the medical. what list # are they up to ? and when is the next training class ???
  16. How long can you be on medical hold for ??? and do you have to make another appointment to go to back to see the MTA doctors ???
  17. I called MTA today and asked them if i could not make it in for my drug test could i come in another day and was told yes. i could come in any day this week at 7:30 am
  18. about how many rt are there per depot ??? I know they will all be different but about how many
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