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  1. Thanks guys, I was just asking, I'm waiting for the next ta bus operator exam or conductor exam
  2. I kind of disagree I was staying off of Francis Lewis near Hillside the way the 76 is I liked it rather then adding an extra 10 minutes to ride up to flushing
  3. My mom and I had one of those talks of securing yourself etc. She mentioned your good at computers why not become a tower operator since that's computerized, I mentioned I think that is a promotional position am I correct?
  4. Geared towards the bus operators when you going down the road example one after another on the q46 when you pass each other at a stop what does the blowing the horn mean?
  5. He was there I guess he was there earlier in the day on the 29th cause I rode the last round of the holiday train
  6. I saw my first show time on the train a few days ago on the surprisingly those dudes weren't clowns
  7. I kind of like the q76 change the fact that Hillside is Saturated but feeding it into the is kind of bad
  8. I'm going today should be there in the afternoon doing a round trip
  9. for that that would include the variable of every third train going south of whitehall?
  10. as in as is Astoria to whitehall but every 3rd train is sent to bay ridge on weekdays but weekends stays in manhattan Coney island to 96/2 as is
  11. With current conditions,would it even be feasable to deinterline broadway today?
  12. as i return to my city to visit for the first time in 13 years i have a question Since my mom and i will be traveling throughout the city and we will be staying with a friend off of Francis Lewis and the Q76 and the train will be our friend to go out will we get a bus to subway transfer our metrocards every time we use it?
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