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  1. Where or how does the b38 , q46 and , q76 do relief?
  2. actually SC is TWU100A they decertified from 1181 about a year ago or so
  3. Might as well photoshop Ralph Wiggum from the simpsons in saying IM A TRACK WORKER OR IM A MTA etc
  4. Just had a thought come into my head etc Say you have a situation say your wife goes into labor mom gets sick has to go to hospital or your sick and cant continue in service etc while your in service and have to get pulled off of service what happens?
  5. When does the pick start over at LGA/CP AND BP it starts on April 5
  6. I understand, i think to expand on what @MeeP15-9112 is saying is that obviously we debated this time and time again can you add one of the Nassau services to supplement 4th ave locals on weekends
  7. do they only come out at certain times of the day? and when i track them what routes can i find them on? cause i looked at the 39 or the 13 EDIT found one on the 39 IRVINGTON Bound turning onto Elizabeth ave
  8. In the interest of efficency to get the q38 back to lga where it belongs what can CP get in return?
  9. I heard they will end the and at ctl 71 again, What is the left right on their shuttles
  10. Due to a Crime scene Grand ave depot is closed from Metropolitan ave and grand street bridge to where Flushing and Grand Ave meet What would you do etc?
  11. i take that the train r32 final run roster is fake?
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