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  1. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Nicholas elias aka drizzy at it again he has a security poster out and was arrested cause he threatened the bus driver with a knife
  2. Politics Comes Before Our Transit Needs

    Dont for got who is in the dot office transit alternatives stooge polly
  3. Mr byford ia refreshing, old ta regemes would be like too bad oh well it happens
  4. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Mr byford had a meeting in Chelsea regarding tgis manner, people were angry they are trying to scream about cars story was on ny 1
  5. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I think its disgusting that the nedia engages in salary shaming the frontline employees who earn it for a living
  6. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If i was"yellow shoes guy" and i saw all those people there hell i would have ran the hell out of there
  7. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I would like to also add that if you want to start any rbb service you have to expand woodhaven to express the time is almost here.
  8. MTA Records Largest Single-Year Ridership Decline in 15 Years

    And dont forget the politics of them changing the bus routes in the name of vision zero
  9. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I would just extend existing services and in exchange lenghten the full length
  10. Joe lhota on msg board

    🤔 https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/city-hall/story/2018/02/12/lhota-gets-job-at-msg-raising-conflict-concerns-248593
  11. kathleen the premier is full of crap, she is trying to bluster and yet she wants to privatize transit in ontario (i have a thread about that in the world transit thread)
  12. Ontario privitization

    Dont you dare There is a link to petition on site http://www.keeptransitpublic.ca/ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1965007313764401&id=1858818207716646
  13. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Anyone ever see this happen in nyc? GappenedHappened in toronto
  14. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    @Deucey is right should change the way the city is governed why is it that thry have to go to albany and beg and albany says no, if the city wants to tax let them do it
  15. The annoyance of wheelchair boarding at busses

    I see plus you also have those with shopping carts that do that , also they should strictly enforce the closed strollers rule


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