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  1. Making Woodhaven into an express station, To make sure 63rd DR and 67th do not lose service, I will add a switch to express track going WB after 63rd drive, and before grand ave newtown and going EB the switches will be going after Grand ave and before 63rd DR
  2. In relation to my proposal of elimnating hewes street and flushing ave on the would it even be feasable to relocate marcy ave closer to the bus terminal and exits including ADA facilities will be at the plaza end it would include making the express track through so the trains can run through
  3. How about making 74th on the / express can that be done?
  4. I disagree with improving a small amount of people's commute comment , it can improve north south travel in queens , shouldn't be forcing people onto buses
  5. I say Mr byford has to massacre maintenance management at up or all management there
  6. How long till they start thinking of replacing the els like the air train els?
  7. Proposal Closing the Lorimer and Hewes street stations on the and to consolidate it into a broadway station with a transfer to the where the and will stop, also reconstruct the express track at Marcy so it can be a through track and reconstruct it as an express station
  8. I'm saying won't they have to underpin it due to it passing various east west lines?
  9. wont they be underpinning SAS if it reaches phase 3 and 4?
  10. In exchange for an or extension to LGA i propose moving the astoria el underground
  11. Would it be worth it for them do remove the fra designation from the Sir to reduce costs and then prepare for an eventuality of them intergrating the line with a future subway extension?
  12. Would it even be feasible to replace the El as a concrete El like in other countries
  13. Would it be feasible to build a subway for Astoria replacing the Astoria El In the future would it be feasible for them to replace the else as concrete else like in other countries?

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