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  1. True if done a different way I'd agree with ya, I was back home for the holidays for 2 weeks I rode the train 3 times and she gets crowded very quickly and then fatten it up with lga traffic it will be a disaster. the way it is proposed as is I would not sign off on it
  2. @XBht26 There are interlines on the 25 and the 15 right? (Video credit to Reggie)
  3. Either coach number or if you mean the 3 digit box, it's their run #
  4. Cuomo is an already hardheaded gavone on this, and I hope this project gets more expensive so they have to backout
  5. And if cuomo loses playa, he goes one on one with tha undataka
  6. In one of the Facebook groups someone mentioned merging the b2 and the b46 cutting off their kp segments
  7. Since we are all concerned about capacity past Euclid what are the current numbers allowing for both trains past Euclid
  8. Queens expansions Se queens and western queens extensions / expansion Rockaway beach branch gets restored as subway station box for ll 63rd drive built for future junction blvd subway proposed E,F,J/Z extensions Woodhaven proposed for express conversion with provision for HHE service Junction blvd subway into lga airport (will spar on lga another time) 21st street subway Proposed extension to Rosedale as proposed phased extensions to little neck Pkwy as proposed with extension will be weekday or peak express on hillside see above / proposed plans to Hollis resurrected with Junction Blvd subway to lga rerouted down rbb to jfk airport until HHE extension and junction blvd subway comes online extended to 179th as local when F gets extended past there
  9. extension via 21st street Would I need to realign the Court Sq station for a potential construction to run it up 21st? Stops on 21st 21st Queensbridge 35th ave 31st ave Astoria Blvd Dimars blvd 20th ave
  10. If any to's on here can confirm or deny is there a pick coming soon and supposedly they posting on Facebook group that they will swap the back to 53rd and the supposedly to relieve the stress of the interlocking at 36th street
  11. Where or how does the b38 , q46 and , q76 do relief?
  12. actually SC is TWU100A they decertified from 1181 about a year ago or so
  13. Might as well photoshop Ralph Wiggum from the simpsons in saying IM A TRACK WORKER OR IM A MTA etc
  14. Just had a thought come into my head etc Say you have a situation say your wife goes into labor mom gets sick has to go to hospital or your sick and cant continue in service etc while your in service and have to get pulled off of service what happens?
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