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  1. And they always used vision zero to overrule objections
  2. Some actually are pushing for opto systemwide still, hell no
  3. Someone posted on the FB groups that an lfs 8224 is running on the b68
  4. Im saying make the board members who get appointed by these bps and executives elected like bart does
  5. @46Dover you cleared for service yet? and if you are how do you like the new mci's?
  6. Demolish terminal 2 that place is very run down
  7. Random thought regarding In terms of regarding a closing lorimer and hewes and merging it ino 1 station and relocating Marcy ave to over the bus terminal New station to Replace lorimer and hewes would be called Union and Broadway with free xfer to the The new marcy ave would be relocated over to the bus terminal and a new y crossover would be added before the curve Instead of stairs there would be elevators and ramps to platforms There will be a Y crossover at marcy which will enable the or to run peak express myrtle to marcy and skip stop east of myrtle to jamaica ctr
  8. Lmao gilligs up there, trust me from a gillig city one bounce and the whole bus will come apart
  9. How far away are they from completing the 86/4 train Ada elevators
  10. should have been voted in a referendum this election and implemented 2 years from now if referendum passed
  11. Lots of 20,000 series buses out tonight on my routes 113 S/N has 20064 and 20068 114 AND 114X has 20075 20069
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