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  1. Ok what's this I hear someone is being a stupid JABRONI and pulling emergency cords?!
  2. Why not build a Subway in middle of highway cta style
  3. In reference to pending lawsuit about ada accessibility could mta be forced Into a consent decree which says they would be forced to make those stations that they just jazzed up ada?
  4. I agree I called it a while back when that gets to si they will complain
  5. Should fold that ferry service into the city since hornblower is a disaster and a money windfall
  6. Rockaway Parkway rehab http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/nyc-transit-enhance-accessibility-improve-station-environment-canarsie
  7. This will be posted on both bus and subway random thoughts Bus will be done first http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/nyc-transit-enhance-accessibility-improve-station-environment-canarsie
  8. I am probably late but when did they extend the 66 to newark Penn and removed it from washington PK because i used to ride the 66 and we always got told to jump on the newark light rail. Wonder what made them pull out of washington park?
  9. Can someone help me answer this question, on the IRT flatbush (2)/(5) at flatbush station Where does the provision go to is it routed towards KP or straight down Nostrand
  10. i know we are thinking ahead, based on this logic of already built tunnels, how about phase 4?
  11. What are the lane assignments at Williamsburg Bridge plaza?
  12. I heard they are repurposing the phase 2 SAS tunnels to lower costs, also in that case to cut down on costs they should use the phase 4 tunnels

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