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  1. It's better that if it is Subway you remove a line from relaying at Forest hills
  2. When do they release the holiday train schedule for the Arnies as I will be in NYC for the holidays
  3. I saw the fare to the American dream. Ridiculous, I can ride to union much cheaper
  4. The Queensway crowd already thinks this study tilts the scale towards them 🙄
  5. Where the hell is an extra 6 billion coming from?
  6. Well the guy speaking is someone out in the field and sees all the changes etc so what else do you want I also want to ask a question how many months are they behind on this busway project
  7. Because I don't buy what they are cooking, didn't a recent study say in spite of the mayor jabroni's efforts bus speeds are still down? Nope I'm serious, cause I know the vision of transitalt is a disaster and a travesty , hell even the UFA fdny union says that these traffic changes are bad
  8. 👎 This is a travesty proves the city can run roughshod on you
  9. While on the topic of light rail what should be done for cross bronx transit? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3003893556293162&id=196173003731912
  10. Not mine Ahad gave me permission to share here, I'll ask him what program he used
  11. Back with more "redesigns" from Facebook Alright, here's my Queens Bus Map Redesign Proposal. It's not finished yet, so if you have an idea comment down below and please give feedback! Q4 - Interlined with new Q96 bus route, LTD Q4 service replaced with Q96. Q26 - Service now runs between Flushing and Queensboro Community College (similar to S93), replacing the Q27 along 48th Av. Q27 - Route heavily modified as follows: service now runs between Flushing and Jamaica, operating via Sanford Av, Hollis Court Blvd, Francis Lewis Blvd (replacing the Q76) and Hillside Av. Q27 LTD service is eliminated. Q31 - Service is extended, during rush hours and weekends, to Bay Terrace Shopping Center. Q66 - Service west of Northern Blvd eliminated to reduce congestion. Q76 - Service south of 73rd Av replaced by the Q27, rerouted to 188th St/64th Av. Q94 - New Route between Fordham Plaza and Flushing, with an extension to LGA coming soon. Q96 - Service replaces the eastern portion of the Q27 to Linden Blvd, then replaces Q4 LTD service to Jamaica. Map is included below! I like most of it and I added an old one of mine merging the b24 and the q104 https://drive.google.com/file/d/15dvFJjXVYokrLSDRpug5o6BNtPq6P1gl/view
  12. Yes I agree with most of your points, the m18 would help out the m101 And reviving the m6 would have been the smart thing to do Also for you and @B35 via Church how would you declutter Abingdon sq
  13. Im iffy about a combined m12 cause it will get it's butt whipped And my concern about extending the m10 was to declutter Columbus
  14. Good thing I found this, on a Facebook group someone did his version of the bus redesign Here are his changes Ok so after seeing the Bronx redesign I decided to try my own custom ideas at Manhattan's redesign. The map is included, with further explanation below: M12 - service is extended to Yorkville, replacing the M31. M18 - New Route between Harlem/125th St and Ft. George/193rd St, with frequency of every 10 min. M31 - service is replaced by an extended M12. M42 - Restored service to Javits Ctr/34th St during all times except nights, when service ends at Pier 83. M100 - no more service along 125th St. M101 - Service now ends at 125th St, operating between 125th St and 8th St with LTD service, during days on weekdays and weekends. No overnight service. Upper manhattan service replaced by M18. Bx15 - service in Manhattan discontinued, replaced by M125. M125 - service replaces the Bx15 in Manhattan. Q60 LTD - a new variant of the Q60 which runs between 109th Av and Long Island City making LTD stops, then local stops to Penn Station via Q32. I dislike the q60 extension and the m42 javits restoration I'm iffy about merging the m12 and m31 my amendment to it would to cut the merged m12 to the m72 terminal and extended the 72 to current m31 terminal I proposed a modification to the m5/55 Restore the m6 and split it at Columbus circle If I have the m5/6 end in Columbus I would have to extend the m10 is my concern https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K66eJLqwVJpMwcDBjtNECo1WyT0CxsGa/view

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