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  1. How about living in a city that just has buses and thwey run every half hour on rush hours. Miami has a metro and commuter rail but the bulk of the buses run every half hour.
  2. I hope you realize that there are Christian Arabs. To you Danny Thomas and Paul Anka would be suspect. Casey Kasem also. Muslims come in all colors and ethnicity. Albania is the only European country with a Muslim majority and they get along with the Christian minority because they survived Hoxha.
  3. The only projects are the Baisley Park Houses. Rochdale is not a project but a co-op.
  4. We sure need them. Most detached houses in SE Queens have been taken down for three or four family houses. A lot more people here and the buses are jammed.
  5. Maybe but when you claim to represent good upright citizens and fall into crack addled nonsense no one will take you seriously and no one like a lying phony.
  6. After WW1,rampant inflation,far right fanatics like the Freikorps,huge debt payments,demoralization lead to any fool to spout hateful things. A charismatic one.
  7. He was a car person than a transit person. He represented the driving upper Toronto people than the ethnic trolley and subway riding people.
  8. The reasoning is that Syria,Lebanon and the like have had this stuff going on for awhile. Also Americans pretty much consider the Middle East a savage land where stuff like that happens every day.
  9. I guess you saw the fight with the female DDOT driver and the unruly passenger on Youtube. Make a drinking game out of it. One shot for every bitch.
  10. Junior books for himself rather than the people or the wrestlers.
  11. Royal Coach no longer puts out the plastic buses. I don't know who will pick up the slack. O scale buses have slowed down so gettem while they're hot.
  12. Lots of European countries have their stores close on Sundays. In Germany Wal-Mart got in trouble for trying to open on times that were illegal. The bosses almost went to jail since the law was put in effect during the Nazi era.
  13. A university in Kenya was attacked by Al-Shabah. Roughly 150 dead. Not mentioned in the media.
  14. Oddly when Afa and Sika(Roman's dad and uncle)were first on TV,they were in Roy Shire's promotion covering Northern Cali. They were not fat and spoke perfect English.
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