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  1. Never really was a fan of Nicktoons (except for Invader ZIM and Jimmy Neutron).
  2. It's possible that NICE may order some XN60 CNGs within the next few years.
  3. About time Peter Pan got some new buses. However, I would love to see a Prevost X3-45 in that livery!
  4. Ten years ago, when Cartoon Network was good, I loved Dragon Ball Z and Transformers Armada from Toonami.
  5. I believe that #256 was the last 1993 Orion V to be retired, or was it #247, I forgot.
  6. Damn, at first when I read the title, I thought it said "#6015 painted in the new way"! Anyway, it is nice to see the MTA is finally rehabbing the 2005 Orion VII hybrids.
  7. Funny ad, though many of the examples have nothing to do with Mass transit whatsoever.

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