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  1. I think I can sort of see it but this is mad difficult to see lol. I tried to zoom in and just got motion sick from it lml.
  2. @Union Tpke @Lance You two might appreciate this – and you can help me guess what station this is, too. This is from 'ggelectrice60' on Flickr. R32 in the late-80s or early-1990s with the original logo, which is cool enough, but what's notable is that original 1960s Vignelli station signs are still hanging. I know Union Tpke had asked for an example of some of these in later years. You have to look closely, but you can see the original white signs almost completely covered with stickers. That tells you how long these signs held on for. This appears to be an express station based on the presence of the sign in the reflection, but weirdly there are designations for the and on one side and the and on the other. I don't totally understand that. The reflection shows Downtown and Brooklyn, so presumably this is the southbound side of the station. Obviously can't be above 50th Street, lack of columns means it can't be 42nd or W4th, physically it can't be 34th, so I'm thinking this is 14th Street s/b, facing south. EDIT: Actually, maybe it could be Canal, with the on this side representing the regular service, and the on the 'express' side representing Brooklyn rush hour service.
  3. Very interesting. I had a sneaking suspicion this was the reason but didn't want to jump to the assumption. Sort of a depressing thought not to have that level of familiarity with the equipment – buffs aside, you'd think that generally, most people can familiarize themselves with new equipment at their workplace, even out of the transit world. But of course the company rarely has any faith in its employees...I'm thinking of the way they treat 145th on the A Division, where reroutes and shuffled equipment aren't allowed to stop there despite the signs on the C/R board and all.
  4. They may want to keep A- and B-division compatible cars in the refuse fleet. The R127s/R134s are great for the winter (powerful heat, large crew space with tables) but lousy for the summer (no AC). The R42s may only be doing summer service – hard to say at this point.
  5. If I recall correctly, when the R32s first went to the J/Z (whatever that was, five-six years ago now?) they used the 4/4 position like the 160s. I can't remember why switched to 5/3. Maybe consistency with the 42s at the time.
  6. The trash Laguardia Link XD60 livery has been slightly update (and/or better-installed). Still the same mess at the back with the yellow colors poking through, but a little better on the front and sides.
  7. The point about the RFW was to illustrate the situation, it remains true, and in three or now four posts since then I've repeated that the area should be roped off. I get that there are some people who aren't taking this situation seriously, I am not one of them. As a matter of science: it is way riskier for a C/R to have repeated exposure to a car with aerosolized/hanging molecules in the air each time he opens the door, than it is for a T/O to be on the other side of a steel door. Even if you space out passengers in the car, that doesn't really work that well, since if there's a breeze you're still blowing the molecules around the car. That's why I don't think it's safe for C/Rs to have to walk through the cars repeatedly. And that's why I've emphasized two C/Rs as the best idea for safety. It's a more appealing option than losing an entire car length and compressing passengers together, defeating the whole social distancing point. If you're making the cost argument, think about how much less expensive an extra C/R is compared to adding consists (which is what happened on the (L), as R32 3838 mentioned).
  8. It seem like people like arguing just for the sake of arguing, they don't even read posts. This is why I stay on the Bus side of the forum lol. From the very beginning I have said that the cabs should be roped off. My point has, and continues to be, that the greater risk is to the C/R sitting in stagnant air and having to leave the shut door of the cab. Don't tell me something as stupid as "I want workers exposed to covid," especially when you're the one advocating having one C/R and making them walk through the contained space of the train car repeatedly...despite all of the science in the world suggesting that prolonged exposure to closed interior spaces like that is the highest risk.
  9. Damn, every part of this post is wrong. 1) It does not allow finger-width, we are talking about the gaps in the hinges and the top and bottom of the door. Accepted science on this is that you need a barrier, not a depressurized space cabin 2) It is not a gross-exaggeration, go stare at a door and tell me how much of the surface area is blocked 3) Everybody agrees it should be roped off, don't throw out "PERIOD" like you're making some point when nobody argued with you 4) Two C/Rs is absolutely not completely ridiculous, it would be prudent and safe, not to mention there are already fewer runs and sickness calls have decreased – and are more likely to increase if C/Rs have to walk between cars 5) So you want to crowd the cars and the boarding process when social distancing is essential. Good idea.
  10. Saw the pic. They need a more solid chain / curtain divider like on the buses, asap. Based on the sunlight in that pic, and the fact that railfans don't wake up before noon, I doubt that it was a fan who did that.
  11. Respectfully, I trust your authority and appreciate your expertise but you are putting words in my mouth or confusing my post with somebody else's. Absolutely nowhere did I say it was airtight. In fact I said multiple times that nobody is arguing that. Please separate me from the kids on this forum; I've been here for years, I work a job, I don't live at the RFW with a GoPro. My main point is that transit is not taking this seriously enough with C/Rs, so I'm really not the person to say I'm trying to be an expert. Many people are overblowing the concern about the RFW – already shut-off with a chain – and neglecting the real risk for C/Rs. It is already a given that there is a chain link keeping passengers at least five-six feet away from the cab, which is why your situation with somebody's ass to the door should not be able to happen in the first place. We know from numerous studies that covid molecules tend not to carry more than six feet airborne. Specifically, because they are liquid droplets – unlike a vapor/cloud stench (the fart example) – they tend to drift towards the ground and fall down. The door does not need to be airtight, it just needs to be shut, and we need to make sure there are people not standing right next to it. Not for nothing, the fact that the door between cars on a 32 is not airtight is also a good thing – it means that air will circulate in the immediate cab area. This is only true at the front of the train, where tunnel wind blows in, which is another reason we need to be most concerned about the C/R position, where there is stagnant air and no cross-circulation.
  12. Nobody said it was airtight, but again, the door covers 99% of the space, the chain keeps people 6 feet away, you wear a mask, and you open the window...I'm just saying, the risk here is almost exclusively to C/Rs, and that's who the real focus should be on – and that's why I think 32s should be running with two C/Rs per trip, by the way. People need to understand the science on this stuff. Distance has a real impact, as the virus typically carries suspended in the air only within about six feet. Then it falls to the floor. That's why a C/R walking between crowds, or opening a window on a platform, is particularly at risk. Which, by the way, is actually a good thing for the circumstances – air from tunnel and circulation is what helps keep stagnant air from sitting and causes the molecules to dissolve. Cab door open is already a write-up from a TSS if you're caught anyway, and I sure as hell wouldn't recommend opening the door in this situation, where the whole point is the enclosed space for safety. As I said above, the primary risk is for the C/R. Having a shut steel door with nobody standing within six feet of it, window open, and mask on makes it next to no risk. The door does not need to be airtight, it needs to be shut, blocking 99% of air travel. Nobody is arguing that. My point here is that the real focus should be on C/R safety. R32s should be running with two C/Rs. The railfan/RFW situation is overblown and contrary to the science of this.
  13. She was really good. Competent, smart, and professional. No wonder she didn't last. I'm sure that hack Feinberg will do a bang-up job replacing.
  14. Yeah, security would complete defeat the point – the point is to have 0 humans around the cab door, whether it's a railfan or a guy in a uniform, doesn't matter. Personally, I find this whole thing a little overblown. There is next to no risk for a T/O with the door shut at the front of the train, even if you had a railfan with his face pressed to the glass the whole ride. It's a steel door in between, and probably a window open in the cab. It doesn't spread through steel. The point of concern is the C/R section, which is where a C/R actually has to breathe in the air with people around. But that's not somewhere that railfans have ever set up shop anyway. Also, there simply isn't an infinite number of crazy railfans riding around – it might seem that way on the nostalgia runs, but I'd be surprised to see more than a dozen, maybe two dozen fans show up in a given day of 32 service, which spread among six-seven trains over many hours...you do the math.
  15. Saw 7306 (I think) heading uptown on 8th with a few B/Os. Is FB staging some buses at Quill earlier in the day before the B99s start each night, or was that just a one-off?
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