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  1. Such poor strategy. Headways like this guarantee a further decrease in ridership. Smh.
  2. Believe those buses are actually the strange repaints done a few years back where they preserved the black fronts and angled stripes at the back. You can tell by the doors and numbering that the it's a repaint though. The only unrepainted NGs I know of are the ex-SI buses. There might be one or two Flatbush buses still running around in a partial repaint.
  3. Are any of those buses till in original paint? I remember some SI NGs were like that. Edit: Answered my own question. At least 4252 is in the original 10 year-old paint.
  4. Lmfao he tweeted it to the official MTA account no less! I'm dead. The hell did he think was gonna happen? These foamers don't even think.
  5. Well, that was stupid of them. Typical wasteful MTA thinking...
  6. Originally both had it, but one was converted back to lead acid. Guess that was 6402. Forgot about 6485.
  7. I forget if it was 6401 or 6402 that had its batteries replaced, but if it was 6402 then that concludes the Li-on OG fleet...
  8. Watched a video of the 0010 Metrocard bus, unbelievably there's still a 6v92 in there, blue smoke coming out the ground-level pipe and all! Damn that brings me back! The only sad part is the flipdot got swapped out for a newer one...as "The Phoenix" that bus still had its original single-line display from the GMC order, but now there's a sign from the Nova fleet. Makes sense since they want newer codes in there, but shame given all the oldies the original had (SI routes in the 100s, etc.).
  9. Lol, NYCB on the sides and MTAB at the back. Equal opportunity!
  10. I doubt that numberplate will stay permanently, as it's completely wrong for the look. Bizarre to me they'd scrap a recent TMC bus in favor of a GMC with an ancient Detroit motor, but 0010 has had an easier life I suppose.
  11. Years ago I had an NJT motorman explain to me that his trick to smoothly braking the Arrow consists was to apply the brakes while power was on. I doubt the maintenance department was a huge fan of his work, but he did operate remarkably smoothly.
  12. What's with all the hate on Irick? At least he worked his way up through the company. He knows operations, which is important; a guy like Prendergast was always on the safety/executive side of stuff, which is partly why we had the timer craze of the past few years.
  13. Those had to be real old paintjobs. Probably 2006/2007 was the latest those buses could've been painted, so we're talking twelve-thirteen years in a coat of paint. Maybe closer to fifteen. Some of the early NGs made it for a good decade (3800 being one off them), and the D60 order you had 5543 and 5575 which lasted for about ten years, the occasional oddball (7596, 6490), but otherwise it's only the over-the-road coaches that make it that long...
  14. Nice note ending with the random a**hole at the end...
  15. Nah, but the bus did get some a deep last minute wash and perhaps some touch-up body work.

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