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  1. One week later, ENY down to 17, only 14 of which are active service: 4924-4925, (4932, 4934), 4936-4937, 4986-4987, (5009), 5012-5013, 5016, 5018, 5023-5024, 5040, 5065. Swing buses in parentheses.
  2. I appreciate the social justice angle of the piece and there's certainly a grain of truth to it when it comes to Manhattan division hybrid depots versus the rest of the borough / MTAB hand-me-downs versus NYCT, but to do the comparison within Brooklyn on such a short timeline involving depots currently receiving new fleets is pretty whack and ahistorical. JG just got replaced; their fleet age was high for many years, and DD50s were hardly the greenest engines. All the RTSes are already on the way out; this is just shoddy reporting that any discussion with the MTA would have mitigated.
  3. Still an FP bus, at least for the moment. ENY is bleeding RTSes. 11 buses retired since the last roster update, now at 22: 4924-4925, 4928, 4932, 4934, 4936-4937, 4943, 4986-4987, 5009, 5012-5013, 5016-5018, 5023-5024, 5040, 5062-5063, 5065 UP has lost 5099.
  4. "The speaker of a different language" You'd think we could make it through even just a joke article on SI Live without some dumb, xenophobic comment–but no!
  5. This happened once a couple years ago. Transit has mostly gotten lucky with overnight and weekend snow storms, so this has been a rare problem. The basic answer is yes, as long as SI service is reduced (Limiteds cut, etc.).
  6. Still at MQ. 5159 is the next RTS retired from Quill.
  7. Some of the cars were repainted into the MTA corporate silver-blue by 1973-1974, but many (particularly R33 singles) wore their original paint until the end of the 1970s. They looked quite, quite weathered by then. It was fairly common to see mixed consists of World's Fair paint and the silver/blue through the 1970s. In 1980/1981 the MTA began painting the cars white, finally getting to the final cars in their original blue paint. That white paint carried on through the mid-1980s, until the fox red paint began with GOH in 1984-1986.
  8. I know you're just trolling on your 37th account here, but you have to do a little better job.
  9. What are you arguing about? The point is that that street has no bike lanes, which is a failure of their redesign. They had all this space to either preserve two lanes of traffic or do a protected bike lane, and they half-assed it so it's twice as crowded and just as unsafe.
  10. One other thought about all the speed limit bashing. On the roads that everybody whines about being lowered (Queens Boulevard, etc.), I can speak firsthand that absolutely nobody drives at 25mph. Thing to remember about speed limits is that they're set to match the 80th percentile of driver speeds, usually. People are always driving faster. On Queens Boulevard, or even Park Avenue, for that matter, average speed is consistently 30-35mph with empty streets. Drivers continue to modulate based on conditions, and I for one have not noticed any significant difference in speed on some of those roads. [My DOT gripe has to do with making streets a single lane without utilizing the extra space properly. 8th Street in Manhattan is now a single lane, but these morons didn't even use that space to install a protected bike lane, so you just have crippling congestion, bizarrely wide parking spaces, and bikers crashing into all the cars in traffic. But that's neither here nor there...] When it comes to bus speeds, it's totally immaterial, since buses were never breaking 35mph on city streets (limit +5), and they are rarely hitting 30mph (new limit +5). We might appreciate that as fans, but ops know they're on the hook if they're caught at speeds like that. So the limit just confirms the existent speeds.
  11. Still running, in service on Utica right now.
  12. Correction to a previous post: 6399 may have been reactivated. Hasn't run in weeks but back on the roster. We'll see what happens.
  13. 16 units. 145, 7785-7786, 7788, 7791-7792, 7794, 7803, 7809, 7811, 7813, 7815-7819.

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