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  1. MHV9218

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    3807 and a couple others have that. I think it's mostly still there, just painted over on some cars. 3807 used to have that with an R27/30 rollsign until those moron kids stole it.
  2. MHV9218

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Was just going to post this myself. This is a big deal. Finally somebody who Cuomo can't fire (see: Byford) actually has the guts to speak out with the obvious truth.
  3. MHV9218

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Huh, must have happened quickly. Rode a brand new R179 two days ago, and the set was moving perfectly. Nice to see too new to even have ad cards, no less.
  4. MHV9218

    New Trains Magazine Video Features Nostalgia Train

    Great work on this, and an excellent segment! Love seeing Steve and Derrick get a moment to talk as well, those guys are the unsung heroes each trip.
  5. MHV9218

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I commuted on the for a few summers and never saw that once. But maybe it's more common now.
  6. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    3967-3971 are in the system, and sequential, so assigned at least for now. New pick after all. 4135 still running for KB.
  7. MHV9218

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The MCIs, with a handful of exceptions, were never repainted, so that was part of why were less likely to show up at CMFs. Only serious mechanical work could bring them there, whereas all the rest of the fleet is constantly in and out for cosmetic as well as mechanical upgrades.
  8. MHV9218

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    I don't even follow this anymore man. The point is not even that complicated. I'm saying it's fundamentally unfair to put a flat tax on consumer goods, because it disproportionately affects people with less money. I'm not saying more than that, I'm not infantilizing, I'm not doing anything. When you write off me stating mathematical facts (like the universally, 100% agreed-upon economic reality that flat taxes are regressive) as "class warfare crap," you're revealing some serious political biases. It's already been proven that by the numbers, people driving into the city are wealthier, so you're talking exceptions and not rules when it comes to working people getting stiffed with a congestion fee.
  9. MHV9218

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    I agree, the plan should involve many more drivers from out-of-state. But all of the bridges and tunnels are already tolled, and that kind of tolling is probably mired in federal regulations about interstate travel, so I doubt we'll see that proposed much more. Whether or not the wealthy eat out is immaterial, the point is the proportional impact on poor people is unfair. I know your argument is that they spend more on eating out, but that doesn't answer the bigger problem of people who eat out for reasons of necessity (i.e., quick meal en route to morning shift, etc), and it remains unfair. And if we're playing this game, the truly wealthy have personal chefs and staffs.
  10. MHV9218

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but is there not racking all the way along the PATH tunnels recently rehabilitated under the Hudson?
  11. MHV9218

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    I have answered this, and I keep saying this. My first point is that everybody uses the system, as the city is completely dependent on it. In the words of Obama on the trail, "you didn't build that!" That happens to be true for the entire economic engine of New York: the subway is a collective good, used by everybody. You think those drivers are just leaving their cars in Midtown and taking a nap? No, they're using all the services in the city provided by people who took the train and bus from wherever to their jobs. The subway is a massive economic engine. It's not just like some people benefit and some people don't. My second point is that your flat tax is not 'everybody' carrying the burden, but in reality some poor and middle class people carrying disproportionately more of a burden. That's not how I think taxes should work. We might just fundamentally disagree on this. I think the rich should be taxed more than the poor. That's my political belief. If you don't believe that, then sure, flat taxes make sense. Republican policymakers pretty much love them, because they ensure the wealthy get to keep proportionately more of their wealth. I don't see that as a good thing.
  12. MHV9218

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    That's the same argument people use against all taxes. "I don't have any kids, so why am I paying for public schools?" Truth is, those residents are using, directly and indirectly, all of those services. The whole city is dependent on it. Schools, transit, fire departments, police, these are public services that incredibly beneficial to everybody in the city. Those Tribeca residents are reaping all the benefits of transit when it comes to their work, the businesses and restaurants around them, etc. Dumbo wouldn't be a full neighborhood if people couldn't take the bus and train into it. And yes, people driving into the city causing congestion should absolute have to pay an MTA tax. I agree that the boundaries should be expanded. There will always be something slightly indirect about the way taxes fall on people, but that's part of what makes them fair--everybody pays a part. It's a lot more fair than a regressive tax on poor people, which is what a cooked food tax is, and it has the added benefit of reducing congestion (good for everybody, rich and poor). I'm looking at the CP model and I know that I would be hit hard by this. But I use the subway a lot more than I drive--still using the Craigslist car I bought years ago--and so it's something necessary I'd be willing to pay for.
  13. MHV9218

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    Well, I mean, yeah, that's exactly right. Regressive doesn't just mean bad, I'm using it in the economic context: progressive taxation being when the taxable rate increases with higher income/wealth, regressive taxation being when the taxable rate does not, so lower-earning people are taxed proportionally more. Think about who lives in Dumbo and Tribeca, and about who drives into Manhattan, for that matter. We have the numbers on this, and it's not poor people. Hose 'em. The regressive model would be putting a tax on food that means the guy making $20k a year has to see a new tax on every slice of pizza that hits him proportionally much harder than the guy making $200k a year. Flat taxes are unfair, always.
  14. MHV9218

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Can we also not refer to this as some life-changing "new" and, drumroll, "European" technology? Hanging wires along the tunnels rather than under the benches is as old as time, as European as french fries (that is to say, used everywhere), and the polymer solution to protection is neither new nor unprecedented. Here's the real question, though: cynically, I think Cuomo knows this will only last 10-15 years (that's why LIDAR is in place, to track decay; they're expecting it to collapse more than a rebuilt tunnel), and I think he doesn't care, since he'll be out of office. But devil's advocate, then: with global warming destroying our climate system and our idiot president and his administration convinced it's a man-made scam, we can expect 100- and 200-year storms to arrive with frequency. It's perfectly likely the tunnel will be flooded and destroyed again within 10-20 years. So maybe it's hardly worth designing tunnels for 100 years anymore, as we used to, since the climate is bound to destroy them anyway. Cynical stance, but I bet you there are a lot of folks in his admin who feel that way.
  15. MHV9218

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Is nobody reading the actual article? As @RR503 said, this is not just the second, longer option. This is replacing the work strategy over 15 months with an alternative work model of a more limited scope. [Edit: I see the article has changed and nobody knew the timeline at first publication.] My question--and here I defer to the engineers--is whether this will work as effectively, and if it does work, how the MTA could have been so stupid as to miss it all.


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