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  1. And more than that, bad mayors kill imaginations... Yeah, she was good on the MTA board – but you have to remember that was with the blessing of de Blasio, who had her on the board as a city appointee. When it came to her DOT role answering to him, weak sauce.
  2. Dunno, she'll be perfectly effective at keeping things running effectively. She's well-credentialed for it from her past DC experience. The problem is that she lacks imagination and creativity, as well as force. In NY, that made her limp – she never fought back. In this post, it's really the Secretary that needs the imagination and boldness, and Pete – who desperately wants to make a name for himself and remain in the public eye – will probably push for some serious stuff. And she'll be competent at executing it. Just be glad she isn't Secretary!
  3. The Trolley Museum of NY is the one museum that does have PATH cars on hand (two cars that survived the 9/11 attacks, as you said). They're PA-1 cars, which aren't quite PA-4s, but they're extremely close in design and extremely similar on the inside. I think that's the best bet. You could get lucky with a work train stopped at a station and a particularly friendly crew member, but that's about the extent of it. PATH has never really run 'excursion' trains like the MTA, and they don't even keep preserved cars from their old fleets.
  4. Exactly the question I've been wondering. You'd basically be running the equivalent of a Cold Weather Plan V every evening, and I can't even imagine how tedious that would be to restore service each AM, let alone what it would look like staging crews at stations without crew rooms all over the subway. Assuming 1-2 hours' time to lay up and reactivate trains, you'd probably have the whole thing shut for barely 3-4 hours total. Not sure what the point of that would be.
  5. Yeah, my question with this has always been, how wide is the 'airport-specific' benefit? Cause what Lex is saying is perfectly plausible to me, and you have to figure something like the JFK Express or other direct-to-airport services combined a direct benefit to the airport and its passengers with a general service system-wide. Arguably, you could even claim a subway extension to the airport is 'airport-specific' if it massively increased traffic to the airport. I don't really understand why the law would require a distinct modal form (i.e., sky-tram rather than subway) just to distinguish the new service from other available options. But I don't know really know how narrow the federal language is.
  6. My guy. Here's how this went. This thread started, all of us were like 'damn what happened.' You came in and told everybody to stop wondering, for no good reason. I posted from Channel 7 to update people. Never said it was last the word. Never said I worked at the MTA. You posted again, called me a 'big mouth know-it-all' (because I...linked to the news?), then said 'everybody has to stop speculating, my nameless source says this.' We are now here. ---- Anyway, for those of us who actually just want to talk about the news in this story, here's Gothamist's new coverage: https://gothamist.com/news/bus-driver-harrowing-bronx-crash-disputes-mtas-claims-he-refused-drug-test
  7. If anybody wants to come at me for *checks notes* linking to Channel 7, I'm here all day for it. Said from the start, glad everybody's ok, we'll see what happened.
  8. You gotta stop making shit up whole cloth. You're welcome to go back in this thread and read everything I and others have said, and try to find me a post that reflects that. We've read from the news and looked at the reports. Not sure why you think your nameless source speculation is somehow better than everybody else's. Moving on!
  9. Okay, so, in summary, despite calling everybody a "big mouth know-it-all," you just posted exactly the same thing as the news reports only through a nameless "somebody in the know." We already know speed was a factor, because that was in the black box reporting from CBS that I linked to days ago. Here's the thing: nobody knows exactly what happened. Everybody has been guessing at the situation, as they have a right to do, and going off news reports. Nobody has been saying anything with certainty or accusing anybody. What is the point of slandering people on the forum for doing exactly what you're doing?
  10. As SoSpectacular said, you can do whatever you'd like, but it's a guaranteed way to tilt the entire investigation against you. Even if you are entirely clean, the worst thing to do is raise the specter of doubt among the TA or PD investigators, who are just looking for a good reason to nail you. Any resistance or lack of cooperation is reason for them to give you a hard time, and unless you have deep pockets for a lawyer, I'm not so sure it's a good idea.
  11. Yeah, at this point my old-ass phone has BusTime, TrainTime, MyMTA, MTA eTix... I lose track.
  12. Which brings me to my question – how the hell did the 8 passengers not get killed? 50 foot fall, that's like 15m, you figure gravity has them falling for at least 1-2 seconds, or even longer if the trailer/accordion held it in place. Either the passengers were all in the rear trailer section, or they held on reallllly tight.
  13. All those buses have been retired for more than two weeks.
  14. 4271 now has LED headlights...and still wears the old paint scheme. That's a combo I didn't expect to see. 4562 was the only bus to have that combo before.
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