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  1. Please turn to the SPEED thread for your answers to these questions:
  2. Yep, the trains stay crowded all night, especially as the headways decrease (everybody clumps into one train). You only really see a decrease when you're in the terminal borough of a train – for instance, a southbound train below the transfers at 14 and 42 is guaranteed to be almost empty at night, slight exception for SI ferry customers.
  3. Nice seeing a side-by-side R32 and R32 at West 4th yesterday. Both left together...wish I coulda gotten a shot of that.
  4. One thing is for sure – the on-board stop and transfer announcements suck. Text-to-speech is lousy and obnoxious, and the operators making ADAs did a much better job.
  5. This has happened occasionally. Usually what you see are prop buses if a movie needs an interior shot and stops traffic, or real buses if the shoot goes on with actual traffic passing. But some movies have used actual MTA buses. "The We and the I" from a few years back was shot entirely on a Kingsbridge or Gun Hill O7 NG, can't remember which. Odd little movie, interesting though.
  6. Intervale should have them forever since that station was rebuilt after a fire. -- Worth noting that the new enamel signs have finally begun to arrive for the ESI station rebuilds. Stations like 72nd, Prospect etc. all received cheap sheet metal entrance signs after reopening, probably because the sign shop can't fabricate porcelain enamel and had to contract out the work. Some stations even got adhesive vinyl signs, which looked awful. The new signs are arriving (57th Street, for one) and they look far better. Some have bizarrely huge bullets for the routes, but mainly it's just good to see permanent quality signs arriving. I haven't checked if the SAS stations have been replaced yet at platform level, but my guess is that will slowly be occurring.
  7. Saw an R62 NIS on the mid-track layups between 34th and 42nd today. Don't see that all that much mid-day.
  8. Can't believe how terrible those dumb yellow poles on the 62As sets are starting to look. MTA, in its infinite wisdom, used some cheap paint rather than enamel so on some of the cars the paint has completely chipped off. 2056 is one of them. Looked dumb to start with, now looks worse.
  9. Interesting to see the active Pelham cars being used for refuse service, like 1901 with its 6 line rollsigns and green yard sticker now covered in newspapers like the other refuse cars.
  10. Did they clean off the 30s pillar signs there like at W4? Looks a bit brighter than it used to be.
  11. During GOH they all got a revised version of the NYCTA logo originally used on R26 cars in the 1950s. R26s featured those logos in the place where M/MTA signs would eventually end up, side of the car above the number plates. Those logos were applied on the R28s, R29s, and the R33ML order. There was a matching design for NYCTA buses. The R33WF and up car classes arrived with the large steel TA logos we were talking about upthread. While the original logo was in color, the replacement for the 38s was monochrome though featuring a nice burgundy border. The car pictured is an R12/R14. Two R38s lost the logos and ended up with MTA logos instead, but I don't believe there were any more. I always appreciated that design, thought it added something to the cars. That logo was only for the front bulkhead, never the sides.
  12. Yeah, I also noticed that up close and personal. That's why it's a little messy around the edges on the glass pieces. Oh well, it's something...better than 9307. Same with the TA sign replicas.
  13. Oh, if it's off 9306 that means they just plucked it off. Oh well. That makes sense--those are similar artifacts that disappeared by the mid-1970s, so not surprised that they're all gone now. They date to about 1954, when they were actually first installed on R12/R14s and then moved onto the R33/R36 fleet when those arrived. Sort of an ATS before ATS. Technically, Identra allowed 37tph on the Flushing line. Unheard of now.
  14. At the risk of sounding like a total pain in the ass, I was a little disappointed (though not surprised) to see the TA logos on the new museum Bluebirds 9307/9308 are all recreations. I didn't think there were that many surviving original plates given the TA pieces came off the redbirds in the 1970s-1980s, most of them almost colorless by that time. Almost all of them lost their color over the years. The R32s are still using their original plates, I believe, but I'm sure the TA colors are gone (and under multiple layers of decals). Because of all that, I had no idea where they were going to get 4 plates for those cars. The new recreations are pretty close (the TA logo is almost perfect, and the black T is correct for a WF car...blue was for the 32/38/40 fleet) but the font is pretty off from the original. 9306 remains the only Bluebird with the original sign. Still, great to see those cars repainted and the excellent work the Transit Museum is doing. Also, major points for finding an Identra coil for 9307! Who knew those still existed...
  15. Thanks for taking such diligent photos there – amazing album to go through and see all those details. Tangential, but the details from Trans-Lite's design sketches are incredible. This is generally distressing though: it's a shame to see time-tested devices like the station maps going away, especially when the replacements are a mixture of advertising and information together. I'm also partial to those old clocks, which date to the early 1960s, possibly even late 1950s and are some of the oldest unchanged devices still hanging in a lot of stations. I always knew their days were numbered, but shame to actually see them go.

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