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  1. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    In defense of the rumor, the posted signs do say 9' (I believe) around the far sides of the lane. You could make a case that, as sticklers, only the O5s and RTSes really fit...
  2. You guys are welcome to downvote without providing any reasonable feedback or analysis. I stand by everything I said, and Google is your friend--his record speaks for itself, and anecdotes about phone calls made to his office are fairly worthless in the scheme of things. Should we talk to the family of the woman he struck and killed in 2005?
  3. Completely dreadful presence in NYS, xenophobe and enemy of transit outside of his own car (quite literally killing citizens as he rolled along). Won't be missed.
  4. MHV9218

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    5231, 5232, and 5233 have been OOS for a few weeks at Quill. 5228-5230 were sent to ECH earlier, too. Funny to have a sequential group out--Quill really only running a few RTSes these days.
  5. MHV9218

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Tough day for Quill. 14 buses (13 artics) road called in the mess, multiple accidents. Wrong call to send out that many artics.
  6. MHV9218

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bringing back memories with that. I remember when Quill threw those suburban-seat buses on local routes and it was a complete treat getting the coach seats. Last rode one on the M8 if I'm remembering right. Either an RTS or O5, can't say I remember the model but I do remember the luxury!
  7. MHV9218

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Pre-1960s was basically hand-stenciled signs in a font specific to the IND and NYCTS system that they never named, with hand-lettered sticker signs coming up in the 1960s. There was never a name for the block letters in the 1960s, though a lot of the rollsigns are set in TRANSIGN's old alphabet. Once Vignelli and Unimark arrived, 1966-1988ish you were looking at Akzidenz Grotesk BQ ("Standard") set in Medium for almost everything. Sometimes the Condensed version was used on rollsigns. 1974-1978 maps were set in Trade Gothic. Mid-1980s came Helvetica and Impact for narrow station signs, and by 1988 it was, like you said, Helvetica.
  8. No brainer policy. de Blasio is behind on this one. And so is Cuomo on the millionaire's tax.
  9. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    That's new today lol. Yesterday it was in the system as an MV bus, but you're right, got transferred back to TU last night.
  10. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    3929 TU to MV. 3926 MV to TU. Doesn't look like there's been a replacement yet for 6377 retired the other week.
  11. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Spec change. With the MTA, no information is permanent, even when it's rock solid like the TTMG sources.
  12. MHV9218

    Rollsign Gallery

    Was just able to trade for a complete 1969 R16 front route (for destination box) in that pre-Standard font, so let me know if I can provide photos for any reference. Not every letter is used there but a good number of them are, probably wouldn't be too hard to create vector forms. Weirdest font of all is what turned up on the R21/R22 rolls, which were made by St. Louis Car rather than Hunter Car Sign. Totally weird looking.
  13. MHV9218

    Rollsign Gallery

    Interesting tidbit that I learned the hard way while working on my collection. Anybody ever wonder why the IRT-Vignelli side rolls (white square, colored disc) and IND-colored side rolls (full color) were only on R16 and R17 cars? That's because R16 and R17s have rollsigns one inch wider than all of the R21-R36 series. The signs simply weren't compatible with any other fleets, as they were only printed at the width used for R16/R17 cars. R16s/R17s had their own contract orders for rollsigns well through the 1970s, since all side signs had to be printed in two different sizes: R16/R17 cars, and R21-R36 cars. This is why R21-R36 side routes are contract 14-81-7347, while R17 side routes are contract 14-81-7348. The north/south destinations are 14-81-7350 for R21-R36 north, and 14-81-7351 for R17 north; 14-81-7352 for R21-R36 south, and 14-81-7353 for R17 south. The TA simply never ordered colored side rolls for R21-R36s, so that's why you might see a colored bulkhead roll on an R21 or an R32, but never a colored side roll. Those could only fit the earlier contract cars. Same goes for the centered Akzidenz test side rolls on R16s printed in 1969/1970: those were not cross compatible with R27-R38s, so they never showed up there. I've heard mention that a minor printing of R27/R30 side rolls with centered text occurred, but no real proof of that. I always wondered why it always seemed like R16s/R17s were the only cars to get Vignelli-colored signs--turns out it's pretty simple. Edit: As soon as I wrote this, I found a photo of an R33ML car with a Vignelli side roll. Well, maybe they chopped the edges off a little! But the rule mostly stands, and the rollsigns really--I've tried--won't fit the other boxes!
  14. We've had a few threads on this over the years--thinking the "SPEED" thread on its own--and the best answers naturally are from the T/Os on the forums. As everybody's mentioned, the tunnel crossings are your real speed zones. Besides those, there are some speedy stretches of express trackage on the Bronx lines downhill, some south Brooklyn stretches that are quick for level ground, and a few sections of unmolested express trackage in Manhattan not yet ruined by timers. 50mph is possible on 34-W4 6th Ave. 47-48mph is fairly routine for an R62 on the 96-72, 72-42 stretch, R142s can sometimes push up to 50. The Lex express should reasonably hit the mid-40s depending on conditions. 8th Ave never goes too quick--sometimes the C 50-42 is quicker than anywhere on the express--and Fulton St is getting slower by the month, but Utica used to be a quick one. There are a few good spots left.
  15. MHV9218

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Ultimategamer's got a point though. 5205 is in the system as an FP bus but hasn't run since May, and 5204 has been out about a week and a half too. Anybody confirm what the story is on those? If there's a maintenance issue, you'd think the buses would be at a CMF or such. Local storage? 6373 is a goner from Manhattanville, I believe. [6374 of course out as well for some time now.]


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