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  1. Which is still crazy to me, since it comes right off when the ads get removed. Some of the NGs have vinyl stripes by the looks of it, but some are getting real paint.
  2. M5 out of MQ, which already has the M55, is not impossible to imagine. Keep in mind the former-M5-now-M55 route ran artics from roughly 42nd and 5th to SF during the summer in 2014/2015 if I remember right as part of the supplemental 1 train service. It's been done before and could be done again. With the current stub end of the M5 not far from Quill, it even makes sense in terms of deadheads.
  3. It is 6790, but I think it was just an employee screw-up since those numbers are pretty inaccessible (top of rear bulkhead). Sort of like 5160 or 5166 out of JA (I forget which!) that got the wrong numbers somehow. Happens all the time of roofs of buses, actually.
  4. 100º and no AC is a tough sell -- even for fanners like myself. Not to mention that half the community has problems with deodorant on a good day!
  5. Well, there goes the S78. They piss me off to no end. The M20 on 30 minute headways is a death knell, makes it a completely useless bus in the evening (see: M12). As for the M5, you're telling me that destroying the route not once, but twice (the SF extension, the useless 33rd cutback) left us with a route nobody wants? Color me shocked. And now we increase the headways and it collapses further. Raises my blood pressure.
  6. Not gonna listen too long, but 2:00 in is telling. You've got a T/O asking to do the right thing to help his customers, which is wrong rail with caution into 3rd Ave to put a door panel in the station and allow passengers to deboard. RCC says that won't be allowed out of an abundance of caution. I understand their angle, but this is where they should respect and trust T/O judgment. At <5mph creeping, with other trains stationary, the risk isn't that high, and the reward (allowing however many hundreds or thousand-plus people to avoid sitting an hour and a half on a stopped train) is entirely worth it.
  7. Why would the turn at Chambers? In theory, if you're running the local (technically there's still overlap, but that could be done away with), you could just do the to 14th with a wrong-rail switchover as happened on weekends for years. The only bottleneck there would be with northbound express service (not that frequent anyway), but if the is local and the timing is right, it wouldn't be too complicated. to 14th would be infinitely, infinitely more useful than 42nd when you consider the and connection possibilities.
  8. Think you're absolutely right, that's definitely where it came from. My beef is that we're in the era of CCTV, LIDAR, all that jazz–shouldn't be so hard for the MTA to monitor a cross-under, especially if it's well-lit. Then again, this is the same transit system that wants to do away with token booth clerks, so who knows what the priorities are...
  9. The only good thing is the extension, but the MTA even bungled that. There are almost zero service posters on trains or relevant platforms detailing the extension, so if you take a Rockaway train, you'll see every single person get off at Broad Channel and wait for an instead of riding to Rockaway Blvd. and getting off there. C/Os explain nothing to the passengers, so unless you're a transit nerd, you don't know.
  10. Cutting evening service on the part-time lines I can live with. Those last few trains of the night are almost always completely empty, practically running light to the yard. However, cutting and service all weekend is appalling and should require much more public awareness and response. These things can't be swept under the rug like this if the MTA wants to even feign transparency or concern for its customers.
  11. Eh, while the flexibility of the entrances is conceptually important, I fear in this post-9/11 era we'll never see them opened again. As long as the NYSE is paying, I can't get too frustrated. I'm more bothered by the MTA's refusal to ever re-open the cross-unders foolishly closed off during the subway's worst years. For a station like 23rd Street to be shut for months of modernization and either side to still remain uptown- or downtown-only is a lousy oversight that limits commuter flexibility.
  12. Minute I saw this thread, I knew that comment was gonna come...same insanity spouted around during the Occupy days. I know who I'm not putting in charge...
  13. I know this thread is ancient, but it remains a completely useful resource with the most authoritative accounts of subway speed on the site, and it's even more interesting reading some of these numbers in the wake of the current re-assessment and removal of certain timers. Think it's worth bumping it for those who weren't on the site any number of years back. Just wanted to note that the extended overnight is hitting some incredible speeds given the tracks are empty and the trains are empty as well. I was on a set tonight that hit 49mph going 72-42, would have gone even faster but the T/O took it off a point around 50th St. Even rarer–something I've never seen before–hit 49mph going 34-14 as well. Absolutely flew into the station. Some of these R62s are still kicking it.
  14. Yukon stickers still! Funny seeing this NGs in that ten-year old coat of paint. 4261 has some panels replaced that don't look too hot.
  15. Is there any evidence which Capital Plan the EP units will be included under?

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