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  1. Such a complete and massive shame. Cuomo should be held accountable for this, though he never will be.
  2. I wish I could believe this were a good faith proposal, that he actually wants to 'break car culture' instead of the air quotes version, and that he isn't just milking a movement for free service. Public transit should be free, frankly, but Staten Island is probably the last borough where that sort of program should start – particularly given the ferry is already free. The North Shore, St. George, Stapleton, etc., sure, but why we should subsidize the life of somebody who lives in Tottenville is beyond me. People choose to move to suburban areas, and part of the calculus is they want the benefits of life outside the city, but then they refuse to accept the detriments. I'd much rather see free bus service in the Bronx, in eastern Queens, in southeastern Brooklyn... Generally speaking, poorer people deserve free transit service – that's why I'm less impressed by wealthier SI express bus riders seeing a luxury service made free. Out in Rhode Island, for decades low-income elderly people rode free. That program was messed up recently, but that's the sort of stuff that's right.
  3. Extremely notable that both subways and buses are above budget. Buses are money losers almost by design. This tells me that it's time for expansion, since the only way you improve the profitability of a transit network is through expansion, not cutting. Cutting was the MTA model for years, and look where it got us. Nearly destroyed bus ridership. I'll mention again what a pathetic waste Cuomo's 500 new cops are, too.
  4. Not what's happening. That T/O is calling for police. Why, I don't know, but that's the horn signal for police assistance. Probably an unruly passenger or something, and that's probably why they're holding in the station. Edit: in fact, you can even see the cops arriving in that video.
  5. Yeah, I was staring at the number boards thinking 'wait...' For me it was that 5602-5605 set on the A yesterday.
  6. Forgive me if I missed this, but have the R46s transferred from Jamaica (or CI) to Pitkin for service been noted yet? Interesting seeing those sets running on the , interior rehab and all.
  7. Hey, the R143 screens have, as far as I can tell, never been updated since introduction. The credit card-Metrocard option has been around for a decade and a half plus, I think, same with Request-a-Stop. Paper ads were easier!
  8. Yeah that's what I'm saying, they literally wrapped the same color blue over the blue base lmao. And naturally it looks less glossy than the paint and doesn't hold up as well either.
  9. I think actually the base order XD40s are a dark blue paint base, but below the windows everything is a wrap: stripes and dark blue. That's what I've been trying to say. The same is prolly true for the XE40s, etc. For the Flatbush SBS XD40s, it's actually a light blue base paint below the windows, not a wrap – just like on the SBS XD60s. This is going off of photos of the buses en route to JFK.
  10. Well, no, the SBS buses are painted, with a sticker for the stripes. As in, if you look at an XD60 from the side, from the windows down you're seeing paint with a sticker. It's the local buses that are wrapped from the windows down, in most cases over paint of the same color (what we're talking about with the XD40s).
  11. The base in blue, but I believe everything below the windows is a wrap. The stripes are laid on as part of a complete wrap which includes the blue. Kind of a waste in my opinion, looks tackier, but I'm sure it's cheaper to wrap that way. Interesting, that'd be great to hear for sure. I remember seeing the Flatbush 76xx buses on I-70 before they were delivered, and the base SBS paint did look good then.
  12. Yep, you're right that's a wrap. You can also tell by the reflectiveness. Paint would be much glossier than that, more of a mirror effect. If I remember right the XD40s at Quill are wrapped like that, which I always thought was a little weird. Where were those buses going to go into SBS service? Flatbush? Or maybe it's just a wrap over a blank base.
  13. Broadway Junction is a life-saver in that part of Bk. Well, maybe life-saver's the wrong phrase at 2am. But it sure is helpful.
  14. Lol, that looks like a short-lived plan! Put that up there with the 1/9, F express w/o Bergen lower, all the other unpopular minor expresses...
  15. One post in the FB group and everybody's off to the races. For the record, I find the a very plausible option. Part-time service would suit the R32s, which will certainly have the lowest MDBF in the fleet with the R42s gone, and it's unclear to me why they would go back to the BMT East after the entire effort to go NTT on those lines. The biggest surprise to me is still the R46 prohibition the , which is a solvable problem imo and would make everything a little easier.
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