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  1. Cause of the crazy speeds they take turns at and I also notice that a lot of them prefer to manually shift the bus
  2. These Q44 drivers really be having a blast driving the XD60s 😄
  3. 26 XD40's for MTA bus. Could EC finally be getting their own (and first) batch of new buses?
  4. That paint scheme is trash. Did they have Stevie Wonder on the design team or something??
  5. All I could see were Orions and it was a lot of them too
  6. So I was on the Q44 and I realized that there were some buses parked up in a lot across from West Farms Depot (on 177th). Is this a new thing? And another thing, these buses cause a lot of traffic trying to get into the depot. They literally occupy the entire turning lane for the Cross Bronx.
  7. Westchester Sq also serves as the relief point for the Bx8 and Bx31. Fordham Plaza for the Bx15 and Bx17 Pelham Bay for the Bx5/12/29
  8. If anything Gun Hill might lose some (maybe 3-4) of their buses to Kingsbridge since the Bx39 uses more buses than the Bx41 local at any given time.
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