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  1. MTA will call you when they get to your number and will not take into consideration whether you give your old job 2 weeks or 1 day so don't count on that. If you want this job take it when they call you because this list might be dead at the end of the year and you wont have another chance.
  2. Ok Cool dude, Just know that you will encounter mostly good people down here looking to help you, so just like here just ask for help and you will get it. Good luck on your training.
  3. If you pick B division, you only go to B division Yards, but Concourse Yard a B division Yard is in the Bronx right by Bedford Park Blvd If you know the Bronx ,also 207 Yard is in northern Manhattan pretty far from Brooklyn.
  4. I had answered your question but it seems a little troll with nothing better to do with his time and no knowledge of transit's health benefits since he doesn't work for transit erased my comment. So from now on I will refrain from commenting on this site.
  5. School car is what you make of it buddy, sure Tss can be demanding, strict, and rub you the wrong way but at the end of the day it all comes down to how much you want this job and how much you put into it. Don't worry about the signals you will know them all if you study hard and they go over them all the time even when your not in the class room. If you make a mistake learn from it, most people don't come out of school car polished train operators, that comes from experience on the road operating these trains day in and day out. All that stuff about being aggressive and coming in hard in my opinion is not helping anyone be a better train operator, that comes with time. Is no wonder we have so many signals being hit and so many stations overruns, Am not saying be scared to operate but learn the lines get a feel for the train, the speed you are moving with out looking at the speedometer these are thing that come with experience and you don't get that while you in school car you get that on the road. Another thing is get to know your classmates they will be your family for the next 6 months and the rest of your transit career. Good luck hope to see you on the road.
  6. You are good kid, good luck with the test maybe you'll post with me one day.
  7. They didn't change it, it's still 25/55 the only thing now is who ever started I believe after April 2012 is placed in tier 6 and has to pay more into the pension. You still will be 25/55 and the time you have been in TA will count towards that 25 years. What tier are you now?
  8. They start you at Yard rate while you are in school car which right now is $32.5 /hr and next January it goes up to $33.15/hr then after you come out of school car you get another raise of about .60 cents more an hour and then after school car you have to work 231 road days in customer service to reach top pay which will be by next January $34.5/hr. So you wont be in top pay right away but you looking at maybe 1 year after school car to reach top pay. You will still be making more an hour as a Train operator in school car than you would be making as a Bus Operator that has reached top pay.
  9. I think you and Jay should take the exam, its always good to take all promotional exams available to you since you never know what your situation is going to be in the future I just want you guys to know what's at stake if you do take the position. The good thing is as Tricknologist said is that you can go back after 1 year and not lose your seniority in buses if you don't like the job. I just want you guys to know that money could be made down here but just not as much as you guys make in buses and if you enjoy decent days off and the tour of duty of your preference you will give that up for a couple years until you can pick a job and then wait years to have a piece of the weekend. You will be XXtra for a couple of years, meaning you are assigned a job, days off and tour of duty by the Crew Office and they can assigned you to work at different terminals and boroughs. From my personal experience I was able to pick a job after 1 year don't know how it would be for you guys but I do believe being a Train Operator is a lot less stressful than being a Bus Operator. Good luck guys and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
  10. You report to 130 Livingston on the first day and second unless they changed things since I went down. Its all Human resources stuff, a lot of info and more paper work to fill out. You pick divisions on the second day. They will give you a schedule of all the things they will be going over on the first day and where you have to go once you are done with orientation. You don't start the real training until the second week so Just make the best of it and get to meet the people around you that day because you'll be spending a lot of time with them for the next few months. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  11. I don't know about this new test coming out since this is the first time that TA is giving it but the last test was pretty much reading comprehension, you would also need to know where places in NYC are and maybe how to get there nothing crazy. If this is what you want good luck with it but If you been a bus driver for over 5 years you would be giving up your seniority and down here we don't get as much overtime and those crazy runs you guys get. This must be something you must really want because you will give up a lot to come underground brother.
  12. Believe when I tell you that this list will be extended another year just like the conductor's list was extended as people are still retiring, getting promoted and yes terminated so there is a need for this list, so keep up the hope until the list is officially over.
  13. Congratulations dude glad you made it. Be safe out there, take your time and best of luck to you.
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