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  1. The main thing about not getting success in relationship is the lack of understanding between the partners, many a times, relationships break due to the ego of one partner while at other times, neither of the partner are ready to accept the fault or understand the situations and more often this leads a relationship to get to an end. My suggestion to maintain and enhance relationship is only one, try and understand the partner or the person with whom you are willing to stay for long, do not let your ego come your way while you are trying to develop a relationship and most importantly always look for good things that your partner has, and avoid finding faults because it creates a divide among the two which ultimately leads to quarrelling and then finally the end of the relationship. Be understanding and supportive to the partner and always give him/her a required space to think on any matter whether for choosing a right person for him/her or for taking any other decision, always care and love the person with whom you wish to build a relationship and stand behind them for any decision they make, be it not to be in your favor, this will help you to get a good confidence in the mind of that person and chances of getting into relationship will increase.
  2. Hi finmods, welcome to the community, stay active and have a good conversations with the members
  3. The growing demand for Cargo Ship and Logistics sector, has made it necessary to build new lines for freight forwarding in the country. Rail Freight Forwarding is one of the very good methods to transport heavy as well as cold stroage freight as well.
  4. Subways are the best and the safest ways to cross the busy streets and roads, It may help to reduce the number of accidents occuring due to negligence of drivers or may be due to lack of proper concentration of the pedestrian while crossing the busy streets
  5. No it is a converse situation for me, everybody is responsible for the own actions and behavior, though it depends on the situations as well, but ultimately it depends on our personal mental ability to control our emotions and temper.
  6. Hope to get good graphics and an excellent interface of the new version '13.
  7. I hardly care for these things. I don't care about this things
  8. PC's all the way they are awesome and do not give much problem for years, a minor here or there is ok
  9. My Desktop is quite simple and sound I do not like flashy and too dark themes to be applied or too dark and flashy wall papers to keep on.
  10. Not at all, do not want to loose the dignity by hitting a girl or a lady, the persons who do are giving the message of them being coward
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New year unfortunately there is no holiday for today still working at office but, the good news is getting an opportunity celebrate Christmas eve with dear colleagues today so excited for the same
  12. Yeah Cheers to everybody out here, today is the last day of every one in the world as it is going to end as per the prediction today itself is the day where everyone can make confessions and feel sorry for the things they did in past and be happy and ready to go with the world after the end of the day, enjoy the day to the fullest, and if tomorrow arrives start living it with new zest and start the new world of happiness, love and respect for the other human beings and try to live your life as per your wish, overlooking the fear of "What world will say about me, if I do this?". Lets begin the new day with a new and happy world guys. Cheers once again
  13. Amazed to see such a long distance journey of bus, only can imagine all these happening in U.S, I am wondering how much hours will it take to reach to the destination once it has got fromt he place of departure.
  14. This is my desktop very simple amd sound. I do not like to stuff my desktop with many icons it creates a bad impression of the opening interface of your PC. I sometimes keep some good postures like positive quotes from great national leaders or great personalities like Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs etc.
  15. That was one of the biggest match upto now in wrestlemania even bigger than the one between Undertaker and Triple H to end the generation in WWE, Both of them were hot favorites, Rock was the most liked by me Good to see him win that match

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